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    Hello all,
    A brief intro - I've been enjoying reading everyone else's journals for a while now, and thought I'd chime in. I am almost 2 weeks into eating Primal, and am finally starting to see the benefits. I did feel awfully weird the first week or so -- lightheaded and a little anxious. I am starting to settle in and adjust to eating more meat and enjoying the fact that I don't get hungry as much (although I do seem to need to eat more than many of the people posting.) I have lost about 3 pounds so far.

    I am a 43 year old food writer, (yes, you read that right), writing instructor, and soccer coach. (Don't call me a soccer mom!) I have struggled with my weight since childhood, and have been obese in the past. I have gotten down to being just overweight by a lot of exercise and some healthy eating and calorie restriction. I have to say that I haven't eaten the SAD since college, where I did a stint as a vegetarian, and then worked into eating some lean meat again with whole grains. So, giving up grains and sugar is what I have focused on in the past few weeks. I don't really crave bread/grains, but I miss the convenience.

    So, today isn't really representative of what I've been eating, but here goes:
    B- Coconut milk/mango/blueberry smoothie w/ protein powder

    S - handful of almonds, handful of macadamias (not at same time)

    L - tuna salad in a lettuce wrap

    S2 - Lara bar

    D - tofu, grilled veggies, olive oil, eggplant/ancho chili sauce, goat cheese, square of 85% chocolate
    S- Grilled veggies w/goat cheese.

    So I can see that nuts are a bit heavy here, and I think the chocolate has set me up for some post-dinner hunger. I am learning!

    The only negative right now is that I have an eye twitch that has come back. I am going to look into some magnesium to help. Also, I haven't exercised this week because I am babying a knee that is a little sore from soccer practice.

    I have found some nice, and some really snarky, people here on the boards. Sometimes if you don't drink the Primal Koolaid (the way other people see it) then some get nasty and defensive. So, we'll see if the good outweighs the bad.
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    Wanted to go ahead and say that the breakfast smoothie you had sounds incredible.

    And that us newbies should stick together.
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."-Winston Churchill

    "Keep Calm and Carry On"-British Wartime Poster

    "Don't Panic"


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      Welcome. Note that tofu is way non-primal.
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        Sigh. I know. Still feeling a little weird about all the saturated fat. Even being overweight/borderline obese, my numbers have always been good at the Dr's. I am still a little concerned that I am going to mess that up. Also, a super fit friend who is in his 50s had a stroke this week, so all the meat kind of freaks me out, still.


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          I am back. . . Been struggling a bit. DH has been out of town, and with lots of soccer games and practice, I have been struggling to find my rhythm and cook at home. I have had two nights in a row where we ate out and i ate stuff I wish I hadn't. Not even good indulgences, just crap food for convenience. Indulgence that is worth it= chocolate croissant in Paris. "Indulgence" that is not = pizza and cheapie ice cream cake for your son's friends b-day. Bleah. I even ate a BAS before I left to try to avoid eating there, and my will was weak.

          I realized that I didn't post my stats. This is an approximation:
          Me: 43 year old F

          HW 229
          BP 192
          CW 190
          GW 164

          I guess the other thing i have been struggling with a bit is eating so much meat. Although i have been overweight my whole adult life, i have always been active and eaten vegetarian or lowish-meat, and my numbers have always been good at the doctors. I have always been proud of that, and worry that all the meat is going to throw things off. I read about people here congratulating others on their cholesterol scores of 250+, which would send me into a panic. My good cholesterol is high, my bad is low, and my tri's are low, and I am afraid of messing that up!

          Anyhow, i feel like this is a bit negative today . Need to work on that!


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            Food today was fruit heavy!

            B: espresso, leftover shrimp and veggie stirfry, couple handfuls of pistachios
            L: half an avocado, 4 slices bacon, strawberries, snap peas,
            s: banana, 3 peaches - not at the same time
            D: roasted chicken, snap peas, 1 oz cocoa covereed cashews

            Feeling a little hungry tonight. . . Likely from too much sugar.


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              Interesting thing happened today. A friend sent over just enough lemon chiffon cake for my dh, son, and I. DH has been no processed sugar for a few months now, and me just a few weeks. I allowed my son a small piece, and I ate about 3 bites. Holy cow it was sooo sweet. Awful, really - like a parody of a dessert. Now, that kind of thing was never my treat of choice, but the taste was shocking. I can't fathom really enjoying it. Chocolate, yes. But man. . .that was profound!
              I will also say I felt like crap after eating it, but that may have been a fluke.

              Food was ok today, but I RAN! Oh, I loved it. I saw a guy at the Y wearing Bikrams and sprinting on the track, and I thought "Hey! I am not alone!" But I just shuffle-ran and tried to do some Chi Running, which was challenging. I still dream of running for an hour, so I can't get on board with that part of Primal yet. There is evidence that our ancestors were long-distance runners, so I hold out hope that one day I can make it 6 miles or so!


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                Had family in over the holiday, and am now ready to buckle down. I'd say I ate 65% primal, but probably too many calories, and had a couple of run-ins with ice cream sandwiches didn't help. They were meant for the kids, but I ate 4 of the 12!

                I took my measurements today so that i have something to look at other than the scale. I have to go shopping, so food choices haven't been great today so far.

                B- Latte, handful walnuts, 2 beef sticks (not primal), can of tuna, pesto


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                  Alright, going to post measurements. Had a good week!

                  7-9-12 7-17-12
                  Bust - 40 / 39.5
                  Waist - 34.5 / 34
                  Hips - 48.5 / 45.75
                  Thigh - 28.5 / 27.5
                  = 5.75 inches total (!!)

                  Wt: 192.6 / 190.6

                  Wow - big change. . .surely mostly water retention. And weird that my waist lost the least, but I don't tend to hold as much fat there. (Hello junk in the trunk!) Also, I do think I measured a little later in the morning last week, so perhaps that had something to do with it. Regardless, I am pumped!

                  I had a couple celebratory nights where I was off track as well, but otherwise a pretty solid week food wise. I am doing some dairy and fruit, and probably too many nuts. But the beautiful thing is, I have not been crazy hungry at. all.

                  Watched Fat Head last night, and listened to part of a podcast by the Wheat Belly author. I think the Wheat Belly case is somewhat overstated, but do appreciate that for many people there are serious ramifications for eating wheat. I haven't decided for myself yet, although while trying to lose weight I am avoiding it. My DH lives on bread and by all markers so far is super healthy, so I am just not sure I buy that it is a universal truth that it is negative for health for everyone. I do tend to think that we humans are fairly adaptable. Since I have been solidly 25 pounds overweight for two decades now, I can assume that I may have a problem with it, though.

                  Now, I just have to get through this 188/189/190 brick wall I've been running up against for a year.
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                    Massive run in with my son's movie popcorn and Reeses Pieces. (Candy is not even normally my thing.) Picking self up, dusting self off. I don't think it can be counted as 20% unless I am at 100% for the next few days!

                    I fought the internal war all the way to the theater about the popcorn ("not primal. . but can be 20%!" but the RP pushed it over into uh-oh ville!)