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    I have tried many times to commit to eating primal without ever lasting more than a few days or a couple of weeks. What Mark says about social norms is completely true. I can't tell you how many times I've been chided or ridiculed for 'not eating bread.' Well I really want to commit this time and I"m hoping keeping this journal will make me accountable. Here we go!

    Day 1:

    2 x 8 Clean and Jerk at 105 lbs
    2 x 10 Weighted knee raise 25 lbs
    2 x 10 Weighted step-ups 30 lbs
    2 x 10 Pull-ups (3 x solo 7 x assisted)
    2 x 10 Incline push-ups
    2 x 10 Dips

    B: Protein shake (post-workout)

    2 eggs (with omega-3) and 2 pieces bacon. (So full I may not eat lunch)

    L: Vegetables, steak, guacamole, tomatoes, Tabasco sauce.

    D: A couple of slices of turkey meat
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    Day 2:

    27 burpees (descending 10, 9, 8)
    10 squats (no weight)

    B: 4 eggs, 4 pieces bacon, 1 banana

    L: a BAS
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