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No pretending to like tofu any more!: Eric's primal transformation

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    Hiya! I like following your journal and just thought I'd let you know that I totally share your feelings on the 99% lindt.. it tastes like burnt charcoal! however... you shouldn't give up on high 90 chocolates just because of that. just try different ones...

    My favourite chocolate is actually the Michel Cluizel 99% noir infini - it's got such subtle flavours and it's well worth a try! I have it with a strong double espresso (no milk or sugar) to help bring out the flavours


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      Originally posted by SLB0404 View Post
      Hiya! I like following your journal and just thought I'd let you know that I totally share your feelings on the 99% lindt.. it tastes like burnt charcoal! however... you shouldn't give up on high 90 chocolates just because of that. just try different ones...

      My favourite chocolate is actually the Michel Cluizel 99% noir infini - it's got such subtle flavours and it's well worth a try! I have it with a strong double espresso (no milk or sugar) to help bring out the flavours
      Thanks! I'll look for the Michel Cluizel 99%. Burnt charcoal is a pretty good description of the Lindt 99%!
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        Several months ago my brother-in-law was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and has had to cut out all dairy ... even traces are a big problem for him. I remember thinking how horrible that is to never be able to eat dairy again. So far on my primal journey, I've cut out dairy as well (except for ghee). I don't have any issues with dairy as far as I know, and I may add it back after my first month just to see how I feel. But his lactose intolerance made me think about other things that I've given up for good ... like pizza and bread and pasta that I so dearly loved. When I've been on low fat high carb diets in the past, I'd crave things like pizza. Obsessed over them in fact. When I'd lose a little weight, I'd reward myself with an indulgence. And then I'd do it more frequently even though I would have stopped losing weight, and so there was no reason to have a reward. Before long, I weighed more than I did before. We all know that story.

        But eating primally, I really don't have cravings for pizza or bread. Even if I do, I know how awful I felt compared to how I feel now. I don't mean awful as in fat and sedentary (that's awful, but in a much less direct way). What I'm talking about is that shaky sick anxious feeling I'd get from low blood sugar following a crash after eating too many carbs. That is something I never want to feel again. Whatever cravings I may have now are pretty effectively cancelled out by memories of those feelings.

        When you think that those crashes are the way you have to live your life, you sorta get used to them, and you sit down and enjoy your carbfest and eat enough of it so that you can make it to your next meal before crashing. But when you know that you can easily avoid those crashes AND eat food that you really like to eat, the choice is pretty simple.

        I am typing this after my weightlifing and kata workout while on an IF. I need to go get lunch to help rebuild my muscles. But I'm not especially hungry, nor do I feel lightheaded. Go Grok!
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          My dinner last night: two pieces of Alaskan wild salmon. Some green leafy cabbage cooked with bacon, and a salad.

          Today for lunch I had a sandwich minus the bread: smoked salmon, two hard boild eggs, tomato, peppers, pickle, lettuce, arugula and pesto. I also had some leftover cabbage with bacon.
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            My workout today was fine. I'm up to 95 kg on squats. 42.5 kg on overhead press, and 45 kg on rows. I haven't been so diligent about keeping track of my weights on anything except squats, so I probably should be higher in weight by now on everything, but it doesn't matter.

            I'm still not strong compared to many, but I'm slowly getting there. The standard for strength is usually 2x bodyweight for squats. My current bodyweight is 247.5 pounds (according to the healthclub scale). Squatting 495 pounds is absurd as a standard for me. I'm going to assume that I have 165 pounds of lean mass. That means that my ideal weight would be somewhere around 185. So that means I'm carrying 62.5 extra pounds. I'm also lifting probably 85% of those extra pounds when I squat. So my 210 pound squat (95 kg) is more like 263 pounds -- that's still over 100 pounds short of 2x my ideal weight. Of course, that's my workout weight, not my 1RM. I have no idea what that would be, and I'm not interested in finding out because I think there's a lot more risk for injury going all out like that, and it doesn't really matter what the number is. After all, I'm never going to enter a powerlifting competition.

            I still have a long way to go to reach 2x ideal bodyweight, but I'm honestly OK with wherever I plateau. I don't think I'll keep doing strength training when I do. I believe I'll switch over to something else. One idea I had is to try out crossfit ... maybe in 4 - 6 months. There's a box close to my apartment. I always loved studying Uechi Ryu karate because there was a lot of variety, the people were nice and helped push me to train hard. If crossfit can replicate that, then it could be really good for me.
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              I've been on paleo for a month now, and I'm so pleased with the results. I lost 12 pounds in one month while increasing strength. My total weight loss is 31 pounds.

              I've dug up a "before" picture from the end of my visit home in the US in February/March. I was eating everything that wasn't nailed down. Toward the end of my stay, I had to get up one morning and get my international driver's license. I was in a foul mood, and this is a black and white scan of the photo in my international license. The real photo actually looks worse, if you can believe it.

              me before.png

              When I got back to Austria, I stopped eating like a madman for the rest of March, then joined the gym at the end of march and went on a reduced but not low carb and by no means paleo diet through April and May. At the end of May I went paleo.

              This is a photo taken this weekend for comparison. Ihad a head shot taken to compare with the drivers license photo. Next month I'll do a full length photo.

              me one month on paleo.jpg

              The scan of the license photo is so terrible that you can't really see the difference in my skin, but it is a big difference.

              I haven't posted my food in a while. I'll summarize.

              Friday: Dinner: Steak with cabbage and bacon.

              Saturday: Breakfast: homemade chorizo with scrambled eggs. Lunch: Same as breakfast along with leftover cabbage and bacon. Dinner: steak and salad.

              Sunday: Breakfast: homemade chorizo with scrambled eggs. Lunch: We went to Melk for a daytrip, and I had a grilled pork filet with an assortment of mixed salads (but left the potato salad on the plate). Dinner: Roast chicken with zuchini/tomato/onion/basil.

              Monday: IFing, so skipped breakfast. Lunch: burger without bun, smoked salmon, 2 hardboiled eggs, salad, and sauted spinach. Dinner: beef bourguignon and a side of sauted baby bok choi. The vegetable didn't really go with the meat but whatever.
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                Congratulations on the weight loss! You can definitely see a difference in your face. Way to go!


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                  Hey there. Well done. You are headed the right direction and well on your way. Isn't it fun?

                  Metric is right. You can really see it around the face. I have a friend who jsut recently went paleo and you can already see the puffiness leaving her face. The same thing happened to me too.

                  Keep at it. It's working. And keep posting the good food porn pics.


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                    Thanks Metric and Paleobird! Yes, it is fun. Another person on my floor at work commented on my weight loss, which is always nice.

                    I know I've been lazy about the food porn pics. Honestly, a lot of things I've been eating lately haven't looked that great, though they did taste good. The beef bourguignon, for example, kinda looks like poo. Today for lunch I had some of my homemade chorizo with 4 medium boiled eggs mashed up. Really yummy, but not very pretty.

                    I've been telling my family about primal. I think they think I'm slightly crazy. My sister is a nurse, and she can stand to lose a fair amount of weight. She's been supportive in that she's happy I feel better, but she wanted to know how it is different from Atkins, and what about gout and kidney stones (she heard that people on Atkins get them). So I sent her some links.

                    With her weight and growing health problems, gout and kidney stones should be the least of her worries. To me, that's like complaining that you might twist your ankle jumping out of the way of a truck headed straight for you. Even though I think that primal won't increase the risk of gout or kidney stones (especially if you stay hydrated), even if it did increase the risk, it is still so worth it for all the benefits.
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                      I ground some grass-fed rump roast last night. I had been getting strip loin, but for a change I got rump, and the rump is way too lean. I even cooked the burgers in bacon grease, but it still wasn't enough fat. So I had two burgers with lettuce wraps and tomato and a little bacon (actually wurzel speck) for dinner last night. I also had some strawberries and coconut cream. Oh, and I had a little bit of a spicy curry vegetable soup that my wife made.

                      This morning I was really hungry, and my muscles were still a little sore from lifting yesterday. I decided to have breakfast. I'm not going to IF religiously. I'm trying to listen to my body, and if I think I need to eat, then I'll eat. I didn't get eggs like I did last time. I got a breadless sandwich with smoked salmon, 2 hardboiled eggs, lettuce, arugula, tomato, peperoncini, olives, pesto, and a pickle.

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                        Originally posted by en2ec View Post
                        This morning I was really hungry, and my muscles were still a little sore from lifting yesterday. I decided to have breakfast. I'm not going to IF religiously. I'm trying to listen to my body, and if I think I need to eat, then I'll eat. [ATTACH]8180[/ATTACH]
                        That's my IF philosophy. Listen to your body. Eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not. Has been working good so far


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                          I had some leftover beef that I ground, which was very lean. Too lean for burgers. I decided to make a meatloaf and was inspired by a recipe from nomnompaleo. I used the basic cooking instructions but used different ingredients and flavors. My spicy chipotle bacon meatloaf was freakin awesome. Ingredients:

                          1+lb ground beef
                          1 red onion finely diced
                          4 cloves garlic
                          1 habanero
                          4 mushrooms finely chopped
                          half a carrot grated
                          half a zucchini grated
                          4 chipotle chilis with adobo sauce finely diced
                          2 eggs
                          2 T coconut milk
                          1.5 T coconut flour
                          Salt and pepper
                          4 glorious strips of bacon

                          Pretty simple really. I heated up some coconut oil and sautéed the red onion, then added garlic and habanero, then added the rest of the veggies one at a time. Once they cooked down a bit, I added the chipotle to cook for about a minute so the flavors blend together. I beat the two eggs and let the veggie mix cool a bit. Then I mixed everything together except the bacon, seasoned it, and put into a loaf pan. I put the bacon strips on top and cooked it at about 350 for an hour. I took a photo of the meatloaf itself, but don't have it with me. Below is my dinner with a slice of meatloaf and some broccoli, bok choi and zucchini cooked with kimchi. Yes. I like spicy food.

                          dinner 2012-6-28.jpg

                          Looking forward to a repeat for lunch today. Yummy.
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                            On Friday, I had the worst weightlifting session since I started. I had no energy. I completed squats, but I couldn't complete bench press, and I didn't even attempt the new weight on DL -- I droped down 15 kg and then only did 3 reps. So I'm going to start something else. I'm going to try to do P90X at the gym. I did plyometrics yesteray at home just to see if I could do it, and I made it through it.

                            We went to Bratislava, Slovakia on Saturday, and we found this great restaurant called Carnevalle. It was a paleo paradise. It was all about meat. To start, I had marrow for an appetizer.

                            lunch pt 1_2012-06-30.jpg

                            Then I had braised beef ribs with baby carrots and parsnips along with some grilled vegetables.


                            Dinner Saturday was leftover meatload again. Still yummy.

                            Lunch Sunday was wild boar sausages with sauerkraut. The sausages are made by my neighborhood butcher, and they don't use nitrates or flour. I have leftovers for lunch today (Monday).

                            For dinner last night, I made some Uruguayan grass-fed beef tenderloin using an adapted Brazilian recipe. It was too hot to fire up the grill, so I seared it in some ghee in an iron skillet, then cooked it in the oven at low heat for about 30 minutes, taking it out every 7 minutes to baste it with a water, sea salt, garlic mixture. It was unbelievably good. I also had some zucchini with mushrooms and some sweet potato mashed with coconut milk.

                            dinner_ 2012-07-01.jpg
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                              I saw the documentary "In search of the perfect human diet" over the weekend. I wanted to like it and be able to recommend it to family and friends who don't know anything about paleo.

                              It has some good information in it, but it is so darn cheesy. The openning sequence reenacting the narrator's heart attack from 1978 was just dreadful. Was that necessary? And the narrator was in it way too much, was really wooden, and was obviously reading off cue cards. It should have been just the interviews with experts rather than the focus on this guy's search. And all of those painfully bad graphics that sorta simulated computer screens (?) that were at the beginning of each segment were just ridiculous, distracting, and had no point whatsoever. The walk through the supermarket and the narrator's questions were pretty cringe-inducing.

                              OK. That's all superficial stuff, but it comes off as being unprofessional and a little kooky, which undermines the valuable information in it. I also thought that he'd go directly after Ancel Keys, which he doesn't. He alludes to it, but he doesn't tell the whole story. So, I'm torn. Do I recommend it or not?
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                                Yesterday was the official start of P90X for me. My plan for the moment is to go to the gym for the days that use weights or require pullups (I use the gravitron ... the only machine in the whole gym I use, and thank god it is there!). For other days (plyometrics, yoga, etc.), I'll do those at home. It works out to be basically the same schedule as my starting strength weightlifting routine -- MWF in the gym. On T Th I am going to try to swim at lunch and then do the P90X routines for those days at home.

                                I may find that this is too much. I did plyometrics on Sunday as a test to see if I can do P90X. I had read that plyo was the toughest, so I figured it was a good barometer of my readiness. That was before I looked at the programming, and plyo is up today. Normally, there'd be a week rest before the next plyo session. I'm not sure if my legs have recovered fully, but I'm going to give it a go. When I was training with Uechi Ryu, it was really tough at times. 90 minutes of Uechi Ryu was just as, if not more, intense as P90X plyometrics, and I did Uechi on T Th S. If I feel too tired or have any pains, I'll stop.

                                In my quest for fitness, I have done a ton of reading ... mostly blogs and many forums. I find it interesting that there are so many different camps when it comes to fitness. If you read starting strength or other strength training (and especially bodybuilding) websites, the general attitude is that you should never, ever do P90X. In fact, you shouldn't do cardio at all. I guess if your one goal is to gain strength (or get big) because you want to be a powerlifter or ... hmm. I was going to say a furniture mover or a strongman competitor, but for both of those there is absolutely the element of endurance and muscle stamina. I can really only think of powerlifting and bodybuilding as goals unto themselves as the only reason for doing strength training exclusively. The same forums also denigrate crossfit for many of the same reasons as P90X. There's even a sort of manifesto on Starting Strength about how terrible crossfit is. Some of the points it makes are probably true, but wildly misguided, in my opinion, for anyone wanting general fitness.

                                For example, SS argues that you can't make progress without doing the same exercise over and over -- progress is only measurable by seeing the weight go up on a particular lift. According to SS, training in everything a la crossfit is training in nothing because, apparently, you can't measure your performance week in week out because you are always doing something different. I don't understand why they are obsessed with being able to measure performance in this way. What about improvements in your ability to do something completely new and do it well? That seems like a pretty good measure of progress to me. SS also makes the argument that muscle confusion is a bogus principle, that you need consistent stimulation to get muscles to adapt to build strength. I don't know the science, but I think that this boils down to what your goals are. SS is probably right that if your only goal is to gain strength in a handfull of compound weightlifting exercises, the most efficient way to do that is to keep doing them over and over with heavier weight. But, to me, that's a very narrow goal. I like the idea of the daily challenge of tackling something new in crossfit. A crossfitter will never be able to squat as much as a dedicated powerlifter, but a crossfitter will be able to do so many other things that a powerlifter can't do. Like run for more than a block. I don't mean to criticize SS either. I did it for over 2 months and enjoyed it and saw a lot of gains in strength. I started with squats using the bar and no weights! Same with the other exercises. I got up to the following workout weights in pounds (these are not 1 rep max):

                                Squats: 230
                                bench press: 155
                                deadlift: 210
                                overhead press: 100
                                row: 100

                                Certainly nothing very impressive, but considering where I started, the gains were pretty good in the amount of time I did them.

                                I now officially think that the SS notion that you only need to lift heavy weight is BS after the P90X "chest and back" workout kicked my butt yesterday. I may have gained strength on SS, but I have precious little stamina, and I'm glad that I've switched over to P90X, at least for the moment. I can also say, feeling my abs and side muscles below my rib cage (OK ... I've never taken an anatomy class) today that squats and deadlifts are not the be all end all ab exercise that SS devotees claim. Sure, they do make your core strong from a stability standpoint when you are lifting a heavy weight, but that doesn't necessarily translate into other uses of your core muscles. Otherwise, I wouldn't be sore today.

                                I made it through the workout, but it was a struggle, and I even did knee pushups for everything except standard pushups. I also took full advantage of the gravitron at the gym for assisted pullups. I don't think that continued progress with SS would have made much difference in my P90X workout. The fact is, a workout like P90X demands different things of your body than a pure strength training routine like SS. SS has its role to play, but it is limited and should be put into perspective. You'll never have all around fitness by only lifting heavy weights. Anyway, that's my rant for the day.
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