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    sweet potato lakes (1/2 leftover med sweet pot)
    2 x scrambled eggs
    (coconut oil for all)


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      ahhhhh i have no idea what i've eaten lately, sorry. nothing so awful i'm still feeling guilty, nothing so fabulous i'm still thinking about it. barely any alcohol. eat/sleep/work/repeat
      had a bit more dairy than intended but no big deal, not every day. lost weight, been so busy.

      work breakfast meeting:
      bacon, eggs, toms, yoghurt with nuts, fruit compote + honey

      lunch: 2 x sausages, fried egg + cortido
      rasps + strawbs + double cream

      dinner: 2 chicken thighs with onion + chorizo, salad
      1/2 lemon martini
      1 sq dark choc
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        mixed berries + coconut milk
        2 x sausages
        2 x scrambled eggs + coconut oil


        ribeye stir fry with chilli, garlic, pak choi and stiitake mushrooms
        small portion white jasmine rice
        eton mess with extra cream
        Glass of zinfandel
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          2 x sausages
          2 x scrambled eggs + coconut oil
          Fried mushrooms + tomato

          Herb stuffed roast pork shoulder with natural homemade applesauce, steamed carrots, broccoli + savoy cabbage, duck fat roast pots and proper gravy
          Raspberries + strawberries with cream
          Glass of zinfandel


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            Roasted chicken leg

            Left over roast pork, veggies and gravy
            Few berries with coconut milk
            Handful almonds
            1 sq dark choc

            Leftover plain apple sauce with cinnamon and coconut milk

            Good old beef hash with extra mushrooms, small portion jersey royal spuds sauteed in duck fat + heap of lettuce with olive oil dressing.
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              Hi Nibbler! Newbie here, reading through the site. I've enjoyed your journal, though in reading it I think I might've short circuited my keyboard with drool while reading your food selections throughout!
              Height: 5' 10"
              Highest Weight: 292
              Recent Starting Weight 287
              Current weight: 244.0
              Goal weight: 195
              Body Fat 32.5%


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                Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you want any recipes!


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                  Man I am so crap at updating this thing!! Apart for being completely flat out with barely enough time to blow my nose I wonder if I just maybe feel a bit more confident and my WOE needs less planning / tweaking.

                  Saturday: ???

                  Yesterday (entertaining overnight guests):
                  Breakfast - 2 x sausages, bacon, 3 x baked mushrooms, 1 x baked tomato, 1 x fried egg in olive oil, cortido, splash OJ topped up with mineral water
                  Snack - 2 x ham slices wrapped around 2 x small blue cheese wedges (I LOVE CHEESE!!! Cutting waaaaaaaaay back on the dairy to one day a week has been hard but when I have it I do it a little dance. Not kidding), mixed berries + sliced kiwi
                  Dinner - panfried salmon with leek, tarragon & cream champagne sauce, 1 larger new potato (so a quite small white potato about 8x5x3cm), steamed cabbage / carrot / broccoli + butter. Small homemade GF reduced sugar brownie with small scoop premium vanilla icecream, 2 x flutes champagne

                  Breakfast - scrambled eggs & butter + cortido
                  Lunch - 2 x thick ham slices + salad with EVO & balsamic, berries + kiwi
                  Snack - cashews & macadamias
                  Dinner - steak burger fried in dripping, sweet potato fries baked with EVO, big mixed salad
                  Nibble of coconut butter
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                    2 x back bacon + 2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil

                    Prawn cocktail (rapeseed mayo dressing) on mixed salad
                    1 x cooked beetroot

                    1 x small apple + 1 tbsp almond butter
                    2 x 90% dark choc sq

                    Spanish chorizo chicken with tomato and pepper sauce
                    Small portion rosemary roast potatoes
                    Mixed salad with olives
                    Small glass red wine