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  • Primal Challenge Journal: primalpanda!

    Hey everyone,

    I found this site last year, and have visited off and on for many months. I made a short-lived stab at primal eating (and not much else) in the fall, and I'm ready to try again. My two big obstacles are that my motivation for exercise is pretty low, and my boyfriend and I love to eat out--we live in Seattle and there is SO MUCH good food! I don't cook nearly enough, either, but I'm trying to change that, too.

    I have made changes in my diet since I first started reading Mark's blog. I bought the book a while back, and have also read Good Calories, Bad Calories and am a total convert to traditional foods. I've done a decent job getting the packaged foods out of my diet, and I've cut way back on processed carbs. I have a big sweet tooth, so that's been tough, and I do have a sandwich occasionally when I eat out. I've tried hard to add in high quality protein; I buy pastured eggs and bacon every weekend, as well as grass-fed beef, pork and chicken. I do eat dairy (and probably too much) but try to restrict it to raw cheese, greek yogurt, and kefir (all of which I LOVE). I'm still trying to figure out my "milk" situation, though. I have a latte every morning and I'm just not going to give that up, and have recently waffled between almond milk and organic raw milk. Another diet success has been cutting out soy--I used to eat a lot and now I eat almost none (the occasional energy bar or soy latte sneaks in).

    Anyhow, I figure I'd start a journal here to keep track of my diet and exercise. It'll be a slow start since my cupboards are bare!

    Day 1 Food (remember, bare cupboards...)

    B: grass-fed hamburger patty

    S: Lara bar

    L: another hamburger patty, strawberries

    S: Clif bar (one of my last ones, generally eat Lara or Kind bars now), strawberries

    D: Meat + veg (going to the store on my way to cook at the bf's house)

    Day 1 Exercise

    Haha, I stole my parents' Wii for the week so I'm gonna go play with all the fitness games for a while. It's not super-serious exercise, but it's fun and it's better than nothing!