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    Leftover bolognese
    1 x poached egg with butter

    Blueberries with coconut kefir & toasted coconut

    1.5 boneless pork chop (cheap freezer bargain)
    Steamed greens, broccoli & carrots with butter
    Gravy made from chicken stock
    Coconut water kefir

    Tonight I am making ginger ale with my new water kefir grains: water, grains, jaggery & ginger. How exciting!
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      Today I am making a regular (wheat + sugar) birthday cake for my partner's little brother. It is sooooooo not primal, but neither is he, and gifts should be what the recipient wants, not you. Still, very strange seeing and handling all that sugar and wheat in my kitchen. It's a chocolate sponge sandwich, with chocolate buttercream, fenced in chocolate cigarellos and topped with a truffle selection. I don't know if I'll try it. It's looking beautiful but I'm not really sure I'll be able to handle all that sugar, even in a small portion. We'll see.

      2 x bacon
      2 x poached eggs
      heap of sauteed mushrooms

      Dinner @ The Saffron:
      Papadom with fresh onion & tomato
      Tandoori chicken (2 x legs). Took a spoon of rice but only ate a mouthful, tasted of nothing!
      Salad with lemon juice
      Shared a slice of cake with my partner. It was really good and looked stunning, everyone loved it. I'll work hard tomorrow and feel proud of myself.
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        2 x sausages
        2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil
        3 x mushrooms fried in coconut oil & pork fat

        Blueberries in over-ripe coconut kefir (bleugh!)

        Enormous rib-eye steak with bone broth gravy
        Huge salad with pesto dressing
        Small glass of red wine I have no intention of finishing because I am already so full I will have to be winched upstairs. Primal. Fuck yeah.
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          Quick breakfast:
          strawberries, coconut milk, toasted coconut
          1 boiled egg

          pork scratchings
          other boiled egg, kabanos, pecans

          chicken breast stuffed with feta, sundried toms, lemon + herbs
          asparagus with toms and olives
          cabbage salad
          1 90% choc sq


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            You are doing well Nibbler! Even your sugar-grain-cake sounds good, (also good you didn't give in and ate 3 pieces of it)!

            I wondered about your papadum, how do you make them or do you have a brand to recommend? When I prepare papadums, i make them in large quantities with a good friend, using only 3 ingredients: lentil flour, cumin, pepper (and water and oil). Do you substitute the lentils or add anything else? (i learned it isn't strictly primal but i suspect it is quite a healthy food)


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              Hi Halfbunny,
              I went out for a family meal (hence bday cake) to a local indian restaurant so I have no clue what was in it, it will have been a standard gram-flour and water recipe. I wouldn't bother making papadoms cos they're not primal, it's just carbs, and I'd only ever eat one in a blue moon.


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                A ok!

                Lentils, well the ones we have here and smash for papadums, have quite some micronutrients, but are indeed mostly carb! I couldn't imagine making papadums from plain flour, but that is probably what restaurants do...
                (i personally don't mind some carbs per se, though i am trying to keep track and keep it under a 150grams per day)


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                  No, papadoms are made from gram flour (chickpea flour) in restaurants, not wheat flour. Otherwise they wouldn't be papadoms, they'd be chapatis. The only wheat I ate that day was in the cake
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                    2 x back bacon
                    Fried mushrooms with coconut oil

                    Spent the day at a wine tasting class. We use spittoons so only drank wine with the food matching, probably had about a glass.
                    Lunch: cheese, tomato & ham omelette with salad
                    Food matching tasters: stilton, cheddar, chorizo, smoked salmon, green apple, beef, tikka spiced chicken, dark chocolate

                    Dinner: Took forever. Annoyed by fish, had to scale and bone it, so only ate half my dinner.
                    Haddock goujons, prepared with cornstarch, egg & almond flour, then fried in goosefat & olive oil.
                    A few sweet potato chips (that's 'fries' to some of you)
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                      2 x sausages
                      2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil

                      Defrosted summer berries + half banana + coconut cream

                      Lamb burgers & greek salad with feta

                      Lamb burger recipe:
                      500g lamb mince
                      1/2 large onion / 1 small onion finely chopped
                      Fat garlic clove finely chopped
                      1 tbsp tomato puree, finely chopped thyme, parsley, rosemary, mint
                      1 tsp ground cumin, salt, ground black pepper

                      Saute onion & garlic in fat of choice until soft. Leave to cool.
                      Chop herbs. Mix cooled onion, herbs, cumin, tom puree & seasoning with mince. Squish together well.
                      Divide mixture into 4 burgers. Chill if you have time.
                      Fry both sides of burgers off in a bit of olive oil, just to colour and firm.
                      Bung in 200oc oven for 20 mins.
                      NOM. Would be nice with some tzaziki along side greek salad, and lemon potatoes if you eat them.

                      Couple of chunks of chocolate and a small glass of shiraz
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                        2 x back bacon
                        2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil

                        Bowl of garden strawbs + half banana + coconut cream

                        oxtail soupy stew: beef oxtail meat, oxtail broth, veg: onion, carrot, celery, mushroom, spring greens

                        Snack: pecans, 1 x medjool date

                        Spicy lamb stirfy with peppers onion & pak choi
                        2 x 90% choc sq + sml glass shiraz
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                          2 x back bacon
                          2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil
                          3 x fried mushrooms
                          1 x fried tomato

                          Lunchish work fuel: Sweet pot pancakes (1 sml sweet pot, 1 egg, baking powder, cinnamon, butter) with coconut cream

                          Snack: Handful macadamias

                          Dinner: Chicken thighs & chorizio with onion & red wine reduction + steamed spring greens & broccoli with butter
                          Small glass cote du rhone (I know, Chris finished the Barossa shiraz)


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                            No breakfast, too busy

                            Lunch: Leftover oxtail stew-soup
                            3 scoops of Giggi's Gelato! Whoop whoop!

                            Snack: Handful macadamias. Couple of random strawberries from the garden

                            Dinner: Beef hash, sauteed jersey royals (in dripping + butter), steamed courgette
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                              Hey Nibbler,

                              Just stalking you again. What's Cortido? Also, I notice you use coconut milk a lot. I'm a bit scared of it as it's really high calories (and high fat and I know it's probably good for me) I was wondering if you find it sating? I have i t in smoothies and other things from time to time but I never feel it fills me up as much as the fat content in it might suggest. As a seasoned coconut milk expert just wondering what you think?


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                                Spicy latin sauerkraut - lacto fermented. Google it!
                                I use coconut cream more than coconut milk. Obviously anything high in fat is high in calories and sating. I don't eat it to be sated per se but as an ingredient which is a) dairy free and b) high in fat esp MCT. I can't answer your question really. I think you said it all when you say "I'm a bit scared of it as it's really high in calories". Either work on that or don't use it...
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