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    Ok, just got my Journal today and still going throuh the early pages seeing what all it entails. I am excited to take things to the next level. I've been about 60-75 % on the PBP since about February when a friend shared it with me. I recently got a copy of the 21 day challenge and now the Journal. Next step...start them lol

    I am 51, I am now around 172# down from a high of 190# I hit a low of 168# a few days ago.

    For the most part I am pretty good on the food, although still have about 1 day a week that I jump on the sugar train.

    What about a high liquid intake, how does that affect things? I have a job where I walk outdoors (over 5 miles) and am consuming quite a bit of water, plus tea and smoothies/shake (weight loss) and I am finding I am holding extra weight (just weighed in at 175). It seems like I stabalize back around 172 by late morning unless I have tea/coffee.

    Look orward to being a part here and getting some support in this.

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