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    Back on track, I am glad to report, and feeling all the better for it. I was tempted to throw the towel in after the weekend, but decided I prefer eating good quality fruit and veg, and full fat dairy over bread and biscuits. Since I can't eat both, the decision was made to carry on. 1.5 of the 3 pounds I put on has come back off, and I feel less bloated, and wider awake. Positively leapt out of bed this morning, full of energy.

    I've noticed my taste buds are changing. Last night I had gooseberries and Greek yoghurt for dessert, with no sugar, and really enjoyed the tart, slightly sour taste.

    SW 176
    CW 169
    First GW 150
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      An interesting day yesterday. I had my usual smoothie for breakfast (banana, stewed gooseberries, Greek yoghurt and are milk). When it came to lunch, I had a salad that I'd taken to work from home - ham, a bit of cottage cheese and lots of veggies. it also contained a single Medjool date for something sweet. Boy, that date hit the spot. When I put it in my mouth, my whole body reacted as if to say, yes! that's what I wanted. I felt completely satiated from this lunch. As it happened, I then had to go to a work party, where I was offered a whole second lunch. Normally, I would have had at least some of it, including the lovely pudds, but I just wasn't interested, and refused everything. I wasn't too bothered about e evening meal either (chicken stir fry).

      Funny how a single bite of a particular food can be the answer to all the food cravings.


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        Damn, still not losing anything, although I am almost fully compliant. Have decided maybe My portion sizes are too big, and have started recording calories again. I feel great, and not hungry at all.

        Yesterday's food:
        B - smoothie with banana and apricots, yoghurt and raw milk. Tea and then coffee.
        L - salad with carrots, leaves, tomatoes, 4 strips streaky bacon
        D - (ok, not totally paleo, but am recording it as my 20% - some nuts and raisins, with a small glass of wine ( or 3), chicken curry with sweet pepper sauce, small portion white rice, a bit of naan bread and some green beans fried with mustard seeds. Home made raspberry ice cream.


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          It's been a while since I updated here. There have been some ups and downs, but my overall feeling that Paleo is the way to go is undiminished. August was a month of holidays and parties, and i was pleased to complete it without having put back on any weight, and sticking more or less to the plan. I was going to do a Whole 30 in September, and got to day 5, when it all began ton fall apart. I don't really know why, but think it might have been to do with not having dairy, which was functioning as my pleasure food instead of grains. Also, most of my fats come from dairy, so it was proving difficult to feel satisfied after meals for any length of time.

          It all came to a head over the last couple of days, with a (relatively small) orgy of grains, chocolate and wine. Yesterday I felt bloated and lacking in energy all day. I've been getting hot flushes again, and terrible itchiness in bed at night. And this morning I woke up with a cracking headache, and decided that going back to my old ways was Not Going To Work.

          So, it's back to full paleo eating again, and I already feel better. Breakfast was a smoothie, with bananam plums, yoghurt and milk. Lunch was salad with some Boursin cheese and avocado as fillers. Tonight, we're having chicken stir fry and I will pass on the noodles.

          I've also taken the plunge and bought a pair of VFFs. They arrived yesterday, and I am wearing them round the house. I usually go barefoot at home anyway, so there's not too much of a difference yet. However, they are comfortable to wear, and I notice they are pulling my incipient bunion back into its correct position, so I'm going to wear them as much as possible, until I can go out dog walking in them. They look ridiculous, but I don't care, if they save me a bunion op later down the line.


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            Hmm, another long gap between posts, but I'm still here and still Paleo. And so's me dawg.

            Me - I still haven't lost any further weight, but I've put that down to my regular couple of glasses of wine. Am trying out a week without alcohol, while changing nothing else, and we'll see if it makes any difference. On the plus side, I'm eating exactly what I want, including the (very) odd non-Paleo pice of cake or lentil and maintaining the same weight, so hopefully reducing the wine intake should have positive results. Also, my OH has had a serious attack of man-flu over the last fortnight, and I've got off without a sniffle. He keeps moaning about how my immune system is so much stronger than his, but won't put two and two together about why. I've had a couple of non-Paleo nights out, but on each occasiona have kept as much as i could to the system without being rude, and it has been a pleasure to get back to healthy eating the next day. It looks like this really is a long term change in eating habits.

            Ma Dawg - the wee fella has been on raw food now for about 3 months. He's loving it, and scarfes down his chow in seconds flat. A couple of times when we've been staying elsewhere, he's had to eat standard dried dog food, and each time, he's thrown it back up later, which seems like a pretty clear indicator that raw is better for him.He never vomits on the raw stuff.