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Primal since 1 May 2012 - 24yo woman in search for health, energy and shape

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  • Primal since 1 May 2012 - 24yo woman in search for health, energy and shape

    After scrolling several journals, I need to start an accountability track for myself as well!
    Here I am, 24 yo, working 2 jobs at the moment because i did not find a proper one yet (i am living in one of those EU countries where it is HARD to find a job, so i shouldn't complain!) and finishing my Msc studies..

    At the 1st of May, i was ready for a change! I did not know i suffered from stress, because really, it is difficult to piss me off so i thought the jobs - study situation wasn't a stressor.. but it is! I am always either on a train/ bus or on my desk. I realize now the bus/train thing is good, because i definitely sprint everyday!

    I munched on carbs, especially bread (10-12 slices "healthy" whole grain daily, at least) and crispy evening stuff. I am not overweight by CW, but gained around 10lbs during the last year and feel bloated. I still feel a little bloated but begin to see progress, so I will keep track from here on:

    5'7", 150 lbs, pant size EU 40
    Acne, lack of energy, water retainment on arms, legs and boobs.

    Goal: same height , lbs don't matter, pant size EU 38 and later 36.
    Resolving skin problems, energy, stress, shape.

    Of course, the stress will be resolved by finishing my studies, not by eating, but I guess i should already start my new life by being healthy!

    New regime: Play whenever possible; meet nature during the weekend (walks, frisbee, football); only taking bread when unavoidable (business meetings where i have no chance to not eat atm); cut out sugar amap; Eat full fat yoghurts/cheese/meat and VEGGIES! I love them, so lucky me.

    Sorry, long opening post. Please feel free to give advice!
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    ETA: I have this evening off and will be meeting 2 friends in the park to play frisbee and talk (probably there will be some red wine involved later)!


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      Welcome Bunny. Good luck with primal!
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          Thank you Hedonic & Metric! I am new to the forums, took me a while to decide I should participate after scrolling the blog archives for 2 months. I will become more active on the forum next week, when one of my 2 jobs comes to an end.

          The last days have been good 70/30: I only had one grain indulge i couldn't refuse, a lovely chocolate bun at a small meeting. I enjoyed it but didn't crave for more afterwards.

          I losely tracked my calories and found out i am currently on a 2000 average, which used to be a 3000 average for months on end.. oops! Although life is better with the paleo fat & veggies approach, i will be preparing for a 20-24 hour fast when i feel my body is ready for it.

          I already practice 12 hour 'fasts' almost everyday since a week, which must sound ridiculous for many people to think of that as a fast, but i used to eat smth as late as 11pm and again as early as 6.30am! You can tell my body needs the break!


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            Breakfast: 2 eggs crumbled in left over coconut milk + coffee with a little too much full fat milk (not raw, next time coconut milk or dab of oil)
            - Chocolate bun for work reasons.
            - Coffee
            - Jerky (finger long)
            - Fruit juice for work reasons, but it was pure, fresh and tasted great!
            - Large serving of endivia & kale steamed in the rest of the coconut milk/ghee

            I am feeling satisfied and full, don't think i will eat anything more this evening. Tomorrow is a meat day, i guess. I try to have at least 2 days per week without meat for personal reasons.


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              My face started to clear up since this weekend. The sun also plays part in that, i suspect, though my face is really shining!


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                Good luck on your primal journey halfbunny!


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                  Thanks Nibbler, i am just a beginner, really.

                  I had the leftover banana pancake for lunch, following your recipe, and it tasted well enough cold , kept me satisfied for the long commute home! Which is very important because that is when i stock up on random bad junk.

                  Now preparing a califlower pizza crust for primal pan pizzas, a good friend and my boy are coming home soon.

                  i am making quite some money atm, but from next week on will be out of my best job because the company closes down. Not a surprise, so have been saving and budgetting..
                  - 1 euro huge califlower
                  - combined with big amount of organic minced beef, 2 euro (on the date)
                  - fresh mozzarella on-the-date = 30 cents
                  - 2 eggs, 2 cans of tomatoe puree = 45 cent tops
                  Adding spices and olive oil, of course.

                  You can tell i buy 'on the date', happen to live next to a market! Great when i happen to arrive home on a sane time for those last scavenger deals. I will have to do that more often.


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                    Love the scavenger deals! I try to time my shopping visits for when my local grocery store marks stuff down. So are you making a 'meatza' stretched by diluting with cauliflower?


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                      The pizzas turned out well. It wasn't a meatza because my vegetarian friend was coming over. I used this recipe for the crust: Cauliflower Crust Pizza |
                      I experimented a bit to get a good result .

                      - Huge cauliflower. Grate it (or hack into small pieces).
                      - Dehydration of grated cauliflower: on a carton and under a grill for 1 minute
                      - Set in microwave for 2-3 minutes/ 400 watt or in oven while pre-heating
                      - Mix with one big egg or 2 eggs, lots of herbs (i used 5 provencal ones, dille etc, without salt)
                      - A little old grated cheese in the mix for the crust!

                      Prepare a pan or oven with olive oil, heat it firmly! Bake the crust in approx 7 minutes, turn if you like extra crunchy.
                      Put tomato puree on top, use toppings of your liking: I put summer onion, fresh pepperbels, mozzarella, olives and artichok hearts on, and minced beef for the non-vegetarians. Set under grill or in oven for an additional 2 minutes.

                      Total preparing time: 20-30 minutes, depends on grating.
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                        Going strong and easy but social conventions and business conventions are difficult! I had to go out for dinner twice last week, managed to skip the business one of them by saying i would work a little longer/ eat later, and eat greek yoghurt while on the train, but second time i had to join in.

                        I picked the most primal food on the menu, but it was droused in potatoes and sugar crusty things after all. I was highly sceptical on the records on here of people who said 'i totally felt sick after eating a donut', but i get it now! I had some sweets later that evening, which didn't help.. And woke up with the feeling of an hangover, in fact, i was doubting myself of drinking too much, but i really only had cups of tea and one soda. A sugary hang over that was, and a good wake up call to take care of indulges! While one indulge is easy to stomach, this was too much of a bad thing. Next time i'll certainly skip the soda and the side cookies, that should eliminate the pain.


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                          I need to remind myself i don't have to incorporate everything and perfectly.. I really need to stay with the basics as my body is not responding well, still have brain fog regularly and my belly isn't flat but protruding -allthough more squeezy than before, which could be a sign smth is going on-.

                          The only 1 on 1 correlation i can make -yet- from primal is my skin! Its so smooth and no red patches! I do get the occasional hormonal pimple, but i don't worry about that since my forehead and chin aren't looking RED and uneven anymore..

                          I eat quite some fruit daily and want to cut that down to 2 pieces or portions, not excessively like 5 kiwis, a banana and 2 oranges per day..

                          It may seem i don't like primal, but i DO! Because i looooove the food/ non guilt about fat, the skin and play. Changes on the long run aren't always visible at first, so i just continue feeling good and hope to lose some more bloating and a little belly fat along the way (may it be next month or next year).


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                            What i changed since half April/ 1st of May:

                            - From 2-3 bag of chips per week to <0.5
                            - From junk food for dinner at least twice a week to <0.5
                            - Upping vegetables!! A lot!
                            - From low fat yoghurt to greek yoghurt
                            - Cutting out sugar
                            - No more pasta or pizza, well to <0.5 per week
                            - Bread only when completely unavoidable (due to social/ business conventions, that is at least once a week. I don't think i am very sensitive to it though).

                            Since June
                            - Home cooking more = even more vegetables
                            - Discovered bone broth!
                            - Coffee intake was always 8-10 cups per day, i now cut down to 2-3 per day.
                            - Chocolate is out except for 70+ % chocolate in moderation
                            - I gratefully accept and enjoy offered food that is prepared with love, even when totally not primal (like the 'pasta salad' my niece prepared).
                            - Try to eliminate fried food..
                            - Upping my sleep close to 7 hours, aiming for 8+


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                              Who am i kidding? When working in my home country, the bread lunches are seriously unavoidable. So sad! At least i know eliminate it to 1 bun per lunch maximum. In France, we usually go out to eat and its no problem to make that at least 95 percent paleo. But in such bread culture i am in.. no chance! The catering just dumps 2 baskets of bread on the table, usually one with meat, one with cheese and thats it. I do bring my own salad, but as these lunches are in a clean, business environment and not perceived as a break at all, i can't do that every time at the moment, just not my position! Will try to not eat lunch at all, which won't be a problem if its a man-only + me lunch: Women tend to really watch eachother and make comments