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    Hello primal community! I'm glad to have found you and excited to be joining you. I'm 32 and have realized that I can't take my health and body for granted any more. In the past 4 years, I have gained 20 pounds, even while exercising and trying to diet and eat "healthy". People have told me that one's metabolism slows down around age 30, but I don't want to settle for getting heavier with each passing year.

    In addition to the stubborn weight gain, I've also been feeling chronically tired and worn out. I have been reading through MDA, and also recently finished Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat", and am excited to give the primal / lower carb thing a try. I will record my meals and workouts here daily, and will check in once a week with updates on the following:

    * Weight: currently 161 lbs (at 5'8")
    * Measurements: currently 38"-33"-40"
    * Skin -- I have suffered from mild acne since I was a teenager. I have basically resigned myself to it by now, but am curious to see if changing my diet will have any impact.
    * Energy level
    * Mood
    * Other / general body check-in

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    Day 1:

    Breakfast - not hungry, just had 2 cups of coffee (black).
    Lunch - gazpacho; curry chicken salad w/ cashews on bed of spinach w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing
    Snack - orange; small handful of almonds
    Dinner - 3 egg omelet w/ Gouda & basil; steamed zucchini w/ olive oil; sauerkraut

    Drank a lot of water. Took omega 3 fish oil, vitamin D3, and multivitamin with lunch.

    Exercise - weights (StrongLifts 5x5), 2 mile walk

    Feeling very tired -- going to bed early!
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      Day 2

      Wow, I slept like a rock last night and woke up feeling good! Downloaded the Primal Blueprint and 21 Day Transformation on to my Kindle, started reading 21 Day.

      Breakfast - 2 cups coffee; pear; 3 egg omelet with Gouda and basil, served on big bed of greens
      Lunch - gazpacho; big salad with greens, grilled chicken, pecans, and olive oil & balsamic dressing
      Dinner - huge pork chop*; steamed broccoli with olive oil; tiny glass of wine

      *We are lucky to be able to buy meat and eggs from a local farm. Not supporting factory farming is very important to me! (So much so that I was a vegetarian for years, in fact.)

      Exercise - 2 mile walk

      Things that feel weird to me:
      - Not stopping at Starbucks on the way to work for a soy latte and bagel.**
      - Eating such rich meals (omelet cooked in butter, with full-fat cheese!!)
      - Cutting out daily run / cardio. I figure I may as well give this whole thing a real try, so am just going to do 3 weight lifting sessions, 1 short sprint workout, and daily walking this week.

      Things that are keeping me motivated:
      - The amazing success stories and before/after pictures on this site!
      - A quote I read somewhere that basically said "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten". Obviously my previous eating habits and exercise routine were not working, so if I want different results I need to try something new!

      ** Hmm, I never really paid attention to the carbohydrate part of nutrition information, but this breakfast, plus the banana I would frequently have for a mid-morning snack, would put me at ~120 g carbohydrates before noon. I would not be surprised if I was in the >150 g "Insidious Weight Gain" part of the carbohydrate curve!
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        Day 3

        Breakfast - 1 cup coffee; pear; 3 egg omelet w/ Gouda on bed of greens
        Lunch - Cobb salad; plain iced coffee
        Snack - yogurt (plain, full-fat, organic) and walnuts
        Dinner (at friend's barbecue) - 1 glass of wine; chicken sausage; bacon; green salad; cole slaw

        Strategy for dealing with crankiness and carb cravings: repeat to self, "I am a fat burning machine! I am a fat burning machine!"

        Exercise - epic 12 mile walk!
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          Day 4

          Breakfast - 1 cup of coffee; scrambled eggs; bacon; kale, spinach & avocado salad; raspberry chia kombucha
          Lunch - not hungry, skipped it
          Dinner - glass of whole milk; small Greek salad; steak; asparagus; glass of wine

          Exercise - weights (StrongLifts 5x5); 5 mile walk

          Feeling a lot less cranky and foggy-headed today. Maybe I'm over the low-carb flu hump?

          Finished reading 21 Day Challenge, starting Primal Blueprint!
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            Welcome. I'm glad primal is going well for you.
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              Thank you, Hedonist. I'm feeling pretty hedonistic myself since starting this experiment, what with all the butter, bacon, steak, and wine!

              Day 5

              Breakfast - 2 cups of coffee; full-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon and walnuts; apple
              Lunch - huge salad with tons of greens and veggies, tuna, olive oil, and lemon juice; cherry chia kombucha
              Dinner - homemade hamburger topped with Gouda and mustard; cabbage and carrot slaw with olive oil and apple cider vinegar

              Exercise - 4 mile walk
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                Day 6

                Breakfast - skipped it, just had 1 cup of coffee
                Lunch - gazpacho; curry chicken salad with cashews on bed of spinach, olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
                Snack - small handful of almonds
                Dinner - scrambled eggs (3); cabbage and carrot slaw with olive oil and apple cider vinegar
                Snack - plain full-fat yogurt with walnuts and cinnamon

                Exercise - 2 mile walk, weights (StrongLifts 5x5)

                Had a dream about eating muffins last night, ha ha. In real life, however, my stomach is looking leaner and my pants are feeling loose!
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                  Day 7!

                  Breakfast - 1 cup coffee, small handful of almonds, strawberries, plain full-fat yogurt
                  Lunch - gazpacho, egg salad with bacon on bed of spinach with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
                  Dinner - slow-cooked lamb with carrots, turnip, and sweet potato; greens with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing

                  Took omega 3, vitamin D3, and multivitamin with breakfast. (I have been most days, but keep forgetting to record it.)

                  Exercise - 2 mile walk; sprints! - walk/jog warm-up, then 8 x 30 sec sprint (8.5 mph) / 60 sec walk
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                    Week 1 check-in

                    * Weight: 151.2 (Um... holy cow!! That's almost 10 lbs lower than last week! I know most of it has got to be water, obviously. But it's still exciting to see that number!)

                    * Measurements: 37.5" - 32" - 39.5" (A whole inch less my waist!)

                    * Skin: hard to say. Definitely hasn't gotten worse, maybe a little bit better? Thinking primally, I might try to simplify my skincare/make-up routine and use fewer products... maybe that will help?

                    * Energy level: definitely improved since starting this experiment. Also, my energy level has felt more stable throughout the day.

                    * Mood: days 1 - 3 -- periods of crankiness. days 4 - 7 -- great!

                    * Other / general body check-in: My sleep has been better than average this past week. I haven't had as much trouble falling asleep, and I wake up feeling like I've slept soundly. Was interested to read in PB (section about Ken Korg) that high insulin/glucose levels can cause restlessness at night.

                    Had another food dream last night, this one was about eating Raisin Bran. I really am not having bad food cravings in waking hours, so I think maybe these dreams are just my brain saying, "Hey, remember these foods we used to eat? We're really not going to eat them anymore?" Nope, we're not. Not on a regular basis, anyway.

                    Needless to say, I am very happy and excited about my experience and results so far! And I continue to be surprised by how easy and natural this feels overall. Unlike every other diet, the amount of willpower required to stick with it seems to be decreasing with time.

                    On to week 2 -- the Primal experiment continues!
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                      Day 8

                      Breakfast - 2 cups coffee, plain full-fat yogurt, strawberries, almonds
                      Lunch - green iced tea, unsweetened, with lemon; big salad with greens, veggies, 1/2 avocado, wild Alaskan salmon, and olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing
                      Dinner - smoothie with whole milk, greens, and protein powder; fennel salami

                      Exercise - 3 mile walk, weights (StrongLifts 5x5)

                      Finished Primal Blueprint this morning and immediately began re-reading. I think there is a lot of wisdom in this book!

                      It was a stressful day at work. But, I took a proper lunch break and ate outside, instead of at my desk, checking email between bites...

                      The next three days may be a bit challenging as I'll be traveling -- attending a wedding and visiting family. My plan is to do the best I can, not stress out about it too much, and return to 100% Primal eating on Monday.
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                        Day 9

                        Breakfast - 2 cups coffee, 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/2 avocado, small handful of almonds
                        Lunch - iced coffee with cream, big salad with greens, grilled chicken, pecans, and olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing
                        Dinner - smoothie with whole milk, greens, mint, and protein powder

                        Exercise - 2 mile walk

                        Ugh... Did I jinx myself by saying how my sleep has improved? It was true, until last night. I couldn't fall asleep -- only got 4 hours. Feel like crap today.
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                          Day 10

                          Breakfast - 2 cups coffee, glass of whole milk, strawberries, scone*
                          Lunch - skipped

                          at friend's wedding:

                          Appetizers - shrimp, olives, cheese, salami, gorgonzola-stuffed mushrooms
                          Dinner - 2 glasses wine, spinach salad, grilled veggies, salmon, roast beef
                          Dessert - decaf, slice of wedding cake*

                          Exercise - none

                          Day 11

                          Breakfast - skipped, just had 2 cups coffee
                          Lunch - cheese and deli meat on roll*, green salad, grapes, German potato salad*
                          Dinner - smoothie with whole milk, greens, mint, and protein powder

                          Exercise - none

                          * Non-primal things. Definitely felt weird eating them! The cake tasted so sweet, almost nauseating.

                          Did not get a lot of sleep this weekend, going to bed early tonight.
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                            Day 12

                            Breakfast - 2 cups coffee; 3 egg omelet with cheddar on bed of greens; sauerkraut
                            Lunch - cup of tea; almonds; plain full-fat yogurt
                            Dinner - smoothie with whole milk, banana, greens, protein powder, ginger, and mint

                            Exercise - 2 mile walk. I'm starting to miss running -- am thinking of adding 1-2 short, leisurely-paced runs back into my weekly exercise routine.

                            Note: I really need to rein in my caffeine consumption. It's silly to wonder why I'm having trouble sleeping when I'm still drinking a fair amount of coffee and tea. New goal: limit caffeine to one small cup of coffee with breakfast, and that's it!
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                              I noticed that you are doing stronglifts, though it seems like maybe you've stopped or aren't posting it. I started out doing stronglifts, but switched over to starting strength. You are younger than I am, so maybe SL works well for you, but I found that 5 x 5 was a bit much for me in total volume, and I wasn't fully recovering. SS is 3 x 5 (plus some lighter warmup sets). I'm still gaining on basically the same path I was with SL. They are very similar programs, but I don't feel as tired afterwards. So, if you get to the point where you don't feel like you are fully recovering, you can do 3 x 5 and still get more or less the same benefit. At least that's what I've found. But if SL works well for you, then stick with it.
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