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    It's almost been a month that I have been living primally, so I thought it appropriate to start properly keeping a journal, as at the moment everything is written down on a post-it note sized scrap of paper, which is prone to getting lost!

    My post week 2 & 3 measurements were taken 90 minutes after waking up and drinking 1L of water. I also drank a similar amount of water immediately upon waking after weeks 0 & 1, but unfortunately did not record after what length of time I took the measurement, which is too bad because one trip to the bathroom when you've had a lot to drink makes a meaningful difference. I'm using a digital bodyfat scale, which is sensitive to your level of hydration. Accordingly I will try to be consistent in the future as to taking the measurement 90 minutes after waking.

    Week 0: 177.6 lbs 16.7% bf 147.9 lbs of lean body mass 29.7 lbs of body fat
    Week 1: 177.4 lbs 16.6% bf 147.9 lbs of lean body mass
    Week 2: 176.4 lbs 16.1% bf 148 lbs of lean body mass
    Week 3: 174.6 lbs 15.4% bf 147.7 lbs of lean body mass

    Most weeks I have managed one session of sprints and every week I have gotten in at least one intense session of interval training (most weeks two). The last two weeks I have started walking significantly more, and this past week I did a lot less cheating (the first two weeks I had one really bad day each week where I binged on popcorn and ruffles all dressed chips. This past week I just had a couple small pieces of a banana cake my mom made.)

    Right now the challenge will be figuring out how to maintain a primal lifestyle in the new environments I will be putting myself into. First I will be teaching canoeing and kayaking at an overnight camp for the summer, and then I will be moving to East Asia for a year to live/work. Both places put me in an environment that is saturated with grains, and in particular I have few options at the camp. We'll see what sort of arrangement I can negotiate with them before the summer starts.

    Two weeks ago I started making shakes with coconut milk, almond milk, and vanilla whey protein powder. Since then I've found it a lot easier to get my protein requirements as it is very easy to prepare, unlike most meat/fish.
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    Week 4:
    174.8 lbs
    15.8% bf
    27.6 lbs of body fast
    147.2 lbs of lean body mass

    I probably strayed less this week than any other, so I am a little confused as to how I ended up regressing. That being said, I ate a lot of fruit this week, so I am not too surprised. What concerns me most is that according to these numbers I lost over half a pound of lean body mass. I have generally been eating 100-140 grams of protein a day so I don't think this should be happening. Also, I showered 15-20 minutes before weighing myself, which may have affected the bodyfat measurement.

    I'm going to cut down on my fruit consumption and make sure I get enough protein.
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      Week 5 1/2:
      174.2 lbs
      15.3% bf
      26.6 lbs of body fat
      147.5 lbs of lean body mass

      I've been getting a good amount of exercise, but have had a couple days where I didn't eat primally very consistently. I have stayed away from booze but had ice cream a few times. And Jelly Belly's. Also potatoes and some Ruffles.

      I'm still finding it hard to consume 140 grams of protein without eating when I'm not hungry. I am going to make more of an effort to have at least one source of lean protein a day (i.e. chicken breast, can of tuna, or whey protein shake without coconut milk). This way I can up my protein intake without increasing my caloric intake by much.

      Lastly, my dad made the apt observation that if I am trying to cut out processed foods, all the hot dogs and salami I was eating probably wasn't very smart. I've cut down on them accordingly, but am still eating hamburgers a couple times a week. Another adjustment is going to be to buy a few pounds of ground beef so I can make my own hamburgers, which would be better than the frozen store bought ones I've been eating.
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        Week 6:
        172.8 lbs
        15.0% bf
        25.9 lbs of body fat
        146.9 lbs of lean body mass

        I'm getting concerned by my drop in lean body mass. The last week or so I was eating 140+ grams of protein on days where I lift, and about 100 grams of protein other days. I will try to get up to at least 120 grams on days when I don't lift, and 150 grams on days when I do.

        I've been much better about moderating my fruit intake (especially melon). Still having berries pretty much everyday. Very little cheating, if any, this week.


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          Despite that fact that I do not have ready access to a scale that measures bodyfat, as I am away for the summer, I thought it a good time to post an update (I am in Muskoka teaching canoe/kayak at an overnight camp).

          Most meals are carb based, so I have been making frequent use of the salad bar. For some reason they rarely use oil and vinegar for salad dressing so usually I eat my meals without dressing. Accordingly I am eating a lot of tuna and egg salad from the salad bar (definitely more tuna than healthy, but since it's only for a few weeks I'm not going to stress about mercury).

          For my weekly day off I have so far gone camping both times instead of going to someone's cottage or going into town for the day. When camping I eat more smores than I should, but it involves a long canoe and it's usually my own big exception for the week.

          In summary, all things considered I'm eating fairly healthy, and I am getting a lot of exercise, having to empty flooded canoes and kayaks at the end of each period, not to mention lots of walking, staff basketball and baseball, etc.