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    Awesome news about the job!


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      Originally posted by RitaRose View Post
      Awesome news about the job!
      thanks. i'm pretty excited about it. not only have i found a possible niche in my career, but i'm part of an amazing staff and free tuition for as long as i work there. i'll be a sort of academic counselor for low-income, disabled, and first-generation college students...two of which i was 15 years ago.
      second, maybe third, masters, i come. anyone have any suggestions on a good field of study?


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        i wasn't in the mood to run today. it's hot and humid and i've already run four days this week. assigned WOD...aborted. replacement WOD:

        took miles out on a 3-4 mile walk carrying a 50 lb. sandbag. that wasn't too hard, but it certainly wasn't easy. i moved the bag around, from shoulder to shoulder, cradled in front, under arm, above my head (super hard), and tried to hit as many hills as i could. my upper body definitely got a workout, and my legs got their share at times. the walk took over an hour, so i'm feeling pretty good about it.
        once i got home, i banged out the following:
        20 squats w/ sandbag
        10 pushups w/ sandbag
        20/leg lunges w/o sandbag (just can't balance it)
        10 squats w/ sandbag

        3 rounds.

        i feel sort of awesome right now. as i write this, my wife is making plans with friends, and it appears as though i'm headed to Panera for dinner. not a lot i can order there, but i'll make it work. i think they have a green salad with salmon that is pretty good, plus apples, and maybe some soup if the ingredients suit me.


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          Fabulous, fabulous about getting the job you wanted!

          It's amazing for me, being so out of shape, to read what you're doing each day. But I'm curious. Aren't these WODs working the same muscles every day? Isn't resting them for a day or two what builds you up? Or is it because your muscles are on a different plain so to speak and respond differently than other people's do? So that you can work them every day and not be only tearing them down, rather you 'heal' quickly cause you're so fit?

          Sorry to bug you, but I'm very curious about all this.
          SW: 243
          CW: 177
          Goal: Health


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            Originally posted by KerryK View Post
            Fabulous, fabulous about getting the job you wanted!

            It's amazing for me, being so out of shape, to read what you're doing each day. But I'm curious. Aren't these WODs working the same muscles every day? Isn't resting them for a day or two what builds you up? Or is it because your muscles are on a different plain so to speak and respond differently than other people's do? So that you can work them every day and not be only tearing them down, rather you 'heal' quickly cause you're so fit?

            Sorry to bug you, but I'm very curious about all this.
            yeah, they are working most of the same muscles, which is why i will throw in some of my own variety when i think i need it. in a week full of WODs there hasn't been one single pull up i tacked those on to a couple of workouts. but, these WODs are for a specific purpose. they are sent to me each day by the organizers and big participants in the spartan race (kick ass mud run), and they are designed to make people better at those races. i don't normally work out this way, but i am for the month of july for two reasons: to see if i can do it, and to increase my conditioning and muscular endurance.

            normally, i do much harder (in terms of intensity, not reps) body weight exercises pulled from a few different programs, PBF mostly, only two days per week. i sprint once a week, hike when i can, and walk or bike a bit (not enough in my opinion). that is better for building strength, allowing ample rest. i've been doing that for a few years, both in and out of the gym (i prefer out), and i am overjoyed with the results. i will most likely switch back to that in august. daily metabolic conditioning might work for some people, but i can't see myself loving it for too long.

            to your other point, my muscles aren't any different than someone else. i was strong when i went primal. i weighed around 350 and did a lot of just moving that much weight around made me strong. i worked hard to keep that strength as i lost my weight, so my muscles might be used to doing a lot of work, but i still get sore from tearing those muscles down. in fact, i've been sore all week just because of the change in my routine. but it's not the same kind of sore. it's more...topical, if that makes sense. the soreness from an intense workout is deep. these workouts are filled with exercises that are, for me, at a much lower intensity, so my soreness isn't as bad and i can just work through it. getting good supplements helps, whether in food or pill form.
            plus, soreness goes away as your muscles adapt, so i suspect i'm all done feeling that for a while. now i'm not trying to tear them down and build them up stronger, i just want oxygen to get them so i can last longer in a race or something.

            i hope that makes some sense. what it really all comes down to is what goal you're after. training for something specific makes a big difference in how someone should exercise.


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              It does explain things, thanks, I think I understand a bit more. All this is so interesting. Thanks again for explaining.
              SW: 243
              CW: 177
              Goal: Health


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                fun but hard WOD today...pure metcon:

                10 burpees
                10 push ups
                20 lunges per leg
                1/4 mile interval run
                i did five rounds, then had to quit to pick up Miles at daycare before they closed. that's ok, five rounds was enough. i did this one with a friend on a soccer field. doing all the body weight stuff in the middle of a field was great. it was hot, and i'm pretty sure i swallowed some grass, but it was fun too. it was actually the 1/4 mile interval run that did me in. i definitely took 'interval' to mean fast, so i really kept the pace up. by the end of round three my friend and i were both ready to puke. the two minute rests between rounds were hardly enough to recover.
                i timed my last round at 4:26 from first burpee to the finish line, and that was definitely my slowest, so i feel pretty good about the amount of work i put in.

                i found some pretty awesome brats (extra hot) at my local grocery store, with pretty primal ingredients. so that's going to be my dinner with a pile of spinach.


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                  pretty simple day today. i couldn't do the assigned WOD because it required a gym, or at least a bunch of equipment i'm not interested in having. so, i click on a few random WOD's and every one i tried said go for a long run. balls. so, i did a 5-miler...but mixed in a little walking so i wouldn't hate it.

                  funny thing, i've gotten so used to wearing barefoot shoes that i sort of like when i don't notice i'm wearing anything. my work shoes are teva water shoes that are just a bit big, my vibrams feel like socks, and i tend not to tighten my trail gloves very much. my run today was mostly off road, so i put on the trail gloves. about 3 miles in i noticed my form was crappy, my legs were getting tired, and my feet didn't feel like they were landing right. my shoes were too loose. so i tightened up the laces and the last two miles were like a whole new run. let's hear it for moments of obvious revelation.

                  didn't eat the brats i wanted for dinner last night, so that's on tonight's menu. not sure what i'm having with them, but it will probably be more spinach, and maybe some cucumber to help put out the fire they make in my mouth.

                  i have to proctor an exam tomorrow night, so no working out since i'll be doing a 12 hour work shift. i wonder if the people taking the exam would mind me hauling my exercise bike in for a nice long ride while they trip over math problems they'll never face again after college.


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                    kind of a neat WOD today. the assigned WOD was to do a push up power 1/2 hour, where you do a specific number of push ups every minute for a half hour. so, 4 push ups for 30 minutes ends up being 120 total. you bang out your reps, then rest for the remainder of the minute. basically, it's a grease the groove kind of workout.

                    i decided to make it a bit harder, so i threw in some pull ups too. 3 reps of pull ups per set, and 5 reps of push, 90 and 150 in total. i picked numbers that i knew i could handle, and it came out pretty easy. at first, i thought i should have picked higher numbers, but the last ten minutes or so had me breathing pretty hard. if i were going again, i'd probably choose 4 and 7 for reps, and i'd probably go even higher if only doing one exercise. this is a great way to rack up some serious numbers while still maintaining form.
                    i was going to top it off with a quick run, but decided to take Miles out for a good walk instead.

                    today is my wife's birthday, so we're going out to eat. it's her choice, and i'll go wherever she wants, but i'm going to push for the chinese/japanese place down the street that has pretty good sashimi and decent seaweed salad. i'm pretty sure i can keep her away from pizza or chinese buffet...but she's been pretty stressed and might want comfort food.

                    on an awesomely positive note, i'm noticing some pretty good results from this whole thing so far. the last week of june i had really let loose food wise, and packed on a little pudge. that's all gone, and i think i might be at or close to my lowest body fat percentage yet. this, of course, is all based on how my clothes fit and the mirror test...but at this rate i should be in great shape by the end of the month.


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                      damn today was a killer. for whatever reason, i've been exhausted all afternoon, and feeling kind of weak. maybe i didn't eat enough last night, or should have broke my fast before my workout, but i was beat and didn't want to exercise. i banged out 100 jumping jacks after a quick nap, and that got me a little more motivated before jumping into this WOD:

                      5-15 pull-ups, 10-30 burpees, 5-15 burpee pull-ups
                      (repeat 3 times)
                      then, 1-3 mile run
                      cool down: stretch
                      it's 95 degrees and humid out. never has such a short workout made me want to die like that. my sets were:
                      8, 10, 5
                      7, 10, 5
                      7, 10, 5
                      i was hot, breathing hard, sweating like crazy, and pretty sore from yesterday. clearly, i wasn't going to hit any good numbers. also, i suck at burpee pull-ups, and i believe it for two reasons. 1, i suck at and hate burpees (which probably means i should do them more often) and, 2, they're horrible to do on a power tower. my power tower is a single unit with a pull up bar, dip bars that fold up, and push up bars. doing a burpee in that space is super hard because of the push up bars. also, the bar is too low to jump up to, meaning my pull up was half over with my jump.

                      a two mile run to finish it off hot hot. i just about jumped into the nearby river to cool off. keeping my pace down to keep from overheating was probably the hardest part.

                      i need food. so do my animals.


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                        yesterday's workout was pretty good. here's the WOD:
                        Start with a 3-4 mile run. Let the first mile be your warm up, then gradually ramp up your intensity till you are finishing at race pace.

                        Immediately, break into the following strength routine:
                        50-200 body weight squats
                        20-100 push-ups
                        4 minute plank
                        50-200 lunges
                        10-50 burpees
                        50-100 crunches
                        optional: Run 3-4 more miles.

                        Cool down with a good stretch.
                        it was so hot outside it actually hurt, so i skipped the run and hopped on the exercise bike for the length of one White Collar episode, then jumped right into the body weight exercises. i stuck to the lower recommended rep amounts, and did two rounds. i was going to go for a third, but had to clean up for some friends that were coming over.

                        i broke my fast with some sardines, a couple eggs and a good amount of pepperoni. but my dinner was what made me happy. i threw a ton of spices into the burgers i made, plus put them with some avocado and delicious pickles, and my mouth was overjoyed. i wish i had written down what went in them. i also grilled up a couple of fake burgers for my vegan friend, but she mostly had oreos for dinner.

                        my wife and i are looking for a new apartment...a little bit closer to my new job, but not too far from her work/school. it'll just be a year or two until she gets her masters, then we can look for something more permanent. but, it's so agonizing trying to find a place. there is a massive expanse of trees and apartmentless homes between my job and hers, and the few places we can find either don't allow dogs, don't allow dogs that are Miles' size (medium), or have naive breed restrictions (he's part pit bull, and 100% awesome). i really want to buy a huge place, fence it, and only rent it to people who have dogs that don't fit on an average lap.
                        regardless, the apartment hunt is starting to stress me out a bit, for no good reason. i'm looking at two places today, and somehow squeezing in a workout. today's is a hard one, and it's going to be super hot out. maybe i'll show up to the second showing drenched with sweat. i can lay down on the floor and mark my territory.


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                          got it a quick workout in between apartment viewings today. i was sweating like a madman at the second showing. want to know why? here was the WOD:
                          30 burpees
                          30 bicycle kicks
                          30 push-ups
                          30 jumping lunges
                          30 tuck jumps
                          10 pull-ups
                          30-50 crunches
                          i pulled it off quickly on a high school football field. it was astroturf, and hot. i came into that showing soaked (even after i blasted the AC in my car and changed back into work clothes) and partially covered in fake grass and dirt. pretty nice apartment though, and the landlord was great. we actually swapped some adventure stories. i've got a few more to check out, but that might be the winner. though, anything with free heat and hot water in New England is a possible winner. shit gets cold here.

                          dinner was steak and roasted asparagus again. that is not meant to sound gloomy; it was crazy good. i'm a little surprised that i'm not getting bored with my fast breaking food. every weekday i end my fast with sardines and hard boiled eggs, and they are so satisfying. may be time for a change up though...i go grocery shopping tomorrow.


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                            today's WOD required a gym, so i opted out. i planned a great workout where i run at an easy pace for an hour, and every ten minutes drop and do 20 burpees. i was expecting rain, but it hasn't come yet. so, instead i did burpee ladders to 10 with minimal rest. ladders are ascending and descending reps to a number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1), so i hit 100 total. finished in under 20 of the best sprint workouts i've done in months.

                            this no dairy thing is getting to me. i want cheese. i really want ice cream. i can always do without nuts, but i want my ice cream. we take ice cream very seriously here in NH; we eat more per person than anywhere else in the country (we're also pretty high up there with beer). so, i'm thinking...maybe i should try to make up some coconut milk ice cream just as a treat. i've seen it before, but it's waaayyyyyy expensive. and tasty. anyone have a good recipe for it?


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                              Paleo Parents did one that I'm sure you can swap some ingredients out of: Grilled Peach and Ginger Ice Cream | Paleo Parents

                              I'm really digging seeing these posts. When is the 30 days up?


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                                Originally posted by torena View Post
                                Paleo Parents did one that I'm sure you can swap some ingredients out of: Grilled Peach and Ginger Ice Cream | Paleo Parents

                                I'm really digging seeing these posts. When is the 30 days up?
                                that looks yummy. i may have to pick up some coconut milk and experiment with that a bit...and see what i can do without a food processor.

                                i'm glad you like the posts. 30 days is the end of the month. i'll be the one buying all the cheese.