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Well, this is step one...

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  • Well, this is step one...

    New to posting threads, but not new to MDA or to paleo/primal. I've had a rough couple of days (weeks) eating-wise, and I'm ready to kick it into high gear and get these pounds off once and for all. This doesn't sound too unique, does it? Oh well, I'm going to give this daily journaling a try anyway. I want to do something different and hopefully it will really stick. I'm sure a lot of my background will come out in this journal in one way or another, so I'm not going to start with my background or what brought me to paleo at the moment, because I just want to get started on finally getting better. Everyday, I'm going to post not only what I eat and what my exercise was, but also what my daily goals, motivations, and accomplishments are.

    For example:

    Today's accomplishments
    - I overate (by a lot) but I didn't go into all-out binge mode. I've done worse damage in the past, so any improvement from those (terrible) episodes is progress.
    - I admitted to myself that I have an eating problem and I'm going to do some soul-searching about it.
    - I finally made an MDA account and started an online journal.

    Tomorrow's goals
    - Exercise fasted in the morning.
    - Drink water/tea throughout the day.
    - Write in this journal.
    - Eat 3 square, paleo meals (no snacking).

    Tomorrow's motivation
    - I want to be skinny!
    - I want to be my own motivation.
    - My success story is 10 years in the making, and I deserve to be successful in this endeavor that I've focused on for the past decade (more on this to come, I'm sure).

    That's all for tonight. I want to get a good night's sleep, after all!

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    Welcome. All great journeys begin with a single step.


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      Thanks, Paleobird!

      I'm going to try to post more than once a day (job schedule permitting!) until I get into a comfortable groove.

      Today's accomplishments so far
      - Woke up early to workout.
      - Broke a sweat (fasted).

      I'm only mildly hungry for breakfast this morning, but I'm going to have a big breakfast of eggs and veggies anyway to kick off my 3-square-meals per day thing. With my job, the next available time to eat will be lunch time, which is 6 hours away. I don't want to get too hungry beforehand and give into the typical office snacks that are available in the break room.

      Today's goals
      - Eat 3 square meals (all paleo). If it's not paleo, it doesn't go into my mouth. If I'm not hungry, nothing goes into my mouth.
      - Drink a TON of water/tea. Tea really keeps me feeling full.
      - No snacking!
      - Move as much as I can - even if it's just a walk around the office or to the bathroom. I hate having a sedentary job.

      Today's motivation
      - It starts with day one. Day one is always the hardest.
      - I want to look cute at the office

      That's all for now,