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Investing In Yourself.

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  • Investing In Yourself.

    Hey guys (and gals) I'm James.

    As you might of guessed from the title I'm here to invest in myself. And also to read about all the other like minded people investing in themselves.

    Of course by 'investing' I mean doing things that help me grow as a person and help me live the happiest and healthiest that I can.

    I started eating primal about five days ago and has a slip up last night by eating two sandwiches and a small pack of custard creams. So I've decided to start the journal so I can keep track over the long haul of what I might need to concentrate more on and to help realise what triggers me to eat utter crap.

    Last night was a simple case of running out of any good food and being very very hungry. Haha

    Anyhow that about sums up my first post since I probably wont be eating today as I feel terrible.
    So if anyone has any advice or just wants to chat feel free to leave a reply.