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    I thought I'd finally start a journal. Hopefully itíll allow me to keep track of my mood, diet and any dodgy trends that arise. As a student, I probably won't be able to update it every day. I'll aim to fill it in at least every 2-3 days.

    I've always been a yoyoing "somewhat-overweight" kid. I never really cared, I was always happy with who and what I was. That being said, I've always dreamt of a toned figure/ having the energy and fitness level to participate in "athletic competitions". After one hell of a weird morning, I realised that I could achieve that dream body and fitness. I felt so stupid and wondered why I hadn't strived for it before! With that boost of motivation, I began my own research and was brought to this site.

    I've been primal for about a month now and VLC for about 2 weeks. The main problem I had before my transition was my fruit and sushi consumption. I love the stuff too much! I found the transition fairly easy, I really don't know why. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky few.

    Anyways, I started at 63kg and am now about 60kg. I don't think the weight has been from my muscles as Iíve recently been able to increase my reps and my tummy has definitely shrunk. I feel great as well, my energy levels have heightened. I'm nowhere near as hungry as I was either. I'm so glad I came across this site, it's changed my life for the better. Your stories have been inspirational and a further boost.

    Today I took my dog for an hours walk around the hilly section of our neighbourhood. I'm planning on some body weight exercises tonight. It depends on how I feel of course.

    I didnít have breakfast, I wasnít hungry as per usual. I'll probably plan to have a BAS with eggs/oil dressing for lunch and pepper steak/coconut for dinner with whatever veg I have left. Yummy!

    Oh and I'll hopefully buy the PB on the 17th, I can't wait to get my hands on it. I prefer reading out of books then from a screen, itís so much more relaxing and can be done in the sun! I need a darker tan and what an excuse to get one. ^_^

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    Goodluck KatFish! We're all here to support you I've been taking my dog out for 10 minute walks like 5 times a day and I think she's tiring out before I am :P


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      Yah, my dog absolutely loves all the extra excersize she's been getting as well as the attention. Having her bounding next to me and seeing her getting fitter as well as me is definately a push. As a labrador, she also loves the water! Which is a great excuse to go swimming in ponds lol, I'm crazy, what can I say. It's getting cold out there though. :[

      Last night I ended up doing crazy 8's. I had so much pent up energy! Then, I decided to make coconut steak, twas delicious!

      Today's sunday, my awesome rest day. I will update tonight as all I've had so far is a cup of green tea and all i've done is a tiny bit of yoga. My balance/posture was shocking and I'm finding that yoga is the best cure. Very relaxing for the mornings too.


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        Sunday's roundup:

        B: Spinach, Mushrooms, 3eggs, oil. I scrambled them because I fail at flipping omlettes.

        L: Fried Tuna and a Sausauge with tomato, lettuce and sprouts

        D: Lamb Chops, Assorted Herbs, beans, Capsicum, Brocolli, Carrots

        I picked a passionfruit earlier, I'll probably have that with orange and coconut milk for an end of week treat. ^^

        Excersize: 30min Dog walk/hill run.


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          My days are definitely getting busier. The stress has gone though! I'm so chill as opposed to everyone else. I think the lack of stress is due to my recent transfer from environmental science to biomed. The subjects don't bore me to death! I actually enjoy studying the content! The logic behind the primal diet is shining through too, keytones were brought up yesterday! Booyah. I can't really express how ecstatic I am right now; it's like a whole new world. *hugs biological and chemical sciences* *dances*


          B: Scrambled eggs with spinach

          L: IF

          D: Steak, Veg, Salad, Sausage


          1 Hour Walk to shops, swim.


          B: IF

          L: IF

          D: Lamb livers, mushrooms, onion, bacon, sausage, pepper, cumin powder, capsicum, broccoli, carrot, fresh salad. mmmmmm I never knew guts could be so tasty and cheap.


          2 Hour weighted (6kg Bag) walk around Toohey forest. I threw in some pull-ups, planks, squats and sprints.

          Wednesday Ė

          B: 4 Eggs, 1 sausage

          L: TBA

          D: TBA


          I was hoping to pull off some Tabata sprints today, however Iím now thinking of moving them due to my hike yesterday. Iíll see how I feel this afternoon.


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            Gah, I've been extremely busy over the past two days. Darn assignments are taking over my life! Anyways exercise has now become a part of my daily routine and as such I refuse to let anything take that hour or so away from me. It's healthy procrastination.


            B: 4Egg omelette with spinach

            L: Coconut milk, nutmeg, cinnamon

            After Exercise snack: Banana

            D: IF

            Exercise: I ended up doing Tabata sprints and holy fuck, I was buggered Wednesday arvo/Thursday. >.> It was so stupid after the hike on Tuesday. I definitely won't do that ever again. Moving them to Monday or Tuesday will probably make a difference to my sanity.


            B: 4 eggs + Green Tea

            L: BAS + Tuna

            D: Roast Meat/Veg

            Exercise: I felt like my legs had transformed into jelly, but I managed to walk my dog.


            B: IF

            L: BAS + eggs + Green Tea

            D: TBA

            I felt significantly better today and as such decided to do 30min of body weight exercises along with an hour dog walk.

            Tíwas a good week. My bum and waist have definitely shrunk. I still have hips but they're not enforced by a generous layer of fat. Oh and on Monday, I recall everyone sniffing and coughing around me on the bus. Normally when this happens I'll end up with a cold/flu a couple of day later. Guess what? No cold. I must be doing something right.

            The primal blueprint is on its way, I can't wait to read it! The Delivery Estimate is April the 28th though; see what happens when you live in Australia. :P The wait is definitely worth it, fingers crossed the drop bears don't get to it first.


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              I've been bombarded with study/work. I love what I'm doing but it's starting to eat into my "play time" Oh well, MidSem Break soon! I can't wait to lie on Straddie, soak up the sun and swim in the waves! mmmmm that's the life.

              The counting/listening thing was getting to me so I decided to stop it. I know what to eat and can listen to my body.... Sooo I figured why not give it a break and see how I go without it. So far so good, although I did pig out on fruit a couple of days ago. It started with one kiwi fruit, then an orange and then a banana. No harm done though, I resisted the hunger after the banana by reminding myself it's the insulin.

              Grocery shopping isn't the same anymore. My trip has gotten shorter as I actively avoid the "forbidden" isles like the plague. I also get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see people reaching for bread. I almost feel like shouting "the carbs are destroying you!" That reminds me, my random sprints get strange looks from people, early morning joggers in particular. I don't know if it's my bare feet or the fact that I sprint - rest - sprint. It's just weird that basically everyone out there is running when sprinting is so much more fun and less time consuming. Hopefully this way of life will diffuse into society soon enough... :]

              I also woke up early the other day to go to the market, Meat and Veg is so much cheaper! I forgot how much I could save by simply visiting the markets... It made my day and I got some awesome second hand chicken slippers. They make clucking noises. (I'm a bit of a big kid.) My dog/cat love sinking their teeth into them. Hopefully they'll last through winter...however I'm beginning to doubt it.

              Anyways I'm down to 58kg, from 65! I really can't believe how quickly itís coming off. I looked in the mirror today and could see my belly separating from my side (if that makes any sense). I still have some flabby bits, so I'm starting to think that I was carrying more fat than I first imagined. 0.0 I've never been under 55, so getting down there would be great. At the rate Iím going I should reach it in 3 or so weeks! Yay!


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                Ok, you're going to have to translate kg's to lbs for me to fully grasp but it sounds like you're doing great!

                Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                  HAPPY LATEISH EASTER!

                  Thanks herring! I converted the weights this time around.

                  Itís been a while since Iíve ventured onto these forums. Weight is still coming off at a suitable rate and I'm still very happy with my progress. Ohhh and I bought some spiralina on advice from a friend. It is brilliant! It has that lovely fishy taste, just like seaweed! Tis a refressing drink for the afternoon. It looks like mold though............ lol.

                  Anyways, I have one week until my psychology exam and two weeks until my anatomy, physiology and chem exams. Thankfully, I'm more organised than ever. I used to be one of those annoying last-minute students who manage to pull off good grades despite a lack of study. hehe. However I recently decided to throw out those "last-minute" stressful, sleepless nights in exchange for slow-paced study. Thanks to this recent switch I feel surprisingly relaxed. Hopefully the additional study will also allow me to pull off a very high gpa. I can't believe I'm actually looking forwards to exams.

                  Previous Weight - 63kg/138 lbs
                  Current Weight - 57kg/ 125.4 lbs

                  Food Intake:
                  B- 3 eggs, peas and fatttt.
                  L- Tuna BAS with turmeric.
                  AT: Spiralina ďshakeĒ
                  D- I'll probably have a steak with some veg.

                  Exercise: 1 Hour Hike

                  I didnít find the need to cheat yesterday. 0.o Well... I had a bite of a dark chocolate block that Iím saving for post exams but other than that nothing. Seriously nothing beats having a block of chocolate after an exam. Mmmmmm