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I'm pretty damn happy right now

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  • I'm pretty damn happy right now

    For months or so I have lost weight which I shouldn't, restricted calories, been confused about everything, not trusted my own body etc.
    But through all the continuous asking around on this forum (which you might consider "bad" or obsessive) I have actually slowly cleared things up, I learned a lot and lost a lot of confusion. I was so depressed at the beginning because I simply couldn't handle the idea of never eating bread again (now I don' understand why I ever liked it) and all those other SAD things. But right now everything seems so much easier, I know which foods are delicious and healthy, and I eat 5000 calories a day (more or less) and feel good about it, mentally and physically. And yes, I do count calories. I do this because if I don't this is what happens: I eat lunch, breakfast, and dinner untill I'm quite satisfied. But then later at night it turns out it wasn't enough an I end up eating tons of macadamias or cheese where as I could have been eating meat instead. So planning what to eat the next day simply helps me to get in enough healthy food. But that's another story.

    Also I got SO RELIEVED, and lost SO MUCH STRESS. when I realized that it's not so bad to eat some (or a little more than some) good quality ice cream once in a while (yes i'm obsessed with ice cream ) Really, that monthly pint makes all the difference for me. When starting primal I thought it was extremely evil and deadly to EVER eat sugar EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE.

    I feel better and more relaxed about food than I ever did before these past months. Sometimes I suddenly get depressed again but then I go for a walk or some sprints and my mind is all happy again .

    I think I have a pretty decent 80/20
    My 20% is dairy (greek yogurt and raw cheese) 99% chocolate and soon a monthly pint after workouts because it makes me happy. And wheat and vegetable when I REALLY can't avoid it, I have no desire to eat it actually.

    So, I'm still going to counseling to see if it makes me feel even better but I think I've come pretty far myself already.
    Thank you all for teaching me how to be healthy and happy
    well then

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    Glad to hear you figured things out and you're happy. That's really important!


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      Great work Gadsie!


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        pleased to hear it!