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    My story is very similar to many of yours. I'm 48 years old, 49 this June, female, 5'6", former vegetarian, former raw vegan (well, for 6 months anyway), now giving this WOE a chance.

    My weight steadily crept up to 180 after being around 150-160 most of my life. I own a restaurant and catering business, so the temptation of good food is always around.

    I have no health issues - yet. But I also have no health insurance. I'm philosophically opposed to for-profit medical and health insurance. So part of why I"m doing this is to be in control of my own health.

    My doctor put my on a low-carb diet, and in order to get myself motivated to stay on it, I started looking all around the internet and landed here. I read Gary Taubes book during the christmas break, went on a low carb high fat diet for four days and lost seven pounds, then hit a stall and gave up.

    This time I'm giving it 30 days. It's been 13 days so far and I've lost nearly 6 pounds.

    I do feel fatigued, and not much like exercising. I figure that will all fall into place. I've been tracking my nutritional intake on my fitness pal app.

    Random thoughts about this WOE:

    I'm shocked by how easy this is.

    I find it hard not to tell everyone, though I suppose people don't want to hear about it. I just want to let results tell my story.

    I look for more "evidence" on the internet every day to keep me motivated. I like the swedish diet doctor's blog. Tons of good videos there.

    I don't always want to eat breakfast, so that fits in well with intermediate fasting.

    I didn't go #2 for four days, but that seems to have regulated.

    Today I was out having a spa day with a friend and had slightly more carb (65 grams vs my usual under 50).

    Notice my hands are aching every day, but that is something I've been experiencing on and off for years since I work so hard and with my hands, too.

    Am a little confused about cheese since I really really love it and don't want to give it up.

    Can't imagine eating organ meats, yuk, and I don't like fish,but I want the nutrition. Hmmmm. Will have to figure something out there.

    Can't believe I've been almost two weeks without grains. Wish me luck!

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    Cheese - I haven't given it up. May not be necessary.

    Organ meats - Nope. I take dessicated liver tablets, eat pork rinds and put unsweetened gelatin in things.

    Welcome and good luck!
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      Thanks hedonist, for your reply. I'm looking into fish oil capsules and desiccated liver.

      Wanted to update. Today is my 18th day on this new way of eating. The fat is starting to come off, my muscles feel more compact. My energy level hasn't been fantastic, but I think that will pass.

      I've lost 8 pounds!! :-)

      I've never been on a "diet" that is so easy!

      One thing that helps is that I do research every day on the Internet to back up my new beliefs about food. I want to fully convince myself that this is the way to eat for life, and I do believe it. Thanks to Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes, Loren Cordain and Dr. Eenfeldt, and so many others I don't even know of!

      I come from a line of obesity, cancer, and diabetes. I never believed I would be one of them, but then entering middle age I found myself following in the footsteps. Now I feel hope that it doesn't have to be that way for myself and my family. What a great feeling!

      My family loves this way of eating. Each night for dinner we have a big hunk of meat and a bunch of vegetables. It's so easy! I don't have to bother cooking potatoes, or rice, etc.

      The funny thing is I gained a good deal of weight since September because we are remodeling our kitchen, so it got all torn up and is basically empty shell. I kept buying junk food and take-out and gained 10 pounds in the process (on top of the 25 I already needed to lose)!

      But I just bought a Foreman grill and away we go! I even do the veggies on them.

      Thanks Mark for this web page.


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        Btw, weird side effect....very little gas LOL!


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          Hi! I'm paying a return visit since you visited my journal.

          I'm wondering: Why did your physician recommend low-carb eating?
          Wishing you the best......


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            Hi Chatty - yes my doctor recommended low-carb 1000-1200 cals a day with some good fats. I told him I'd read Gary Taubes book and he agreed that it was a very good book. When I got home from my appointment, I started googling low-carb. The first thing I found (I don't know how) was an article about the Swedish diet craze high fat low carb. I read everything I could about that, then came across Dr. Michael Eades protein power website. I watched all the videos on diet and eventually landed at Mark's daily apple.

            If you haven't already seen it, look up LCHF on YouTube and watch the cartoon that appears on the upper left. It is hilarious!

            I love absolutely love eating this way. I am however quite anxious to see weight loss. I've lost a few pounds eight to be exact, and 17 or 18 days I've been doing this, but somehow reading about the people that aren't losing weight makes me nervous. It's not my experience so I shouldn't take it to heart. That said, my energy has been fairly low.

            Yesterday was the worst day. I tried eating a green smoothie with coconut and almond and also some coconut butter throughout the day, but it seemed to make me feel sick, and my calorie count jumped way up.

            A few years ago I lost a good bit of weight by doing the Dr. Johnson alternate day diet, aka JUDDD. The premise of that diet is that every other day you diet under 500 cal, and the other day you eat as normal with no calorie restriction.

            I'm my point being that I've decided to go every other day with lower calories, I guess it would be intermittent fasting.

            I may have "carb flu". Like I said my energy is low, I don't feel like exercising, and I'm not going to. I feel justified in saying that sense I saw Gary Taubes on a video say that exercise doesn't lead to weight loss. Also I read somewhere that you will naturally feel like exercising after a while on this diet. I must say my head feels more clear.

            Also I *want* to not weigh myself every day, but for some reason I just can't stop myself.

            I'm used to have an account on the Hacker's Diet website which had this really great weight tracking tool where you would enter your weight in every day and it would keep an average trend for you whether you were trending up or down. It was great and I haven't seen anything like it since. So I know I'm still trending down, though my weight hasn't budged. As long as I can keep an objective viewpoint I will be okay, I'm just not looking forward to the day it goes up!

            If I could only stay away from nuts....I love them so. Nuts and bacon. Yummmmmm

            Take care and like I said, thanks for the inspiration!


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              Interesting - - headed to hunt the video -- could use a laugh.

              I read your note on my journal, about logging food being a pain. I agree. If I weren't in front of a computer all day anyway, I wouldn't do it. I often asked myself what would I do to maintain weight and I remembered this chart. That's what I'd do!

              It was a plate and a glass of water. 1/2 the plate was meat and the other 1/2 the plate was covered in low-carb veggies.
              How simple is that?

              Stumbled upon this today and thinking of doing it with spinach in the hot, Mississippi sun this summer:

              Making Green Flours Paleo/Primal Vegetable Recipes: Greens
              To make green flours -- harvest fresh green leaves of your favorite green
              (spinach -- amaranth, clover, etc.) Rinse in cold fresh water and let
              drain. Place leaves on a stainless steel or parchment-lined cookie Dry in
              oven on the lowest heat until dry -- and crisp to the touch. Put in the
              blender at high speed -- then sift out larger stems and pieces. Remaining
              flour is used in ratio of 1 to 4 for making noodles...
              As you become accustomed to using green flours you can make your own
              adjustments to suit your taste. Store green flours up to a year in glass
              jars -- in a cool dark place.

              It would be a good addition to soups and all sorts of dishes since I never seem to get enough veggies/potassium.


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                Ooooo love the plate chart. So easy! Hot Mississippi sun? How lucky! It's 50 degrees here and raining hard. I just built a fire in the woodstove. Did you watch the video? I love it!


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                  Originally posted by Mamakin View Post
                  Ooooo love the plate chart. So easy! Hot Mississippi sun? How lucky! It's 50 degrees here and raining hard. I just built a fire in the woodstove. Did you watch the video? I love it!
                  OH LCHF = low carb, high fat -- there are tons of video! I saw the cartoon! Pretty neat! LOL I'm going to watch some of the others.

                  50 degrees on the first of June? When do you ever (or can you?) plant a vegetable garden?
                  I've harvested tomatoes already, squash and the beans are almost ready. Haven't got an eggplant, but they're coming along. I also have watermelon and cantelope that are looking great. They'll be ready about the first of July. Just in time for the 4th!

                  I ate some yellow watermelon at a restaurant yesterday. Man was it sweet! When one doesn't eat sugar, all the sweetness in other food is amplified.

                  Tonight, for the first time since PB, I ate 1/2 cup of wild rice with dinner. Getting bold lately. LOL



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                    Day 25. Quit weighing myself three days ago. Also quit keeping track of food for now. Been busy running the cafe and catering. Around 'very bad' foods all day long for the last three days ago and don't even want them! Can't believe it! Tho I did have green grapes today and have been overdoing it on the blueberries! Oh well, at 48 years old I'm not in that big a hurry to lose weight, tho I might try a very low calorie day tomorrow. I can't get over this way of eating. I haven't had any white sugar or grains in 25 days!

                    Somewhere along the way someone said - I think it was either Mark Sisson or Dr Eades, that some people don't really see the scale move tho their body gets more compact, and also that some people take a month to adjust to this diet before dropping weight. I guess I'm thinking those things because I really want to hang in there for the long haul!,

                    Chatty I've planted my veg garden in the last two weeks, harvesting only greens so far. Tomatoes are always questionable. I planted three hundred strawberry plants they should be ready in two weeks woo hoo! And blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and I even have a huge patch of wild black raspberries growing in my yard, I love summer!


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                      Aargh. Weighed myself this morning. Not good. Gained two pounds from over what I was three days ago. I can't help wanting to lose weight, even though I know this is a forever lifestyle. Maybe I gained because of the grapes I ate, I'm not sure. However it was the first time I've eaten over 50 carbs in a day, and I ate them at night. Had heartburn too.

                      This is supposed to be a weight loss journey I'm on and I want to trust it but I'm having difficulty. Aargh. I hate this.


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                        Hi Mamakin - great work on your progress so far! You seem like you've been really enjoying eating primal. I can totally relate to that feeling. I would really suggest hiding your scale and only using it once in a while if you have to, or not at all. It looks like it's bringing you down, when you obviously enjoy primal for its own sake. It's quite normal for weight to fluctuate every couple of days, it could even just be water weight. I've noticed 2-3 pound fluctuations between days, when it's clearly been impossible for me to gain/lose that much in a matter of hours. If you're in this for the long haul, forget about the weight, enjoy it, and weigh yourself once in a blue moon - and enjoy the success of feeling wonderful in your body, instead of on the scale.

                        Hope this helps. Keep at it, you're doing great! The kinks will work themselves out over time.
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                          Thanks JoJo - I just read this too The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Low-carb and calories which makes me feel better. i have a big bag of pistachios right on my counter and my hand just automatically goes in that bag like you wouldn't believe!

                          It just seems like such a hurdle (but also so easy) to give up sugar, grains, etc. I was hoping the weight would fall off like crazy and I'm disappointed that it didn't!

                          Oh well, I will stick with it. It'll be thirty days on the 17th!


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                            That's a really great link, thanks for sharing. Makes a lot of sense, would probably be really helpful for a lot of folks around here. I'm glad that you're going to stick with it - I wish you all the best, the change really is worth it!
                            Primal: Because I like to have my steak, and eat it too

                            Current Primal Journal
                            My Old Primal Journal - Surviving my summer away from home
                            Food blog: Sex or Chocolate: I choose STEAK!


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                              Doing great besides small cheats while catering. Forgotten exzema returned after eating Chinese food dinner including wonton soup and a single breaded prawn. Soy or wheat, I wonder?

                              Haven't weighed myself for a week. I'm really wanting to take the advise of others who recommend against it. Bought the book, reading it. Glad I did. I can do this. It's so easy. Mmmmm bacon/avocado stacks!