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    First off, let me say that I am not the journalling, sharing type, yet here I am.

    The facts: I am a 45 year old female who has been a vegetarian for the last 15-20 years because it just bummed me out to eat something as sentient as a cow. I've always been about 5-10 lbs heavier than I should be but got into the best shape of my life when I went vegan. I cut out dairy, eggs, and flour products. I felt pretty righteous. Then I had a kid and started back on cheese and bread and pasta. I exercised vigorously and almost daily. I ate way less. I was hungry. At 5-4 I was 140 lbs. I was tired most of the time. I lost maybe 5 lbs over the course of 6 months. I figured that I was getting older and that it was too late for me to easily get back in shape and lean, you know, the dreaded hormonal changes and all. I figured I could live with looking dumpy. But I could not accept the low energy. So I started doing some research. First I cut out gluten. Didn't change much. Then I cut out dairy, which seemed to slightly lessen my cat and seasonal allergies. Gluten free and dairy free and vegetarian...what was there left to eat? And I still felt crappy.

    So I surfed the net and found a lot of former long term veggies had similar experiences. Eating meat makes sense to me, I've just never liked it, even back in the day. I thought about it hard and long. Being a vegetarian was the ideal alignment of natural proclivity, ethics, and after more than a decade, self identity. But I still was dumpy and felt worse.

    I brought back fish. It wasn't too hard. I liked fish back in the day. I cut out all the grains that formerly kept me alive. I still don't do dairy, except butter. This was two weeks ago. I'm still more tired than I think I should be, but it's early days yet. Ive lost about 5 lbs and feel a lot leaner in just a few weeks. Considering it took 6 months to lose the previous 5, it's amazing.

    I tried to eat a few bites of steak but really didn't enjoy it. I don't want to go too fast lest I sabotage the entire venture. Fish and eggs are fine for now.

    Oddly enough, it is my friends who seem to have the most trouble with my not being a vegetarian anymore...meat eating friends. They are taken aback, dubious, almost a little disapproving...I suppose it's a hassle to have to reframe your image of someone.

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    Welcome, Rae.
    What kinds of fish are you eating? There is a wonderful recipe in the archives, Tilapia in Creamy Coconut Sauce with Shallots, that I have made with several types of fish. You might like to give it a try.
    A lot of people on the forums are big sardine fans (me!). They seem to be a great primal fish go to snack.
    I'm a happy meat eater, but I have found that when I am also eating fish every day, I feel really good.
    Are you looking into some of the other aspects of Primal, specifically getting enough sleep, reducing light exposure after dark, getting sunlight, moderate-not vigorous- exercise? These things made a big difference to me when I was beginning.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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      I love all vegans. As long as they are former. Veganism is unhealthy and unsustainable. Eat real food and not some soy burgers with soy cheese washed down with soy milk. Brrr


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        To be honest with you, I'm a lifelong meat-eater and I don't like steak either. It just tastes like iron to me. I prefer heavily stewed and spiced and roasted meats. Shepherd's pie, chicken soup, artisan sausages, pulled pork, etc. I tend to make giant vats of meat-and-vegetable soup in homemade stock. Maybe something like that would appeal to you more than Plain Piece Of Meat.

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