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  • parrottrl's Primal Journal

    I started living primal on May 21st, 2012. I'm doing this journal to track my progress away from my nay-saying/uninterested friends.

    SW: 186 lbs, BF: 42%, H: 5'2" Female (Type I diabetic, hypothyroidism)
    CW: 174.4 lbs, BF: 37%

    Typical diet before PB: cereal bars, SPAM, ramen, lean cuisines, canned soup, hotdogs, cheese, doughnut binges.

    How I found out about PB: I work in a library and saw the book. One of my coworkers challenged me to read it so she wouldn't have to. She's on a raw-diet, high-intensity cardio thing. So...I really liked what I read. I had done South Beach a few years ago, but mainly due to lack of cooking skills, community, and a belief system aspect, I couldn't stick with it.

    Things I love about PB: not being ever hungry, eating forbidden foods (nuts, bacon, eggs, bacon...), feeling mentally sharp, having wild dreams, having more energy, feeling connect with the world around me, and losing weight.

    Seriously, the emotional aspect of PB has really shocked me. I had never realized how much I just didn't care (about anything) before.

    Not so much: really bad/painful constipation, my doc threatening me with statins, and egads! the grocery bill.

    Next up: I'm planning to upgrade my supplements, eat more vegetables, add more primal movement, and when the weather allows, play more with the dog.

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    My weight loss has stalled, but I've read that this is typical and received a lot of support on the forums here. I'll just stick with it and hope for the best. Maybe a whoosh soon?

    Unfortunately, I had a bad weekend in terms of carb-eating. My boyfriend took us out to Joe's Crab Shack (okay) and then to Starbucks (oops). I had no idea how many carbs are in a mocha! 51! From what??? Yikes! I'll be having instant at home for the rest of my life, thanks! Then, my dad had a birthday. My eight-two-year-old grandmother thinks that no-cake, please means just a small piece. Yeah...I've poisoned myself with gluten again.

    Also, still dealing with constipation, even after Starbucks.

    Good news: I upgraded my multivitamin to something that should meet my needs better, although not perfectly, and I got a fair amount of primal exercise from walking, dog-chasing, and a little bit of weight lifting.


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      Reading the MDA post today, I think I may be getting too much protein. Hmm....

      I have a job that requires 4-5 hours of standing, short stints at a desk (30 min per), some heavy lifting (up to 50lbs), a ton of light lifting (1000+ objects weighing 2oz - 2lbs per day), some step climbing, tons of bending/reaching, and occasional bursts of speed and/or elevated pulse. If I told you what I did, I would be labeled as lazy/sedentary/whatever, despite all of that because people have a really limited perspective and enjoy stereotyping.

      So back to the protein...

      If a sedentary person needs .36g/lb and a superstar athlete needs 1g/lbs, I probably need...between .5 and .6g.

      For me, that's (let's say .55g), 97.35g of protein.

      I'm getting...107.2g daily.

      Hmm...I need to know the standard deviation for daily protein intake in my general activity level/weight class.

      I'm guessing I'm only getting a little bit too much, not enough to actively tweak in hopes of getting big results.


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        I'm still stuck in a plateau right now, just under 175 lbs.

        I wanted to IF today for the first time, but I broke after 6 measly hours. My blood-sugar had dropped to 62. Not super-low, but enough to drive a pretty intense hunger. So I ate some beef snacks, almonds, celery, and PB. Then I had an amazing burst of energy and clear-headedness that lasted for a couple hours. Then I felt normal (good) again.

        Maybe next time I'll get the insulin right. I'm Type I, so no need to grind me down here, okay?

        Good news: taking more vitamin d, considering leg weights for work wear, investigating a lot of primal nutrition options, using coconut oil instead of butter (faster scrambled eggs!), and managing to communicate the new lifestyle okay to partner.

        Bad news: horribly constipated, still fat, sweating a lot.


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          I managed to spend most of my day off with my partner without cheating, except for a 19-carb bitter and unpleasant latte. I still kept carbs under 100, calories around 1650. Plus included a 1-mile trail walk. Turned down doughnut holes.

          I don't think I'm going to go primal with anything extra, other than the food and moderate/slow exercise (with my beloved Vibrams). I like brushing my teeth, taking showers with soap, and all that other hygiene stuff people are railing against right now. I really cannot see myself embracing the mung lifestyle, especially given that I work with the public and have a male partner with a sensitive nose. And I doubt any of that stuff will help me achieve my weight-loss goals.

          Good stuff right now: I enjoy some liver last night, my BSL have been steady, considering doing a food-window type IF, and lifted weights in the AM for a change.

          Bad: yup, still constipated and still effing fat.


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            Good news this morning: I'm down to 174 lbs for my morning weight.

            In a way, I guess I'm IFing. I had dinner last night at 7:30PM (then got absorbed by creative endeavor) and will not have a meal until 11AM today. I could eat, but I'm not psycho-ravenous.

            Also, I'm going to the bathroom every hour or so, despite my BSL hovering around 115, which given my control history is quite excellent.

            Is this the whoosh everyone talks about? Maybe??


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              No, that wasn't the whoosh.

              My boyfriend bought some uncured bacon for me to try. The stuff has very little protein compared to the bacon I normally buy. Also, tough to get the smell off my hands. The dog seems to love me more than usual. I wonder why...

              I'm getting a ketone meter thanks to my FSA. It should arrive on the 18th.

              A few years ago, I did some genetic testing primarily for genealogical purposes. Don't laugh. Genealogy was important in many ancient cultures. Anyway, 88% of my ancient ancestors came from Europe. 12% came from Sub-Saharan Africa. I know which set I look most like, but what about other kinds of gene expression? How does the mix influence what my body was meant to consume as fuel? Does it matter or were all ancient people pretty much the same? Is it racist to even ask? Obviously, none of my ancestors cooked with coconut oil. What else, though?

              Good news: cook edible chicken liver tonight, feeling more upbeat and positive than usual, good BSLs, craps are starting to come out okay.

              Bad: headaches, frequent urination, not losing any weight.


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                Someone handed my a milk chocolate bar today. I ate it.

                It's was one of those It's-a-Boy celebratory bars. Over-population for the win!

                That's said, I still only took in 61g carbs today. I want to hover closer to 50g, but I'm weak and missed chocolate.

                Had a conversation with a gluten-free vegetarian. Very sad existence.

                Good news: eating more salads, writing productively for the first time in four/five years, social anxiety seems to be improving, having some interesting dreams.

                Bad: headaches, frequent urination, not losing any weight or body fat, beginning to get a sore throat.


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                  CW: 172 lbs


                  I'm testing my ketones with a blood tester unit. Thank you, FSA, for allowing me this indulgence.

                  So far... .3 mmol/l, .3 mmol/l, .1 mmol/l

                  The last one was morning/fasting, so what the heck? I'm going to lay off testing for a few days and try again. In terms of my Type diabetes, these are great readings (when combined with BSL!), but in terms of fat-burning, I don't know. I'm having trouble with math and interpretation. I think the number should be higher, but converted to mg/dL, it looks great.

                  I'm using coffee to keep things moving, but that means drinking it after work, when I have time for a coffee and a crap. My workplace has no coffeemaker. WTF?

                  I'm getting right at 30g protein per meal. So far today, I've only taken in 13g carbs.

                  Current cravings: egg salad, chicken salad, bacon.

                  Good news: losing weight again, stable blood-sugar, still writing and having fun with it.

                  Bad: extreme tiredness (5PM - ?), constipated again, muscle aches, getting up at night to urinate (BSL between 80 and 115).


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                    So basically, I spent the weekend trying to eat primal while eating restaurant food with the boyfriend. I avoided all of the obvious stuff that I shouldn't eat (carbs = 100-110g/day), but took in too many calories (overage Sat and Sun = 600 cals/day), despite being more active (walking at the park - extra 2 miles) tons more. We also had a huge 7-hour blowout fight that lasted until 5AM and that I'm pretty sure caused the release of some pretty toxic hormones and other chemicals.

                    Result CW: 175 lbs (again)

                    That's actually more crushing than the fight. I won't feel better until that comes down.

                    Good news: tried gluten-free bread, refused desserts 3x.

                    Bad news: very fat, constipated to the max, fatigued.


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                      CW: 173.4 lbs

                      I'm thinking it's water weight that's fluctuating so much; however, I have not have a bowl movement in four days now. I've given up with the primal methods. Hopefully, I'll feel better in a few hours.

                      I have a new smart phone, so I'm going to look for some primal apps to help me out.

                      Good news: found cheaper uncured bacon (Kroger)

                      Bad news: fat, constipated, muscle weakness.


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                        CW: 173.6 lbs

                        I walked just shy of 10 miles over the weekend with the dog (7 mo. GSD) in the park. I calling it walking with resistance because she pulls so much. I'm a crap dog owner, apparently.

                        I'm still fighting my weight. It's winning, and taking a toll on my self-confidence and just how I feel about the future and everything. I'm eating according to the most rule-heavy, depriving lifestyle known to man, and still not seeing much change beyond those initial few weeks. I feel good, but I don't want to feel good. I want to weigh what a non-bovine of my age, height, and gender is supposed to weigh (max = 135 lbs.). I want people to treat me like they did when I weight < 155lbs. The rest is utter window-dressing bullshit.

                        I don't know if PB will ever get me there, but I handle twenty-plus 'diet' books every day at work and I know that there's nothing out there as logical or appealing to my sensibilities as a writer and person.

                        Oh, well. I'll try to cut more calories, but I don't like feeling hungry all the time like I did before. I know I'm active enough to eat 1500 - 1600 per day and still lose.

                        Good news: I did relose those couple pounds, my stamina is increasing.

                        Bad: yup...constipated, struggling emotionally with lack of success.


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                          So I had a bit of an accident today. I ate a 70% dark chocolate bar. That's 310 calories. However, it had absolutely no discernible effect on my blood-sugar (89 @ three - four hours later) or on my hungry level (low). I had a BAS tonight with chopped eggs and shrimp to balance things out, and I would have gone walking, but the park gate closed earlier than expected.

                          The boyfriend and I intend to buy a treadmill and a weight machine from the referb sporting goods store. Not primal, but I think given the heat and my inability to do chin ups, these things will be more beneficial than not.

                          I think I need to get more fiber in my diet. Most of it right now comes from nuts and salad components. I would prefer to take Fiber Choice prebiotic fiber tablets, but how primal are those? Hmm...

                          Good news: down 6.4% body fat since June, constipation is easing up, support from coworkers.

                          Bad news: that damn scale is still telling me I'm a heifer.


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                            CW: 174 lbs.

                            I can't even talk about how frustrated I am feeling with the whole primal thing. I'm eating right, fairly active, and doing my best to follow the blueprint, but I am not losing any weight. I've been stuck longer than I made progress. I've plateaued and then some. I have nothing left to cut without venturing into the land of unsustainable privation. I've actually cut enough to start feeling hunger pangs again.

                            If I don't see some change in my weight (< 170) or body fat (2% drop) by September 1st, I am trying something else to lose weight. Fuck this shit. I'll stay gluten-free, of course, but I'm going to fiber-load with beans and supplements and eat fruit again.

                            I need to lose weight. Nothing else matters.


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                              CW: 172.2 lbs

                              I haven't posted in a while, but since I'm getting close to the cut-off day for deciding whether I want to stay Primal or not, here I am.

                              The weight still isn't coming off. Not even 2 lbs in three weeks, but sometimes, I think it's inching that way. Then I have a huge serving of meat and it shoots up again.

                              I've picked up a new, HUGE stresser - my BF moved in. This means I have less control over food/sleep/environment/time/comfort. I have been literally asleep on my feet three out of the last five days. Suck! I have lost the effective ability to manage my meals. I still eat primally because I'm able to shovel his carbs aside. I expected him to be supportive because he hates my fatness almost as much as I do.

                              Good news: we have a treadmill, diet okay.

                              Bad: no sleep, tons stress, constipated (but not as bad), achy, itchy, stressed out.

                              Am I sticking with PB? Yes, but will reevaluate at the beginning of October. If I'm not under 170 by then, screw this mess. I'll find something better.