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    I was always "slim"--I ate whatever I wanted and hardly exercised. Then, around the same time, I turned 30 AND had a baby. I dont want to blame either events (!) , but in the first six months of my daughter's life, I hadnt yet began to lose the 25 pregnancy pounds. I went on a "portion control" diet and 30 minute daily walks, and lost 15 pounds. After that, I went on a high protein, low carb, low fat diet, and lost 10 more pounds in 2 months.

    That was an ah moment. Processed carbs (and of course sugars) were not working for my body. So I continued eating like this. I have lost an additional 10 pounds. But the weekend SAD binging wouldnt end. Two months ago, I realized that it was the low fat that was messing me up.

    So now, I I have been trying to work on my food relationship--mostly with sugars. My body and mind have evolved to a point where the processed carbs and sugars hardly do anything for me--but I binge the hope of getting the "old pleasure" feeling. Yap. Sad but true.

    More about myself
    - Age 32
    - Height 5.3
    - Current weight 108.5 pounds (goal is to lean out and cut out some of the jiggle).
    - I go to barre class three times a week (finally, found something I truly love) and do cardio rest of the days--that can be a long stroll, a power walk, or some running.
    - I eat when I am hungry...and that usually works up to two big meals and one big snack. And there are some days when I cant stop eating.
    - Note: No calorie counting here. This is one of the big reasons I LOVE primal eating.
    - I dont do much dairy but I do have the occasional greek yogurt or piece of cheese.
    - Ok ok. I am working on the fruit addiction.
    - I am also trying on not weighing myself on a daily basis
    - I eat 80/20. I am not seeking perfection here. I am trying to find balance that works with my life circumstance.

    What I will be doing in this journal
    - Photos or descriptions of my meals
    - Talk about my workout
    - Ask questions (aka, talk out loud about my progress)

    Thanks for listening!
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    welcome aboard. I'm new to this also and am not into calorie counting, but will strive for 100% primal. If I miss a bit (like having corn in mixed veg yesterday) I'm not going to beat myself up over it.
    5' 9" 47 YO F
    PB start June 2, 2012
    Pre PB SW = 180 (no scale at home, Mom's scale January - 153lbs!)
    Current deadlift 245 lbs, squat 165 lbs, bench press 135 lbs

    PB Journal


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      Hey June68,
      Totally. I feel the same way. Taking the example of corn, I dont have it at home. But if I go out, and order a salad, and there is corn in it, totally fine. Now that I am reading so many people's stories, I realize that there are so many grey areas--as in, what one strives to be.


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        June 6 2012

        June 6 2012

        Breakfast at 9.30am-- Spicy Pork curry (pork is part pork belly, part pork tenderloin), pepper fajitas, half avocado with salt and pepper


        Dinner at 4.30pm -- Spicy Pork curry, raw bell peppers, papaya

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          June 7 2012

          Man, did I crave sugar (aka sugary fruit) last night? But thats all I wanted, and I wasnt hungry. So end of story. Went to bed sugar-less. Whoever thought this would come down to me avoiding a banana, and not an ice-cream sundae?

          Today's story.

          Meal 1 at 10am

          Steamed broccoli with spices, chicken wings (spice-coated, pan fried with a little coconut oil), half glass of green juice (homemade--ingredients are kale, celery, spinach, green apple, and ginger)


          Meal 2 at 2pm

          chicken wings, half glass green juice, cauliflower "biryani," chicken curry, pork curry. I also ate one mango (no picture)


          Proposed Meal 3 before bed-time

          One glass of green juice


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            Lovin' the pics! You're makin' me hungry!


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              Andy! I am loving this whole picture taking.


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                Forget this green juice before going to bed. Pfff. DH just got home and brought the most delicious bacon. I just had some of it. My mom is visiting and she is also transformed. She is loving it.


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                  Feel like I need to resurrect my journal. I have been going way off--eating way too much fruit and way too much dairy.

                  Meal 1: 11.30am(ish)

                  ONE banana and one bottle of BluePrint Green juice (I carry these two things with me if I know I am going to out of the house most of the morning. Portable meal of sorts)


                  Meal 2: 3.45pm

                  Chicken wing curry (coconut milk based); cauliflower in onions and spices



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                    Meal 1: 9am

                    Chicken wings coconut curry, cauliflower with spices, one banana


                    Meal 2: 3pm

                    Egg salad (eggs, avocado, apple, mayo, celery)
                    one banana (not in picture; I know, too much fruit. We have a dozen bananas that have totally ripened...need to eat them, else in the garbage)