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    Hi Nibbler,

    I was triggered by your name and because you state you have anxiety problems: 2 things (the constant nibbling & anxiety) that we both try to fix! I tried your banana nut pancake recipe and it tastes sooo good! I made 2 pancakes, storing one for work and hope to report back if it tastes good when cold. Good luck and keep it up!

    Greetings from Brussels


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      Hi halfbunny in Brussels!
      Thanks for your message. I have suffered with anxiety in the past but that it is well managed on an ancestral diet, and also my lifestyle and personal life is completely different in many ways which is a big factor in the positive change. I am in exam season and I have found my self esteem to be quite low (linked to self doubt I expect) but I don't feel out of control or worthless like I used to. I do not constantly nibble anymore as you can see from my diary! I used to graze when I was eating the conventional wholefoods diet because I thought it was healthy and also a) I didn't get enough fat so I was never satisfied and b) all the grains kept spiking my blood sugar so I kept crashing. When I first became primal (spring '11) I used to snack a lot but slowly the snacks came home uneaten and now I only snack once or twice a day but not always.
      I'm really pleased you like the pancakes. I normally make them with just almond meal and sweeten with maple syrup but I much prefer my new recipe, and I don't add / need any additional sweetener at all. You could easily use coconut oil and ghee instead of butter too. I would have added cinnamon but I'd run out, so next time they will taste even better! N.B. some people say to use sparkling water in the mixture but actually I have found that it makes no discernible difference. Other banana pancake recipes I have seen call for almond butter, but to be honest that makes the pancakes very expensive and I am on a budget!
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        STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN TO THIS!! I just got 3kg free range chicken feet for 2!! WTF? Get in!!!!!!!!
        So... I'm going to make some brunch and get my stock on (and do a little chickeny stock dance at the same time bwaaaark buck buck buck!)


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          Hi Nibbler,

          Interesting you say yours is stress triggered, mine defintely is. I've been primal about 6 months now and have had chronic IBS for as long as I remember. Regular gastro appointments, piles, flatulence like yours (maybe worse!) and chronic contipation. I took a very expensive fibre supplement every day for the last 7 years, I stopped once I went primal and have never needed it since. I have no problems in the poo department any more....amazing. That alone is reason enough to be primal. I was told I would need the fibre every day as my body wouldn't cop without it. I was stuffed full of whole grains and fruits and dried fruit and beans. And all I needed all along was no grains and some fat.

          My IBS terrible this week and I am reacting to a coupld of things, don't know what. Tomatos have been out of season here for a few weeks and started eating them yesterday and today - terrible pains. But also could be mushrooms, maybe tamari, tangerines. I don't want to have to do an elimination diet to find out. I also have bad candida so it could be that flaring up too. I have headaches in the evening and I never get headaches. I wonder what it is. I do keep a food diary but my diet is so varied it could be a number of things and it's hard to see a clear picture.

          I hope you enjoy your cheap chicken. I scored a short dated leg of lamb a couple of weeks ago and was delighted.


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            Brunch (@ 12.00):
            Banana nut pancakes (this time with coconut oil) - chucked it into fit day - cals: 413 / fat: 35.5 / carbs: 11.5 / prot: 14.3
            1 x fried egg
            4 x streaky bacon
            Small bowl of blueberries

            Venison (freezer bargain of course) with chestnut & porchini mushrooms & red wine jus
            Steamed spring greens and broccoli with butter

            1 sq dark choc
            1 large glass red wine
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              No breakfast. Was waiting for SOMEONE to come home for brunch but they didn't turn up! Instead had jolly late lunch. Hmph.

              Lunch (late!):
              2 x sausages
              2 x poached eggs
              1 x fried tomato
              heap of fried mushrooms (done in pork fat)
              handful steamed spinach
              fermented ketchup

              And I should add several licks of pate and butter to that log becuase this morning I made the recently posted chicken liver pate! It's gorgeous! I am too much of a foodie to follow the provided recipe exactly so I subbed water for chicken broth and brandy, added thyme and loads of pepper, I also strained and reduced the cooking liquid to make a jelly to top the pate ramekins (only had enough for 2, others topped with butter) which is insanely tasty off the spoon. Hope it works out! I anticipate that there may be little flecks of too-firm onion in there... I would normally gently fry the onion first.
              Chicken stock will be ready at about 6pm... in the meantime I'm off to make some lacto fermented cortido. I have been eating sauerkraut for about 9 months and recently ran out, I've been too busy and consequently too tired to make any more (did I mention that up until 5 weeks ago I didn't have a day off for several months!). I love spicy latin flavours and I really liked the cortido I tried at the WAPF Nourishing Traditions event I went to in the spring. I'm also hoping to tempt my partner with it as he refused to try sauerkraut, but cortido is both visually and gustatorily more exciting. So thats broth, offal and fermented veg... this is a productive weekend.

              I also picked up some Weight Watchers body comp scales today so I can track my progress more accurately. The body fat and water readings are probably based on some wacky algorithm but it's better than nothing.
              This week's measurements:
              Weight: 56kg (height is 5'6")
              Bust: 88cm / Upper arm: 26cm / Waist: 63cm / Hip: 97cm / Thigh circ: 53.5
              Body fat: 20%

              Snack: 2 x bite size chorizo

              Roast duck with cherry sauce
              Steamed asparagus & broccoli
              Roast herby sweet potatoes
              2 x dark choc sq
              1 x large glass red wine
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                1 x peach + handful blueberries with coconut milk + toasted coconut

                Snack: handful pecans

                2 slices proper ham
                Big handful raw spinach with olive oil & balsamic vinegar
                Celery stick
                1/2 raw carrot
                Chicken liver pate

                Small glass coconut water

                Sausage, cabbage, onion and apple stirfry (olive oil + butter)
                1 sq dark choc
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                  Streaky bacon x 4
                  2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil
                  1 x fried tomato
                  Handful steamed spinach

                  3 x fresh apricots + few strawberries + coconut milk

                  Snack: 4 x sunflower & sesame crackers with chicken liver pate
                  1 x medjool date

                  Dinner @ The Mayfly in Testcombe:
                  Salmon & monkfish terrine
                  Cod wrapped in pancetta with asparagus & cream sauce
                  Malteser cheesecake!
                  1/2 pint summer ale
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                    2 x unsmoked back bacon
                    2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil
                    handful spinach stirfried in bacon pan

                    Snack / lunch:
                    2 strawbs, half peach + handful blueberries with coconut milk + toasted coconut
                    handful hazelnuts + 1 x dark choc square

                    Sirloin steak
                    Prawns in chipotle butter
                    Stir fried courgettes with garlic
                    Mixed salad

                    Large glass Sauvignon Blanc
                    Cup chicken broth
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                      2 x sausages
                      1 x fried egg
                      3 fried mushrooms
                      Handful wilted spinach
                      Fermented ketchup

                      Can of mackerel in olive oil with lemon juice

                      2 x piri-piri chicken thighs
                      Half small sweet pot, wedges
                      Mixed salad
                      2 x 90% dark choc sq (finally found it!)

                      Cup of chicken broth
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                        2 x unsmoked back rashers
                        3 x fried mushrooms
                        Giant handful spinach, wilted
                        2 x scrambled eggs
                        (Used pork fat and coconut oil)
                        Fermented ketchup

                        Second batch of chicken broth is nearly finished, asian style this time with garlic, ginger, galangal, star anise and szechuan pepper. Also now brewing coconut kefir!

                        4 x sesame & sunflower crackers with chicken liver pate

                        1 x slice ham
                        1 x mejool date
                        Handful hazelnuts
                        1 x 90% cocoa choc sq
                        1 x peach with coconut milk

                        Beef hash (mince + veg)
                        Steamed courgette & spinach
                        Small glass Sauvignon Blanc
                        Small bowl strawbs + coconut cream

                        I am HUNGRY today. I had what felt like menstrual cramps all morning and then I was just ravenous all afternoon. Don't think I've really done any damage though... nothing like the chips & dips and desserts and cake I would once have eaten when I had a typical teenage metabolism, which later in life turned to rice cakes, oat cakes and low fat cheese and yoghurt and mountains of dried fruit.
                        I notice that my palate is changing; previously 90% cocoa chocolate was just toooo dark for me and all I could taste was bitterness, but now the flavour and texture is astonishing to me, the rich coffee, hazelnut and fruity aromas are delicious. I think I'll stick to Lindt Excellence 90% since my local supermarket are permanently stocking it. Very pleased to see that the greatest proportion of ingredient is cocoa mass, not sugar. I just need to find some 99% somewhere now!
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                          Banana nut pancakes (these do not taste nice when burned or made with salted butter. Grrr.)
                          2 x unsmoked back bacon
                          1 x fried egg in coconut oil

                          C'mon coconut kefir! Now that the stockpot is silent waiting for another batch and the house is cold since it is pissing it down with rain everyday... I have moved in to the oven and left the light bulb on. Might work. Might not. Tastes a little bit tangy today but not fizzy or any thicker.

                          Smoked salmon & cream cheese parcel (Chris bought it)
                          Small glass coconut water

                          Coconut kefir has suddenly fluffed up in warm oven. Fizzy and sour. Just tastes like yoghurt, very tasty. I've started a fresh batch.

                          Porky green chilli (Jamie O recipe) with coconut kefir dressing & romaine lettuce boats. Normally we have yoghurt but since I already ate dairy that I didn't particularly want I decided to substitute. Works just fine! No need to miss yoghurt now.
                          Raspberries & blueberries with coconut kefir
                          Small glass sauvignon blanc (that's the end of that bottle now)
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                            4 x smoked streaky rashers
                            2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil
                            3 x fried mushrooms
                            Fermented ketchup
                            1 x peach + handful blueberries with coconut kefir

                            Chicken broth with veggies & coconut cream
                            3 x sunflower and sesame crackers with lots of chicken liver pate
                            Handful hazelnuts + 1 sq 90% choc

                            Pan fried wild Keta salmon fillet (inc skin) with caper and lemon butter
                            Steamed broccoli, carrot and courgette
                            'Dessert' was a tsp of creamed coconut aka coconut butter from the fridge to take the edge off my sweet craving. Kind of worked.

                            The second batch of coconut milk kefir is ready, those grains LOVE being in the oven with the light on! I'll put them into organic milk to rest now as I have enough to keep me going for a couple of days.
                            I did something really stupid today; my water kefir grains arrived (I want to make coconut water kefir - I love coconut water but it's too carby) and I managed to scald them. Well maybe. I wanted to rinse them before I put them in my coconut water and I was planning on using the filtered boiled water left over from my morning cup of tea, made hours ago, so the water should have been tepid. But I didn't check. Chris had recently made a cup of coffee and I didn't notice the steam until it was too late. I say maybe scalded because it wasn't hot enough to burn me but definitely too hot for travelling kefir I think! I put the grains straight into some open chilled coconut water and then in the back of the fridge... kind of what you might do with a tiny burns victim... maybe they will be OK. I sniffed the water this evening and it smells ever so slightly sour and the grains don't look damaged. There's a lot in a small glass of coconut water so even though they are cold I should be able to tell if anything is happening soon. I think I'll give them another day in the fridge to recover and then bring them up to room temperature.
                            The cortido is bubbling happily on top of the fridge and has yielded a lot of juice this time, so I didn't need to weigh it down with a baggy of water. It should be ready tomorrow (well it's never really ready because I like my krauts really ripe). I made it without whey this time, just 2 tbsp of sea salt, and I split the recipe into 2 batches which I pounded separately. Clearly this is the route to success.
                            I have decided that as soon as my last exam is out of the way I am going to kick my butt into shape for my holiday. I have bought the Callenentics Evolution DVD as I have seen callanetics recommended for pear-shapes on MDA forum and Paleo Hacks (maybe it's the same person?) so I will add it in as my 'play' element.

                            Late night revision snacks:
                            1 slice ham
                            1 sq 90% choc
                            1 medjool date
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                              2 x sausages
                              2 x scrambled eggs with coconut oil

                              Turkey breast with skin
                              Steamed carrots, french beans & cauliflower with butter & pepper

                              Snacks: Peach (when will it end?! bottomless friggin punnet!) + coconut kefir
                              2 x 90% choc sq

                              Dinner: Nepalese curries - lamb, chicken + prawn in various sauces. No rice or sides


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                                Breakfast = primal eggs and soldiers!
                                4 x smoked streaky bacon, crisp
                                2 x soft boiled eggs
                                Due to exhaustion I am back on the black tea with organic milk (only 2 in 2 days). Had one last night and one this morning and It's helping my get through molecular biology. I don't think it's going to trip me up too badly. I'm sure green tea doesn't have a lot less caffeine but it's not helping at all.

                                Chicken liver pate with sunflower & sesame crackers

                                Snack: 2 x large sheets roasted nori
                                1 x small cox apple with almond butter

                                Homemade bolognese with sauteed courgettes and a little raw parmesan + 1/2 small glass red wine. Not my family bolognese recipe, which is the best I have ever tasted (and authentic to boot i.e. recognisable to a bolognese person), but an anglicised version made with what we had in the fridge. This is also a 'quick' version which you don't have to simmer low and slow:

                                1 onion
                                2 sticks celery
                                1 carrot
                                Fat clove garlic
                                500g beef mince
                                2-4 slices streaky bacon, or equivalent pancetta / lardons
                                1 small glass wine, red or white
                                1tbsp tomato puree
                                400g can/box chopped tomatoes in juice
                                300ml (ish) proper stock, enough to cover the whole mixture, I used chicken
                                Dried oregano & thyme
                                Grated nutmeg
                                Sea salt & black pepper
                                Butter and or lard / dripping
                                Oliver oil

                                Blast onion, celery & carrot in food processor until relatively finely and uniformly chopped. Finely chop bacon. Saute together gently in butter and lard or dripping, enough to moisten the mixture. Cook for about 10 mins, after 5 mins add the (minced) garlic and cover to retain moisture. Set aside on a plate.
                                Brown mince in same empty pan, using olive oil if lubrication is required, breaking up all lumps Add dried herbs, salt & pepper, tom puree & wine, simmer over med/high heat until wine mostly reduced.
                                Add chopped toms & stock then turn the heat down and leave to simmer until rich and thickened to required consistency. Grate over a little nutmeg to taste. Finish with a little cream and parmesan if you like.

                                Serve with veg... courgettes or cabbage is nice.
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