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    June 3, 2012 - Day 2! Heard about Paleo, read & researched. Decided to try it for a month to start. Day 2, I already feel great! I don't know if it is just "in my head", but, cut out sugar, carbs and processed junk. Had plain tea yesterday (usually coffee w/ coffeemate & sugar), water & wine (usually Bud Lights). Made an enormous omelet for dinner for us, eggs bacon, sausage, little bit of cheese. Ate about 1/4 of it. That was all I really needed until today @ about 130pm. Heated up a little bit more omelet. Good til dinner (steak, yam, salad) @ 7pm. Did house work in between. Guess we'll see how this goes. My boyfriend has a metabolizim that burns off what I eat! He does construction all day, so, he burns everything off. I, on the other hand, sit behind a desk all day! So, I did find it a challenge to shop this weekend to satiate both of us! I think I'm getting it! Don't stress over it to start with! Do the best you can. (Like not getting organic, grass fed everything!) Just don't have the fundage for all of that at this point. I think what I "can" get is better than nothing, right?! Cutting the sugar, carbs and processed junk is a HUGE start!