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    It's going to be hard to write all in english but I'll try
    I am 26 years old, female. 55 kg, 170 cm (121 lbs, 5ft 57in)
    I've been living primally for about 2 years, I haven't noticed significant changes to the way I felt before but my diet wasn't too bad back then. My digestion has improved, I had mild gastritis which is now almost gone. I want to lose some fat but I haven't tried very hard. I think I am overeating a litle because I am eating almost as much as my husband
    As for training, I am crossfitting 3 or 4 times a week (alternating rest day with workout day) for almost a year. I can feel I have put some muscle which feels great I am trying to walk more and I am planning long hikes in the mountains this summer.

    So, here is yesterday:

    Breakfast: none (I am trying the 14-16 hour fasts)
    Lunch: 4 dolmas - beef and pork ground meat with onion, carrot and rice, rolled in sauerkraut leaves and boiled + a cup of full fat yogurt
    Dinner: half of a baked chicken breast and a wing, baked young white potatoes, a handful of macadamia nuts
    I was pretty hungy all day and had little energy to do my workout.

    Workout: 18-15-12-6-3 Knees to chest and 36-30-24-12-6 wallballs (4kg)

    And here is today:

    Breakfast: two teaspoons coconut oil
    Lunch: one and a half trout baked with butter and lemon, puree made from half a celery root, butter and a piece of apple
    Dinner: half a meatball, baked chicken leg and half a back from the chiken 200 g baked white potatoes with butter, a small cucumber. Dessert: 2-3 tablespoons mascarpone and a few cherries
    No hunger today, the fish was very filling

    Workout: none
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    Breakfast: again two teaspoons coconut oil - my stomach feels much better with it
    Lunch: one and a half trout baked with butter and lemon, celery root puree and an apricot for dessert
    Dinner: will be 4 meatballs (or burgers, I am not sure which is correct as they are like balls but big), 3 fried green peppers and tomato sauce with garlic, mmm... I can't wait (Edit: plus a cup of yogurt)

    Workout: none again
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      Today breakfast was again two teaspoons of coconut oil, I had one at around 4 o'clock again - this stuff is great
      Lunch: beef, potatoes with green beans, dried tomatoes and almonds
      Dinner will be 4 meatballs, green peppers with tomato sauce and maybe something else