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    Originally posted by Primal-JoJo View Post
    It's quite normal for weight to fluctuate every couple of days, it could even just be water weight. I've noticed 2-3 pound fluctuations between days, when it's clearly been impossible for me to gain/lose that much in a matter of hours. If you're in this for the long haul, forget about the weight, enjoy it, and weigh yourself once in a blue moon - and enjoy the success of feeling wonderful in your body, instead of on the scale.
    I agree with all of this! I've even noticed 1-2 pound fluctuations within the same day, it can depend on fluids or even how accurate your scale is. It was really hard to get rid of my scale at home but healthier mentally to only weigh myself once a week or every 2 weeks on the good scale at the gym. Weight is also a balance between fat and muscle, so it can be better to just judge by how your clothes feel... you know you're doing a good job if your favorite pants are suddenly bigger!


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      Thanks KimNKY. I know it's true about the fat/muscle thing. I'm not working out, though, except for my job, gardening, and going for walks. Don't know if the Primal diet builds muscle without working out.

      My job can be strenous for short bursts of time. I own a cafe and also do quite a bit of catering, so it's long hours on my feet, sometimes lifting/bending, etc.

      I moved in with my Boyfriend nine months ago. We live on 7 1/2 acres of weeds, with no woman around to do any gardening for the last 10 years. So when I say gardening, I mean pulling really tenacious weeds, digging and picking rocks and moving them , bending over to plant new plants. Maybe it's better than going to the gym!

      All the same, I do want to see the number on the scale go down. I decided to follow the Ducan diet plan for a while just to get the weight off.

      I catered a memorial service yesterday for 500 people. I just picked at the protein and vegetable and fruit bits of the food trays coming back from the buffet line.

      Yesterday morning's weight 169.8 this morning's weight 168.4. The first time the scale has gone down in over a week.

      Today I'm attempting day one of the Ducan induction. I'm hoping to do the Ducan diet through the cruise phase until I get down to 150, When I will switch over to the primal lifestyle for good. Perhaps I will search the forum for anyone's experience with Ducan.


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        Yay! The scale was down to 166.4 today. That's 10 pounds down in 5 weeks doing Primal and high protein/low carb calorie restriction.

        I've heard of people doing alternate day dieting, and Ducan does no carb/low carb on alternating days. I'm thinking of doing Primal one day then no carb the next, and see what my body does (after reaching a plateau on straight Primal with no calorie restriction).


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          Well so much for doing dukan diet. With all the stress in my life I'm better off just taking this whole journey day by day. Still can't believe it's been a over five weeks with no sugar. Today at Starbucks drive-thru I ordered a black iced tea, took one sip and aargh! Sugar! I was so mad! I stormed inside and got the right one. Ate way too many nuts today, a bunch of strawberries and a tiny bunch of raisins. I think I will survive. The next two days are birthday celebrations for me so food and eating are off plan.


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            Some where near the 45 day mark. I'm really proud of myself. I haven't really stuck to anything before and this feels right. I have a "problem" with nuts - after this bag of pistachios is gone I'm not to buy anymore! I can see they served their purpose with helping me break away from sugary treats, and I'm almost ready to let them go! Scale-wise have lost 11 pounds. I'm almost ready to start working out. I really like the exercise philosophy PB teaches. I will never get around to joining a gym. I live in the country. So will research weight-bearing exercises. I actually did some pushups, squats and planks the other day, just a few. I really felt it! I'm one of these women at 49 whose got all over cellulite it's not a pretty picture. I wonder if it will ever go away. Can women be too old to transform their bodies?