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  • Sacrifice & Balance

    It's been years that I've participated here, and it's been years that I've been eating proper—but as I stated in my old journal about turning from a low-fat-raw-vegan to a meat-man, balance is hard to achieve.

    To start off—I was a fruitarian for 2 years in which during that time period I almost lost my teeth (this is still a constant struggle for me) I was weak and emaciated and figured out quick that I needed to adapt. It took me only a month or so to put on some 30+lbs and get into awesome shape after eating like a cave-man. But, at the time I had no job, I lived with my parents, I was a drop-out of a prestigious school with high expectations, but confused with my aspirations. Fast-forward to now (2 years later)—I am running my own design practice and have a budding business (projecting some employees in a year), and live in a huge downtown LA loft on my own—at 23 i'm pretty proud of that.

    However, although I've eaten greatly (Grok would be jealous in-fact), the other aspects of my lifestyle don't allow the effects of eating like a proper human to shine. And, well I've sacrificed health (exercise, sleep, social life, relaxation) to gain business and financial security (which still isn't 100%), my intention is of course to be balanced in diet, exercise, social life, romance, and business. While my business achievements to most on this forum would seem outrageous (you will learn as this journal progresses), I won't feel accomplished in my life without them—I'm a type-A personality, and I have to do it! Therefore—I make sacrifices, but the important thing I try to remember is that these must only be temporary, it will be dangerous to continue on a business-crazed path.

    This journal isn't a thread of showing-off (maybe a little), but more importantly a place for me to be conscious of the imbalances and the sacrifices I take in all aspects of my life, and to reflect on such imbalances to ask questions like 'Is this really worth it!?' and 'Hmmm... maybe you should start doing this less, and this more..' I'm of course open to such feedback from readers. The sacrifices / imbalances I now have, hopefully are all for a final result of what I feel will be a balanced life.
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    I've been eating once a day for the past 3 weeks or so—mainly because I wanted to see the effects on my skin & digestive system as they weren't doing so well with stress / not sleeping enough / running around all day meeting clients. It's been going great, and it's helping me to stay more focused on eating a balanced meal, and less of those 20% treats that Mark talks about. My skin hasn't been better for a long time, and I'm falling asleep faster.
    Here is today's breakfast:

    5 eggs (only 4 pictured), 2 bell peppers, 1lb of grass-fed liver, 3 vidalia onions, 2 cans of sardines, 1lb of baby broccoli / brussel sprouts.


    I like making my liver fajita style, and I really cook my crucifers (steam for quite some time, and then brown to crispiness), the sardines and egg dishes is my favorite. As you can tell, this will be a smelly meal—a sacrifice I'm okay with taking in the steps forward for health



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      Today for my 1 meal I had lamb shanks in wine/ tomato sauce with onions and verts, with a 6-egg blueberry & coconut kefir smoothie. Pretty light day.

      A month ago I'd be eating a couple of fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, and stopping at a restaurant on the way home for some sweet potato fries with fish. Spending way too much $$ on less than optimal food. And losing money by spending more time eating more meals. I now am trying to make meals like these in the morning, while they're stewing away I'm working out.
      To be honest: eating once a day is really what is allowing me to sleep more and actually exercise on top of working 12+ hours a day.


      of course, saving those bones for my next batch of broth


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        Oh, for exercise I just did tons of pull ups and pushups—I never really count these things as i think it's pointless.