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    I've been overweight for a very long time. Until a couple years ago, overweight and active: working in field archaeology and doing backbreaking digging, sifting, hauling and hiking. And not loosing weight, coping with constant IBS troubles and then being shelved from archaeology work after a meniscus tear and keyhole surgery on my right knee.
    I've moved countries, completed a graduate degree and had a baby since then. I've been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had a subsequent referral to the local NHS CFS pain management clinic rejected due to my BMI. Too fat for pain relief. And the GP's answer: just eat a bit less and exercise more. Years of gyms and calorie restricted diets have done nothing to shift my weight. Searching for my own answers to my fibro issues pointed me in the direction of paleo diets.
    Nothing ventured nothing gained.
    Goals: Improvement of health (less pain, less IBS flareups), more energy, and weight loss.
    Starting weight in March: 131 kilos. Slowly tiptoed into paleo and discovered PB on the way. Also reading Gary Taubes. Have not yet had the money or energy to do any training, only the walking my toddler to and from nursery (as per usual). Have eliminated grains & sugar, and had quite a few slip-ups on days out, but mostly eating meat, veg, goat butter, coconut milk, and berries at the moment.
    And 6 weeks in, weighed myself today. 119 kilos.

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    Had a great day today. Breakfast of bacon, portobellos and eggs.
    Fresh apricots for snacks.
    At supper, made soup with leftover homemade chicken broth, chinese spices, stir fry pork, onions, pak choy, cabbage, garlic and coconut milk. The coconut milk made it nice and substantial.
    My jeans won't stay up now, going to have to find a belt.
    Feeling much more energetic today and pain much lower (but then again it's been raining, so haven't been out walking). Actually did some knitting last night for a little bit.
    Hoping to start incorporating a bit more exercise in soon, not sure where to start as can't afford gym membership at the moment and want to take it slow so don't trigger flare-ups.


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      Hi Dragon. Welcome.

      Don't worry about the exercise for now. You are getting the same exercise your grandmothers have gotten for 4 million years. Don't let any nice, helpful person here tell you otherwise.
      Ancestral Health Info - My blog about Primal and the general ancestral health movement. Site just remodeled using HTML5/CSS3 instead of Wordpress.

      My MDA Friday success story - Stubborn Senior's Testimonial


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        Hey shinydragon - look into dropping nightshades as well - it might really improve your pain level. For some of us, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant cause tons of nerve pain. When I cut out those foods, it made a big difference in just one week. Potato is the worst for me and the starch is in many gluten free foods (also called modified food starch). Tomato is in lots of stuff as well, but it's easier to spot. Peppers are often listed as misc spice (black pepper is ok).

        So glad to hear when people are finding their own cures! Good job on the weight loss also!


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          Thanks for the article Hedonist. I think the fact that I still sling my toddler (we have a lovely toddler-sized Opitai wrap conversion half-buckle for any of those in the know on baby carrying) may also keep me covered on the lifting heavy things front right? And sprinting after him to keep him from running into the street counts too right? Just still having such trouble with stairs and such.
          Mud, yeah have felt much better since just cutting out the potatoes. We were eating them so many times a day before!


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            Just had really stressful month and eating out a lot while moving house. After losing so much weight so quickly, feeling very frustrated at having stopped losing at all. This past week we have gotten back into the grove of cooking meals at home and eating fresh veg and meat, but feeling very disheartened.


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              Had another good day. Cooked duck legs in onion pears and whisky. Served with fresh cranberry apple sauce drizzled on top.
              Getting back on top of the cooking. Worried about long study day tomorrow.