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    So, I've had enough. I need some kind of accountability mechanism, and I think you poor buggers are it. Sorry.

    A bit about me: I'm 30, formerly fat and currently struggling. I have a husband, a cat and a fantastic but high-stress job. I live in Australia, where it's currently wintery and somewhat depressing.

    I had a gastric band inserted in January 2011. I wouldn't change that decision for the world. In combination with the Primal Blueprint, which I discovered in June 2011, I've lost about 25 kg. I've gone from 102 kg to 75 kg. I've gone from a girl who hated the idea of exercise to voluntarily spending three weeks in Nepal climbing up very large hills. Who'd have thought?!

    And then I came back. Well, mission accomplished. I had no training goal any more. My training partner had life get in her way, so our personal training sessions stopped. And then I got a new job, and the end of the financial year (May/June) was busy, busy, busy and my eating habits went to shit and I had NO TIME TO TRAIN OR SLEEP or do anything but work or feel guilty about the work I was not doing.

    And now it's July. I tried to weigh myself yesterday, but my scales are clearly too scared to tell me the damage (being mercifully out of battery). I reckon I've put on about 3 or 4 kg this past month. And so for the past few days, I've been trying to pull up my socks and go, 'Right, self, it's time to Get Back On The Wagon.' (If for no other reason than all my clothes were bought to fit me 3 or 4 kg down and I refuse to go back up.) And I do well...until. Until I miss lunch at work and grab a cookie from the jar. Or I do well all day...until I go and eat a bowl of ice cream for god knows why.

    I've ordered Mark's newest creation, and can't wait for my 90-Day Journal to arrive - but, given that I live at what is affectionately known as the arse end of the world, it may take 90 days to arrive and that's 90 days I don't have.

    While I wait, I'm going to come here every night and report about what a fantastically primal girl I have been each day. I'm going to work more on seeing food as fuel than as delicious, delicious comfort from boredom and/or stress and/or guilt. I'm going to work on getting my eight hours a night, on doing my training and getting my house in order. And hopefully this time next year, I won't be cursing the month of June and wondering how to pick up the pieces again - that I can stop feeling like I'm constantly chasing the wagon.

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    Hi! I ran across this while looking for forum posts about staying motivated it's been a couple months since you posted, how's it going for you?

    Goal: Feel good, be active!