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    Time to get back on track!

    After several weeks of unhindered alcohol/starch/dairy/sugar consumption, I am bumped back up to 153.4 pounds! It's time to get serious again.

    Goal: 135 pounds by September 1st

    I went grocery shopping today to begin my new (old) adventure. I just went to Fred Meyer, nothing special, although I plan on fitting in funds for another CSA along with my Disneyworld savings. It's not an enormous priority though, as the co-op and farmer's market are just down the street.

    I also plan on going for a walk in the mornings to kickstart some semblance of an exercise program. I should begin weight training, as I wish to tone my muscles and kick the cellulite in the back of my thighs. We'll see.

    Anyway, commence Day 1!
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    Day 1 Eats

    B: Several cups of coffee with coconut milk

    L: Beef meatballs with onions and purple kale, sauteed in coconut oil. Zuchinni noodles fried in coconut oil. Marinara mixed with canned tomatoes. Pretty good.

    D: Same. One strawberry as I was preparing.

    I purchased a pint of strawberries and bananas to ward off inevitable sugar cravings. Hopefully these help. I've been very hard on myself on limiting fruit consumption while losing weight, but I figure that a sugary, starchy banana beats a peanut butter cup any day as far as calories/nutrition is concerned.
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      Day 2 Eats

      B: Coffee with coconut milk

      L: Onion, bell pepper, eggs, and bratwurst sauteed in coconut oil. Banana and tea with coconut milk

      D: Chicken wings (only nine tonight...I had previously been up to 12-17), carrot sticks. Strawberry and tea with almond milk

      I am beginning to watch my expenditures due to an upcoming $1300 trip to Disneyworld. I am going to perform an experiment on cost differences between conventional (read: Fred Meyers) and unconventional (co-op and farmers market) grocery shopping. I began conventionally, mostly because I wanted a quick and simple way to get back in the swing of regular grocery shopping. It felt good to be back! I spent about $70 on this trip. The downsides are that the pork ribs are not pastured, just "all natural," which is far less than ideal. I don't care to purchase that kind of pork again, but it will do for now. I am counting on good pork cuts being available between the co-op and market...I am missing my pulled pork butt roast.

      Also, I feel better and more on top of things, however I do feel like I may be suffering from a flu-ish type illness at the moment. An odd lethargy falls over me late at night; it's very flu-like. The interesting thing about eating paleo/primally is the lack of illness to which I succumb. Sometimes, like now, I feel it settle over me, but it never proliferates into a full-fledged illness. I call that success
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        Welcome. Probably the fluishness is carb flu.
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          You're probably right, Hedonist2! I didn't even think of that. Given that I was semi-accustomed to Paleo/Primal living, it didn't occur that carb flu may occur again after the initial bout. In any case, I hope it departs soon.

          I bought almond milk today out of a bit of desperation for iced coffees. Although coconut is hands down my favorite milk, it tends to glob and gunk in cold liquid, thus leaving me with only dairy products for my beloved iced coffees. I honestly think dairy is a trigger food for me, even heavy cream, and cut it out as of two days ago, so I decided on almond milk as my go-to for iced treats. I bought Pacific brand, unsweetened. It has the least amount of additives out of the brands that I investigated so I felt it was the smartest choice. I am having some in my tea tonight. It certainly lacks the creamy richness of coconut milk, but I think it will be a good solution to my problem. Here's to hoping!


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            Day 3 Eats

            B: Coffee with coconut milk

            L: Leftover meatballs, bratwurst, and zucchini sauteed in coconut oil. Topped with marinara and canned tomatoes. Banana and four strawberries. Yum.

            D: 11 wings, carrots, glass of red wine to wind down
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              Day 4 Eats

              B: Iced coffee with almond milk. Bratwurst, eggs, bell pepper and onion sauteed in coconut oil

              L: Chicken drumsticks, roasted broccoli with coconut oil

              D: Another drumstick, many strawberries (binge status), one banana, and cup of tea with A LOT of coconut milk

              Later on: Mcmenamins smoked trout salad, french fries and ketchup, and two whiskey and sodas...cheat day?

              I'm having an odd issue: My sleep is plagued with nightmares and frequent waking up since I began eating strictly Paleo again. I faintly remember this from my first round with the dietary change, but I cannot recall when it ended. In any case, I am exhausted! And have to go to work! Blagh.

              I purchased Natural Calm to ease some of my sleep woes. I am having my first glass right now and already feel relaxed. Call it the placebo effect, but I call it relief. Nap time!

              Update: Natural Calm had an interesting effect on me, my bowels to be specific. I was unaware of its effects as a laxative and consequently had an unsavory my pants. I'm not sure that has ever happened to me. After promptly throwing my pants and undergarment in the wash, I felt an odd hunger that has yet to dissipate. I think the odd feeling of diarrhea is confusing with feelings of hunger...? In any case, I ate dinner when I otherwise may have fasted. Not a huge deal, but I am definitely going to dial down my magnesium supplement dosage from now on.
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                Day 5 Eats

                B: Coffee with coconut milk, slice of gluten-free orange chocolate loaf from Tullys. The cheat day continues..

                L: 12 wings and carrot sticks, mini pint of chocolate chip ice cream

                D: Mcmenamin's bun-less "Backyard Burger," which included bbq sauce, bacon, cheddar, and veggies, side salad with balsamic, tater tots with ranch, scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce, 2 whiskey and sodas, and one glass of red wine

                Was I feeling reckless? Apparently so. Am I proud of this? Not at all. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, thus inviting rebellious eating behavior in the face of stress. Granted, I am under quite a bit of stress right now regarding my significant other, but I would prefer not to use that as an excuse to eat carelessly. This requires more thought.


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                  Day 6 Eats

                  B: Coffee with coconut milk

                  L: Nothing

                  D: Pork roast, corn on the cob with butter and parmesan, watermelon, glass of wine.

                  Later: Bun-less pork sliders, a few fries with ketchup, scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce, "Salty Barn Owl" (teehee)which was whiskey, grapefruit and citrus juices, and simple syrup

                  The sugarfest rages on...
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                    Day 7 Eats

                    Let's see if we can do a bit better today...

                    B: Coffee with coconut milk, onion, bell pepper, bratwurst, eggs, coco oil

                    L: Iced coffee with half-and-half, chicken drumsticks

                    D: Urban Fondue included: cheese fondue with assorted fruit, scallops, shrimp, chicken, and pork prepared in a hot pot with a variety of sauces, chocolate fondue with assorted fruit and two pieces of crust-cheesecake, one glass of wine, and most of an elderflower martini. Subsequent bar visits included about half a pint of Guinness, several sips of cabernet, and a few swallows of Sessions. Birthday was a success

                    Doing better is unlikely given today's circumstances, i.e. a very special birthday dinner for my friend at Urban Fondue with drinks to follow. Bring on the gluttony and alcohol-induced sloth!

                    I fear the carb flu! I am anxious to cut out sugar and starch again completely to hurry with the impending flu that awaits me! I felt so great after doing being Primal for several months, and even better post-Whole30, but after reintroducing potatoes and sweets, my energy has nosedived, and acclimating to Paleo again is killer. What can I say? My body is sensitive and I am sensitive to my body.
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                      Day 8 Eats

                      B: Coffee with coconut milk, banana, and strawberry

                      L: Pork spareribs with balsamic coleslaw

                      D: Pork spareribs with Honey BBQ, coleslaw, oven-baked fries, chocolate-dipped strawberries, half of a bottle of ginger ale...oh, and many chocolate chips while preparing dinner
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                        Day 9 Eats

                        B: Coffee with half and half, banana, leftover chocolate chips

                        L: Spareribs with Honey BBQ

                        D: Eight wings

                        I hopped on the scale yesterday and weighed 152.2. Not bad, not exactly weight loss either
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                          Day 10 Eats

                          B: Handful jelly beans, Reeses Fast Break Please kill me.

                          L: Americano with cream, homemade sushi (cold-smoked sockeye, cucumber, nori), two squares Lindt 85% dark chocolate


                          On a lighter note, I worked out for the first time in months today.


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                            Day 11 Eats

                            B: Coffee and coco milk, bacon muffins

                            L: Leftover chicken w/crockpot gravy, broccoli



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                              Ugh. Off track. Feeling terrible. My belly gurgles in disgust and my bowels churn in revulsion. It's hard to relive what I used to feel like when I was eating the SAD, yet it doesn't stop me from eating junk food. I'm also back up around 160 lbs. How sad

                              Anyway, Fall semester begins on Monday, bringing with it structure and necessary discipline. I will also apply this to my diet. After all, my HUGE successes came in the middle of Spring semester this year. Something about the early mornings, structured schedule, and rigid lifestyle of being in school keeps me on track. I will also be going through a living-situation change in the middle of September: my treat-binge-ing, exercise-abusing, body-obsessed, and overall poor-influence-when-it-comes-to-healthy-lifestyle-and-body-image roommate is leaving and being replaced by my thoughtful and primal-enthused boyfriend. I think this will be beneficial in a lot of ways, including reverting back to a healthy lifestyle.

                              Anyway, here is my nourishment today:

                              B: Coffee, half and half, bacon, eggs, salsa

                              L: Leftover beef/pork meatballs, chicken leg, potato, butter, zucchini

                              D: Chicken legs, zucchini