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    Hi everyone,

    So I thougth, why not sharing my journey on my favorite website

    Day 1

    B: 2 eggs + bacon + butter, cup of coffee with fresh whole milk

    L: chicken, cream and lemon sauce, parsley, fennel

    D: no dinner
    went visiting friends and had 2 glasses of red wine, then I went seeing another friend where I had 2 glasses of white wine with some cured ham.

    WOD: did nothing

    I'm taking the Damage Control Formula, omega's and Vit D. My vit D is very low and I hope this explains my chronic fatigue and lethargy, and maybe why it's so hard to lose my excess fat. I'm hoping this will give me some energy to go more outdoors and enjoy nature and exercising!

    I weighted myself yesterday and will do every monday. Normally I weigh myself every day but everybody keeps telling it's a bad habit, so I'll be good

    17 jun 2012: 89 kg, 45 % fat (that's 196 lbs)
    I'm 1m58 (5.2 ft), that's a BMI of 35,7
    My fantasy goal is 54 kg (120 lbs) but getting healthy reducing my fat% is the most important.

    So, that's it for today, glad with my IF, not happy with the wine.
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    True confessions of a Belgian wannabe Grokette

    Day 2

    Feeling bad today, went to see the doctor, had pain in my left arm and felt bad, the hypochondriac in me got afraid I was getting a heart attack In the afternoon everything was ok ...

    B: 2 eggs + bacon + butter, water

    L: restaurant lunch:
    starter: shrimp croquettes with salad & vinaigrette, deep fried parsley and lemon wedge
    main course: skate wing with caper butter sauce, water cress, lemon wedge, did not eat the gratin dauphinois!

    2 coffees with milk and 3 small sweets

    D: small leftover lamb shank, lamb stock, cream, grilled peppers, mushrooms, onion, garlic, fresh cilantro
    half a cup of the most yummy pineapple you can imagine
    My husband is just back from Togo in Africa and he smuggled a fresh ripe pineapple couldn't resist that!

    WOD: did nothing

    When I went to the doctor, he took some blood and I asked him to check on my vit D levels, I hope that taking the Damage Control Formula with vitamin D, that's a total of 4000 IU a day, already raised my level comparing with the blood test before.
    I will know more within a week, exciting!
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      True confessions of a Belgian wannabe Grokette

      Day 3

      Couldn't fall asleep last night, my legs felt so restless ... is eating this way and taking the supplements making me more energetic? Is this the end of a long low energy phase and are my legs trying to tell me I should use them more??

      Well, I do have the feeling of having more energy so there was no excuse ...
      I did step out of my comfort zone and tried some exercise in the house. OK, I was still in pyama's and a dressing gown, hiding from the windows so no one could see me from outside, BUT ... I tried a Tabata workout! 4 minutes and that's it, this was excellent.
      I know in 3 days I will do this again, this is too simple to not do this.

      B: 2 eggs + bacon + butter, cup of coffee with fresh whole milk

      L: steak, shiitake mushrooms, green beans
      cup of coffee with half a square of chocolate 85%

      D: we went to a restaurant and had steak with truffle butter and mixed vegetables with 2 glasses of red wine
      then we went to a vernissage of a jazz photo exposition and had another glass of red wine
      at home we sat in our garden with two more glasses of red wine ...
      That won't help me lose weight

      WOD: Tabata, tabata, tabata (sounds like grok music to me )

      No pain in my arm anymore, the doctor prescribed anti inflammation pills, I'm always amazed how they give you medicine like candy ...
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        True confessions of a Belgian wannabe Grokette

        Day 4

        OK ... my fault, had too many wine last evening, didn't sleep too much so after my husband and the children left this morning I had breakfast and then fell asleep in the couch until noon ...

        B: 2 eggs + bacon + coconut oil, water and more water

        L: steak, green beans (again, leftover)
        cup of coffee with 1,5 square of chocolate 85%

        D: still no energy so I went for chinese take away and had a wonton soup and rice noodles with chicken

        WOD: walking to and from the car doesn't count I guess

        Got my vitamin D results !!
        In 7 weeks I went from 28.8 nmol/L up to 64.0 nmol/L.
        The reference number is 50-120 nmol/L

        I'm very happy
        Gonna keep on popping those pills!
        I wonder if there's anybody who really felt the difference between low and high numbers of vit D, more energy, more weight loss. I'll check here in the forum.

        Tomorrow we have friends over for dinner and I'm doing a roll-it-yourself sushi.
        So I know I will be eating rice and I'm not gonna beat myself up for it.
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