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    I have tried nearly every diet in the book. Atkins, vegetarian, Slim Fast, Vegetable Soup Diet, South Beach, Gillian McKeith, counting calories (this one actually worked until I went on an all-inclusive vacation...). All had perks but none were sustainable (although I would go back to counting calories as a last resort). A random facebook post led me to MDA.

    After embarking on the Primal Blueprint a year ago, then slipping, then getting back on the wagon, then slipping, half-assing it and then finally cascading to rock bottom (today), I have decided that I cannot wait for another Monday/first of the month/just after this holiday/etc to start getting back on track. This journal will keep me motivated to update, share, gloat, complain and enjoy living life properly again (without the intense potato chip cravings, I hope!).

    That all being said, I actually am waiting to start the primal lifestyle until tomorrow (May 29th). I know, what a hypocrite! But guys, I just have to finish the really horrible but tasty snacks in my house - it's been long enough plaguing my body with the processed carby crap, but I really have to hate it before I can let it go. That day is definitely today.

    The main changes I will have to endure when I undertake the good ol' primal lifestyle are the following:
    • White wine --> Red wine
    • Snacking at night --> doing something - ANYTHING - productive
    • No breakfast --> Breakfast

    The first one will be difficult. I love wine, and it's summertime (nearly) so white wine is my go-to alcoholic drink; red just isn't the same, but knowing I have to make that change will probably benefit me in foregoing it more often than not. Oooh what will I do on Friday when I go out with the girls? wine, I guess.

    Snacking at night. Snacking is an enormous comfort to me. When I was younger, I would cuddle up on my bed with a bag of salt and vinegar chips, some five-cent candies and a new Archie comic. That comfort has progressed to a free-for-all after 7PM (regardless of what I ate for/when I ate supper) in front of the TV until I go to bed. Bastard TV! I need to learn to embrace snacking as it is meant to be embraced; a bridge until the next meal; a nice-to-have but not necessary. As an emotional eater, I need to change my general outlook on food...I have to stop living to eat and eat to live.

    Which leads me to breakfast. I skip breakfast (aside from having a cup of tea with milk) because I snack so much at night, meaning, I'm either not hungry in the morning (makes sense) or I consciously skip the meal so I can binge later (eating disorder!). That's another thing - after sitting and thinking about it, I am pretty sure I have an eating disorder (binge eating along with an extreme obsession with food and my weight), so that's another thing I am going to have to bust up. So, eat breakfast. Even if it's just one egg. I can do it.

    Over-share alert! Maybe. I'm not sure. If you (yes you! hi!) choose to follow along, let it be known that I am a Gemini, have a very dry wit, and am apt to colourful language.

    I have 6.5 more non-primal hours to go. I can't wait to feel awesome again.

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    Welcome Asphodeline. Not an overshare at all. We want to get to know you.

    Red wine might be a tiny bit healthier but white is fine.

    Skipping breakfast is fine if it doesn't lead to binging.

    Snacking is a big issue for me too. But to the extent I have been able to mostly cut it out, the fat has really started dropping off.

    Good luck. You CAN do it!
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      Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am really pumped about just feeling and looking better overall.

      Good to know about the wine - the key is probably to keep it less than a bottle...

      I think as long as I can get in enough protein during the day and keep myself out of the tv room in the evenings, I'll be fine on the binging front. Fingers crossed.


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        Day One!
        This morning I thankfully woke up with the same motivation I had yesterday - to get back on the primal wagon!

        Meals today:
        Breakfast: Cup of peppermint tea, black decaf coffee (still not hungry for real food - probably on account of all the junk I ate last night!)
        Lunch: My go-to lunch for the office is a mixture of freshly cut carrots, celery, yellow bell pepper and cherry tomatoes. I have a small yogurt (though it is not an entirely primal yogurt, it doesn't have any added sugar and I need to finish them because they are expensive!), and for protein I have a can of tuna, with capers, lemon juice and EVOO.
        Dinner: [edited] I ended up going to my parents house after work and had apple and homemade cheeseball (yom!) for an appy while we watched my brother's video clips of the Roger Waters concert he went to. When I got home I wasn't hungry for a couple of hours, but when I did eat I had a platter of olives, nuts, cheese, blueberries and pickled asparagus. Annnd a glass or two of red wine (it was a stressful day, turns out).

        Exercise today:
        I did some gardening two days ago and my hamstrings are so tight you could bounce a dime off them. I know tight muscles can cause injury easily so I'm going to warm up gently at the gym and do my usual routine on the elliptical if I'm not in too much discomfort. I'll use the "arm mode" function, which basically forces me to push/pull level 11 resistance for 30 seconds every couple of minutes.

        My challenge for today:
        This evening my boyfriend has band practice; I usually would park myself in front of the TV with snacks and a glass or two of wine -- tonight I cannot do that. So instead, I will complete a chapter in my psychopharmacology textbook and do a quiz. I'll probably have extra time after that so I will start a chapter in my history of psychology textbook. That sounds productive to me!

        Day one, bring it on!
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          Day Two!

          Yesterday was TOUGH. As always, the first few days are always a bit rough as I work the junk and cravings out of my system. But yesterday ended up being a little stressful and so I was craving comfort. It got to the point of where I thought, I will just flip a coin and let fate decide.

          So my boyfriend downloaded a coin flipping app (millennial generation...) and I said, "Heads, primal. Tails, non-primal." It was tails. "Best out of three," he said. Tails. Tails. Once again - TAILS! I couldn't believe it. Then he said, "Heads says Haley (that's my name) eats Salt and Vinegar chips tonight!" Heads. Then heads again!

          But I was struggling with my will power and the fact that it was the first day, so I buckled down and said no. Instead, the boyfriend provided me with a lovely bottle of red wine which I enjoyed a few glasses of while eating dinner.

          Now that that's over, it's day two and I am still feeling motivated. I also feel generally better because I don't have a carb hangover (or an alcohol hangover, yay!).

          Meals today:
          Breakfast: Green tea. I need to consider some easy breakfast ideas. I just don't find anything other than a full breakfast enticing in the mornings. *Shrug
          Lunch: Same as yesterday - veggies, tuna and yogurt.
          Dinner: Tonight I will actually make that curry! Zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, onion, coconut milk, curry paste, diced tomatoes, water chestnuts and cubed pork loin.

          Exercise today:
          Same routine at the gym - 40 minutes on the elliptical. I know Mark advocates for things outside the gym but I have access to a super gym at the office, and I absolutely love it, so I'm going to stick to it during work days and leave other fun outdoorsy activities for the weekends. I might do a little weight lifting later at home.

          My challenge for today:
          I think my challenge for today is to keep positive about the changes I am making. It will be a little while before I see results, but I have to admit that I am already feeling them. So, keep on keeping on will be today's challenge (not so challenging).
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            Day Three!

            It is getting less difficult to say "no thanks!" to delicious carby treats (for example, last night my boyfriend had an 80 pack of Tim Bits to share with his buddies and my parents offered me their super tasty homemade pizza...). On the other side of the coin however, I am considering, for my mental well-being, to have the option of a "cheat day" - not an all out DAY (24 hours) but instead the option to indulge a bit on Saturday nights. Having the option doesn't mean I will cheat, but it gives me a sense of moderation in this lifestyle that I feel is missing (I appreciate dark chocolate but I'm not really a sweets-type person). I also feel like I am not going to get enough calories eating the way I do. I work off my lunch (and then some) at the gym, which leaves me with dinner to fill the rest of the day - and often this is less than 500 calories. I don't want to end up in starvation mode.

            Meals Today:
            Breakfast:Fairmont Breakfast Tea with milk. What can I say, I'm just not into breakfast. Maybe on the weekends, when I have more time.
            Lunch: Same as usual, veggies, tuna and yogurt. Might sneak a miso soup in there.
            Dinner: Sauteed cabbage and onions, and wheat-free market made bison sausages with basil and sundried tomatoes. I usually top this dinner with sour cream, green onions, vinegar, and a load of hot sauce.
            Snack: In keeping with ingesting more calories, I am going to procure some nuts and possibly beef jerky if I can find it for less than $6 a package.

            Gym at lunch - elliptical, 40 minutes.

            My challenge for today:
            Is non-primal related. Today I have to commit myself to doing some work I have been procrastinating on. I know that if I rise to the challenge and just do it, I will feel much better about everything.

            Here goes!


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              Well, a bad weekend made for bad food. I'm still riding the carb wave...I'm sort of beginning to wonder if this is a sustainable change I can make for myself. I eat well at meals but find I fall apart come snack time -- even when I was fully primal I was eating WAY too much for snacks, which inhibited my weight loss.

              Now it's nearly summer and while I don't have my optimal bathing suit bod, I'm wondering if a diet that is primal as possible, but still allows me to have sushi sometimes, toast with breakfast a couple of times a month, my dad's homemade pizza and potatoes in my clam chowder. I mean, I go to the gym (not a gym rat but I have never been a fan of the gym in my life and now I really enjoy the benefits of a hard workout at lunch time) so I am expending calories. Much like in my calorie counting days, I could see myself adhering to something like that that allows me to have salt and vinegar chips, or popcorn or the odd candy... I don't know. As an emotional eater, and the fact that I absolutely adore food (I even have a blog that I am apparently too busy to update!), it disturbs me mentally when I know I am restricting myself. Every time I try to start the primal diet again, I feel genuinely depressed, to the point of irritability and pouting. That's ridiculous. Yes I feel better when I eat on the primal diet, but is the mental anguish worth it? I suppose one could argue that it's the carb crash, not actual depression, but I am filled with glee when I know I am able to have my favourite (non-primal) foods. Isn't that what life is about? Joy?

              I think I need to do some serious thinking on this. I appreciate the primal lifestyle but I am beginning to think it's just not for me. After all, I have less than 10 pounds I need to lose, and I know I can do that with a combination of counting calories and working out. I think I may give that a try for the next thirty days and see how I feel. At least I have made a habit of eating primal meals for the most part (for example, tonight I'm making stuffed peppers with cauliflower rice, sauteed chorizo sausage, feta cheese, onions and mushrooms).

              Sorry for the incoherent rant and for the absence, dear journal. I'll try and keep you more in the loop.