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    I first heard about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in September 2011. Ever since then I have tried on & off to live my life without grains. It has definitely been the most the most difficult thing I've ever done. I've started a primal diet more so many times that I've lost count. I tend to eat this way for about 2 weeks then go back to binge eating.

    I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS which has made it a lot more important to actually stick to a Primal diet. This time I will give it a real go, this includes buying organic produce (something I never did before because I didn't want to commit to something expensive when I was sure I was going to fall off the wagon soon).

    PCOS makes more more at risk of developing things like diabetes and ovarian cancer,which in theory should make me more likely to stick to the Primal diet, but I find myself blocking my worries out of my brain and continuing to eat loads of sugar/carbs. I feel addicted to this crap. I reallly thought that my recent diagnoses would shock me into eating well, and it did for a while but old habits die hard. I'm just in a stage where I've taken to feeling sorry for myself.

    I feel the need to journal my experience because I need as much support as I can get from like minded people, I've never met a real life person who eats Primally (in England we're few and far between) when I talk about it people think I'm crazy. I aim to be brutally honest with my posts on this journey.

    I will post my stats when all my organic goodies are delivered

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    Welcome Lara. This is a non-primal answer. If you find yourself going into a binge, eat healthier carbs such as white rice and starchy vegetables, with lots of butter or other healthy fats.

    Good luck. You can do it!
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      Ahh really I've never heard of that before. And thanks for the encouragement!