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    You know what's weird? Guilt. It finds its way to creep up on you no matter how good you're doing. Saturday night I had chicken and onions, carrots and kale. I felt TERRIBLE about that for some odd reason. I am down to eating once a day with a tiny snack or so throughout the day. I'm not really hungry most of the time. So anyway, I danced last Thursday and went up by 3 lbs. I think that's just muscle. I really have to stop checking every single day, but it's like an obsession or something. But that makes me wonder. It's too hot to walk most days, as I work at night and getting up at noon is terrible, walking while at work makes me sweaty and thats gross, so I have been doing my dancing thing at night for a half hour. It's fun as I could dance for hours anyway, and I can just stop and sit down when my back starts to hurt again. I hope dancing in place of walking is okay at least until the temps go down and my back and feet feel a little better.

    oh so Sunday night I had lemon and garlic wingetts (however you spell that) and they were so delicious I ended up eating 12. Luckily that's all I had for the day. Today I'm kind of hungry, I may have an apple and end up eating twice today.


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      So I had been IF for a while, only eating once a day. My weight had stalled (and went up by 3lbs after working out, oddly), but has stayed around 287. So, I decided to eat 3 times a day. Yesterday morning I ate:

      4 bacon
      2 eggs
      1 cup spinach

      For lunch I had:
      1 chicken thigh


      So when I woke up this morning I was RAVENOUS. I had:
      1 egg, 4 bacon.
      lunch I had:
      a caesar salad with chicken.

      I sat there at about 8:30 CRAVING taco bell. Now I used to get this like once every 3 months and it would last for 2 days. I don't ever have Taco Bell except for then. Any other time it's disgusting to me. Like I would literally prefer my own tacos to taco bell, and their restaurant stinks to high heaven. So anyway, I really wanted Taco Bell. I figured out that I wanted the carbohydrates. I came home today and this is what I had:

      1/2 Steak
      1/2 cup onions
      1/2 cup sweet potato
      3 tbsp green beans

      I feel satisfied. My craving is gone for now. However there is still a problem. I don't remember what I did to get the initial weight off. All I did was stop eating wheat, eat vegetables and meat and walk. I am not gaining which is good but since I stopped at 287 I am curious if I did something wrong with my fasting and made my body freak itself out and hold on to fat instead of using it. So I am going to go back to eating 3x a day, maybe sometimes 2x a day and walk, even on days that it's 80+ deg and 500% humidity. But I think I'm still doing something wrong, and I'm going to re-read Mark's book and see if there's something I am doing wrong.


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        So a quick update. I'm still paleo. I have gotten down to 275 lbs. 2 weeks ago was my bf's birthday and I was also on vacation and I did mess up a bit. We had cake and low carb ice cream once a day for a week. So I went up to 278 during it. I went back straight primal (which I figures out that I am, I am primal not paleo) and I am now at about 275. My walking has begun again, and I'm going to increase my working out, including adding lift heavy things, sprinting and squats. I'm having hormone imbalances right now but I'm still doing pretty ok. I'm going back to a more protein more veggies less potato type deal. I still have coconut milk in the mornings and I cook with coconut oil. I also am still trying to figure out if I should force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. More later, I have class tomorrow.


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          Congrats on the weight loss. It sounds like you are figuring out what works for you!


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            congratulations on the weight loss! the first weeks / months can be hard with carb flu, stress, trying to figure out what to eat, what to cook and checking the scale every day!

            I think you're on the right track - focus on eating when you are hungry only, non-processed primal foods, and moving around. It sounds like you are walking still. I love walking, and for general overall health-there's nothing better! I also love lifting, strength is sooo sexy and empowering!

            I focused on food first due to IBS / GERD issues and did an elimination diet. I think I ate only meat, bacon, eggs and vegetables for 30 days, maybe more. Unfortunately, I think I OD'd on Bacon too and couldn't eat it for a while. Now, I eat it occasionally - but it isn't a staple.

            I also went through a period where my appetite was wonky, my cycle was seriously screwed up, and some emotional ups and downs.

            Just remember, you literally are what you eat.
            unprocessed, natural food makes me feel natural and whole.
            processed oils, flour and sugar gives me a highly UN-natural pain in my stomach along with migraines, muscle aches, fatigue, etc.

            I like feeling natural, so I'll eat that way.

            Good luck on your journey - always go forward

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            If you can't tell the truth about yourself, you can't tell it about other people --- Virginia Woolf

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              Man has it ever been a while. Today is 2-15-2014. Never thought I'd be where I am today.

              So last year about my birthday time I was pushing a size 14, about 215lbs. I was feeling great about this paleo thing and thinking I was doing great. So I let a lot of things slide. Well really just let two things slide. I added gluten free junk and I stopped working out. I was still eating paleo minus the snacks and just wasn't walking around or lifting. I can still lose right? Wrong. I got on the scale one day and come to find out I'm at 250lbs again. I. Freak. Out. So I thought that everything would be fine if I started walking and some dancing in December. I do it for 3 weeks or so. I. Freak. Out. Again. Lose my entire mind this time as my scale says 248. I start lifting heavily, much more than I know I can handle and to exhaustion. I start doing heavy 45 minute cardio. I do all of this 6 days a week. I eat 1200 Calories and try to go into ketosis, convinced that's the only way to lose any weight.

              So what happens? I do this for a month and lose 4 pounds. Not enough! I scream at myself. I pound every forum I can think of, including this one, to find out why I'm not in deep ketosis and I'm not losing weight quickly. I record everything in myfitnesspal. I stop drinking tea because I read that it doesn't hydrate you and just drink warm water. I calculate how much food, down to the gram, I put in my mouth. I beat myself up... Sometimes literally...Because I go over 45 carbs. I refuse to eat vegetables that have fiber in them as I'm scared of the carbs.

              I go to the hospital.

              Why? I start developing chest pains. So bad that I'm in the parking lot that morning looking like Fred Sanford.

              Well it wasn't a heart attack. It was costochondritis and a wake up call.

              Come to find out three things:
              1. I was lifting too much.
              2. I was stressing myself way out.
              3. I was not, I repeat, not 247lbs.

              I was 208. With 3 layers of clothes on (the office I work in is cold and I planned to walk that day in the 35degree weather). My scale at home, you see, was broken. It when it works, it says everybody is 113kilos. It doesn't even display in pounds anymore. I put myself through hell because I thought I was the biggest failure in all of paleodom. Now I'm at the lowest I've been in years.

              And I don't know how to wrap me head around it. I'd have thought that once i hit 200 I'd look closer to what a woman should look like. That's not the case. I still have horribly fat gross parts. Yes I have 50lbs to go and I'm grateful for it but what now? I can't lift for a month, yes I can walk but waking won't get me ripped and I'm still far too jiggly and gross to sprint in public.

              Not sure what to do and I'm confused with feeling happy to be 208 and upset at being 208.


              Never thought I'd be here.


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                Congratulations. Looks like you had a couple instances of sugar-relapse along the way. That's the big thing, just stay off the sugar and bread, they tend to trigger eating binges of more sugar and bread.