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    I've been eating primal on and off for about 18 months along with gym training 3 days a week with the overall dream to become lean a fit. Over the past 12 months I became obsessed with recording food, weight, BF and training weights on numerous websites or spreadsheets. Some nice looking graphs and pie charts, but still the pot belly and 22% bf remained. The last challenge was a 6 pack for the holiday to Mexico - FAIL Current stats are Weight 92 kgs(203lbs), Height 172 cms(5' 11") and 22% BF

    I wanted too much, the bigger biceps, the lean look, the tan, well not the tan due to living in the UK. Reading some of the real life success stories on Fridays taught me what and how I need to adapt meet this latest challenge. Too long I was following a 5x5 Stronglifts routine, but I could not get past doing a 50kg BB squat due to the work gym not having a power rack and using the smith machine would make the squats unnatural, risking injury. I was, in effect doing a clean and jerk to a OHP, then lowering the BB onto my shoulders to perform the squat.

    With a 100 mile round trip to work, joining a new gym and working out after work is not an option. The exercise routine has to change to something which will burn fat and improve my cardio. I will pick up some BW routines and the odd heavy lift during the week to fit my current lifestyle, work dictates the 05:30 start.

    So from Monday the routine starts and I will have a go at this IF I've been reading about. Our company has just started a global company challenge were individuals\teams wear pedometres and record the daily total, the aim is to do 10000 steps per day, I tried this out for week and was surprised to find my average was 5500-6000 steps, room for improvement.

    Superset A

    DB side lateral raises
    DB Y raises
    DB front raises

    Superset B
    Front squat

    spiderman push ups

    Ab roll outs (using BB)

    push ups

    chin ups (with negative chins)


    This is the fun part as I will be using Marksdailyapple as THE resource tool. Lots of excellent recipes and ideas for meals. Meals have become rather boring with chicken salads for lunch or salmon with steamed veg for dinner. Does eating starchy veg such as carrots for dinner make a difference compared to cauliflower. Should these root veggies only be eaten at lunch, answers I will find out over the coming weeks.

    I have found a couple of on-line meat suppliers which produce grass fed beef products, so a large order has filled the 2 freezers with rib eye steaks, venison, liver etc... I now just need to do this justice by preparing it well.

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    My reason for wishing to get into primal more seriously is the excess fat around the middle as previously touched on in the first post. It is not vanity that drives this wish to rid myself of the gut,to get into smaller jeans, but the risk of developing diabetes.

    A typical week consists of the alarm clock going off at 05:20, drive to work, in the gym at 06:30, then in the office by 07:30 working until 5pm to then get home by 6:30pm. Weekends tend to be spent minding the grand kids, all 5 of them, while the parents can work. So the chances of doing anything training wise in is limited. As my OH does child minding of 4 of the grand -kids during the week, I've been dropping subtle hints that we need time together.

    Today was a good day due to the rain finally stopping and being able to get outside as the tummy bug I had on Saturday seems to have passed. The OH suggested a walk as we had a day off from child-minding, so I jumped at the chance, not often we get the time to ourselves. The plan was to do a short walk along the canal path, well 14,676 steps (7 miles) later we arrived back home. The walk was great, lots of talking about health and diet, my OH has high blood pressure and is on medication, so this walk could only be good. Perhaps she may even make the primal move. On our return we were greeted with a box full of krispy kremes, a KK outlet has opened up at one of the shopping centres and our son is an addict to them (damn Homer Simpson).

    Today's food was sparse and consisted of a breakfast with 4 eggs, scrambled plus 2 cups of black coffee, no lunch as out walking, then dinner was home-made tomato soup with Cajun sweet potatoes. Dinner may seem odd, but it is our comfort food after feeling ill, well the OH has chips (fries) with hers.

    Some of the posts I've read on here mention eating dairy for muscle growth, which in turn will lead to improved fat burning which will, over time get rid of the gut. It sounds so simple and it is, I just need to remember it took time to get out of shape and surprise surprise, it will take time to get into shape. It would be nice to have the time to play a sport, but being realistic, I've just not got the time, plus the last time I played hockey(at school) I ended up with a broken nose and 3 stitches, so tended to shy away from sport.

    Time to start the ritual for work tomorrow, sports kit packed, lunch prepped, laptop, phone, iPod charged....oh yeah and set alarm for daft o'clock.


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      So it begins.....

      Arrived at the gym all set to go with the new routine and I was surprised with the first exercises. Using 8kg Dumbbells, i scoffed with the seemingly low start weight, I commenced. Hang on...what was the tempo? ah yes 4 2 4 1, raise to the count of 4, hold for 2 count, lower for 4 count and start again after 1 that 8 times! That was Super set A completed. 1 minute rest and into Spiderman push ups...these I felt odd doing, plus what did others think...who cares, I'm getting fit.

      Superset B , Barbell loaded with 30kgs...hmmm this was taxing, not impossible. Next was the Abs roll out using the BB from Superset B, engage core and slowly roll out, now this did get me wincing. Next was the push ups,at this point the gym manager says "lets see, try starting from touching toes and walking out on hands to push ups position, push up and walk it back, 2 x 8 of these.

      Chin ups and negative chins to complete 3 x 7 sets finished the arms off, I was in need of a lie down. I had mentioned my concern about the gut to Tony out gym manager and he advised I try doing planks. He explained that while the Abs may have been getting good workouts I may have a problem with my hip flexors, something to do with my posture is causing the stomach to appear as protruding. So it looks like I'll be incorporating some stretching and planks somewhere once he completes his assessment.

      During the day several laps of the car park were completed to rack up steps for the challenge and a walk to the allotment (plot).

      The plot is the sanctuary from all the IT gadgets which plague my every waking (sleeping) moments. Big plans for this once it is re-organised. Reading other posts has provided me with some ideas of veg to be growing this season and there are some sweet potatoes growing nicely in pots within the greenhouse. So hopefully the primal journey will be greener, not just what I eat, but reduces food miles as well

      Food today is shown below. I have no idea of calories, but no where near 2500. This does not bother me as I did not feel hungry. The body will ask when it needs sustenance...right?

      Pre workout shake

      Breakfast - 125gm mackerel fillets

      lunch - 125kg mackerel fillets + salad

      Dinner - Salmon fillet, Spinach and green beans. 1 banana + fresh cream


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        What a great day to have the sun up early and warm. I still find it amazing how peoples mood changes when the sun arrives here in the UK. made the most of it by getting up and doing some sprints\jog for 2.4 miles along the river, who wants to be in a gym on a day like today. A trip to the allotment is on the cards, so some low level exercise weeding and shifting heavy water cans will be done.

        The run was done before breakfast so I was pretty famished when I got back 4 eggs scrambled first then a banana 30 mins later along with a filter coffee. I've been feeling a bit of indigestion now which could be the banana or work related as things are getting challenging. I never let things stress me out, so is it the banana.... hmmm.

        Lunch will be a BBQ of some sorts, work tends to do this around this time of year.

        Dinner will be a beef stir fry using grass fed beef from donaldrussell


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          7.5 hours sleep, but woke up tired. Hit the gym at 06:30 and did my routine without incident\niggles or interuptions which was great.

          Superset A with 8kg
          DB side lateral raises
          DB Y raises
          DB front raises

          Superset B with 30kg
          Front squat

          Spiderman push ups
          Ab roll outs (using BB)
          push ups
          chin ups (with negative chins)

          Deadlift 5x130kg

          I've deceided to hang fire from the IF for now and will basically be doing my routines before consuming breakfast. I have read that doing this may use the stored fat for fuelling the effort from the exercise.

          Brekkie - 3 eggs scramled with 100g of pork mexican chorizo.Recipe below.
          Step 1: Mexican Chorizo, this is different from the Spanish version, it's more sausage than salami.

          2 lb's very lean minced pork
          1 clove garlic, peeled and minced or pressed
          1/4 cup red wine vinegar
          2 tablespoons chili powder
          2 tablespoons dried oregano
          1 tablespoon paprika
          1 teaspoon salt
          1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

          In a large bowl, thoroughly mix pork, garlic, vinegar, chili powder, oregano, paprika, salt, and
          cumin. Cover and chill overnight. If you used fresh pork mince you can freeze this.

          Lunch - Tuna + fresh salad, tomatoes, cucumber and diced peppers.

          Dinner - 8 oz steak + salad.


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            Outdoor today for some sprints which was great as I feel I put more effort in when outside plus I added some star jumps with burpees for good measure.

            I've convinced the boss to let me work from home 2 days a week, using the green argument to good effect. This will give me about 3 hours back saved from not travelling plus no work gear to change out of etc... . I think I better get a routine sorted out before next week, I hate wasting time.

            B - Eggs and Mexican chorizo
            L - Chicken salad
            D - Salmon fillet+ veggies


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              traumatic discovery over the weekend.......I have developed some side effects to drinking real ale I have no idea how this has come about..I stopped eating bread over 12 months now, so why the sudden adverse to ale. I know it is yeast this the body's way of finally teaching me to ditch yeast, more investigation\research needed.

              Primal eating was achieved during the weekend which is a big plus. bbq's are great for getting a wide range of primal foods in, the family leave the bbq to me which is great. I get to tell them what to eat and no processed cr*p in sight I had a great chat with the local butcher about the supply to his shop, all is less than 30 miles, just need to find out the suppliers.

              Exercise over the weekend was at a slower pace with a lot of walking around doing hunter\gatherer stuff on the allotment. This consisted of digging\hoeing and lifting heavy things mainly 5 litre watering cans. It will soon be berry time, strawberries\raspberries\gooseberries and blueberries Play was chasing the grand-kids around the garden.


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                Exercise has been good over the past few days, gym routine Mon and Wed with a run on Tuesday. Today was sprints and I covered 2.5km in 16 mins, walk to warm up, sprint for about 30 seconds then walk, repeat sprint\walk until distance reached. I noticed a slight twinge in my achilies about an hour after the sprints, seems to come on if I have been sat for a while. I will need toi make sure I have regular walks around the office.

                Tomorrow will be the last day of regular sessions as I'm off on a familiy holiday,Center Parcs this will be aweek of play, fun and just good old fashioned lazing about.

                Food has been 100% primal which is great. eggs and bacon for brekkie, steak\chicken salads for lunch and fish for tea with roasted sweet potatoes.
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                  A week of long slow walks interspersed with sprints to catch falling child from bike and the odd swim. Foodage was generally OK. Red wine drunk and plenty of water. Holidaying in the forest location got me thinking on how things would have been several thousand years ago with Grok and co trailing their next meal through the woods or looking for roots or berries to feast on. There was no need for alarm clocks as the squirrels or ducks would wake everyone, if not the babies wanting early morning feeds.

                  OK, so what is going on with me. I have not had real ale for a few weeks and I still have the diarrhoea at weekends. Can it really be a wheat allergy developing with cutting out bread etc... No wheat passed my lips, or so I thought as with a bit deeper digging and the wine I was drinking was not a wine, but black beer and raisen mixture, oddly named Lizard county wine. So note to self, ask to see the labels.

                  So it will be back to the exercise routine tomorrow and the primal diet 100%. The plan is to continue the exercising before breakfast and to have the last meal by 6pm to provide a 14 hour fasting window.


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                    Today was not a good day, too much going on in my head. I cannot believe I drove almost to work, only to find I did not have my access pass to get into the building. What is the cure for poor more fish? Without the pass there was no gym workout today, so I plan to go for an evening walk\jog\sprint to make up. When it comes to exercise, one thing about me is that I get bored quickly with doing the same routines, even swapping 1 exercise is not enough to keep me focused. With this in mind I am starting out on the 15 minute workout by mens health uk. This should make a nice break from the standard exercises and I will be in a better frame of mind to carry on with some FB routines.

                    After reviewing my diet I think there is room for improvement and definitely room for some good fats. Salads will get some nice dressings and I have some nice rib-eye steaks to try.


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                      Originally posted by madog View Post
                      traumatic discovery over the weekend.......I have developed some side effects to drinking real ale I have no idea how this has come about..I stopped eating bread over 12 months now, so why the sudden adverse to ale. I know it is yeast this the body's way of finally teaching me to ditch yeast, more investigation\research needed.
                      Gah! I know! I've had some mild reactions to beer the last few times I pulled a few. It's bothersome that I may have to give it up.


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                        OK, so nearly a week has passed and this is the first update to be added, so much for daily updates. Anyway, all has been well, busy at work in a good way for a change and still maintaining the primal eating. 2 good things to mention which occurred last week. The first was my PB on the military press, 60kg x2. For an age I was stuck doing 5x5 @55kg which started to sap the will, I then took a few weeks off from the military press and hey presto I broke through the plateau.....onwards.

                        The second piece of good news was the OH has started on a health regime, not Primal, but one of the mainstream diet plans. I can here the gasps..."how could you let your OH......" Well my view is that it is a start, in that she has had the change in the mindset to exercise and attempt to eat better. The target weight loss is 1st (14lbs) which is achievable with an increase in a weekly exercise session and some daily 2 mile walks. On the back of this, my SIL has mentioned he is watching what he eats, his downfalls are chips(fries) , biscuits and crisps(chips). Thex plan is to remove one per week, so by the third week he will not be eating any. This is good to hear as it will impact the grandkids as well....all good.

                        Two programmes which caught my attention is fat surgeons airing on really TV. Why people can eat and eat, look in the mirror, but not see anything wrong is something which fascinates me,not in a bad way, but trying to understand it in case I need to use it in my own life. A colleague made an interesting comment last week, " we are made to feel guilty about eating junk foods" Is it guilt or is it self loathing of our weakness to one area of the food industry.

                        The second progarmme was the men who made us fat. I would like to believe that the tide is starting to turn on obesity with more of these programmes being made.

                        Some breaking news just in, one of out work colleagues has been hospitalised with Acute Pancreatitis due to eating cr*p. He knows what junk food will do to him and he still goes ahead. What can be done with him to make him change his ways? He has facebooked a photo of himself which I feel is abnormal...or is this norm for facebookers?


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                          Originally posted by donlumber View Post
                          Gah! I know! I've had some mild reactions to beer the last few times I pulled a few. It's bothersome that I may have to give it up.
                          It's not like I drink gallons of the stuff.....2 bottles of Marstons Pedigree at the weekend. I will try another brand this weekend. I've not tried handpull beers for ages....good idea to go out this Friday


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                            Today was the jog\sprint sessions along the river. It is amazing how more energised I feel when running outside (even in the rain) I did a quick timing session and found I am covering the same distance in the same time, which pleased me. The aim now is to get the time down. Exercise was done before breakfast which consisted of smoked bacon and 4 free range eggs scrambled with a few mushrooms.

                            As I feel more energised exercising outside, I have been giving some consideration to putting a chin up bar outside in the garden. A nice large rock to move from side to side or to OHP.


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                              OK, so a review of the diet was carried out and details recorded via Daily burn. Exercises\Foods can be recorded easily or created for reuse, it also gives good stats and reports if required. It would was noted that my average calorific intake was around 1500 per day, even on gym days, with an even split of fats\carbs\ protein. So I guess I was not as good at judging what I was eating. Before I got into primal I read some posts by Neil Mcteggart and started on the diet plan, this is were I first heard the term lifestyle change, not diet. Part of the diet plan ebook covered macro nutrients and carb cycling, this is were I perhaps have gone off track. My diet seems to have gone flat, not much variety and no changes between gym days and off days. This combined with the low calorie intake may trick my body into thinking starvation is looming " store the fat" The thread I'm following on MDA speaks so well,chocotaco369 Now the fun part begins, trying g to increase the foodage, well today I managed to reach 1965 calories, 40% of it fat, not good, but it was my food, not some processed junk.

                              Anyway by looking closer at the breakdown today's food would be good on non gym days. I need to find a breakfast substitute on gym days for bacon and eggs as this provides about 26g of fat. Time to dust of the Blueprint cookbook again.

                              Exercise wise it was a good day as I managed 3 wide-grip pull ups, funny how I died off on the fourth attempt. Last week the OH was slimmer of the week by losing 2.5 pounds and she has taken up walking to town etc... so is clocking up the miles. A lot of people seem to be driven to taking up fitness with the Olympic euphoria here, more joggers\cyclist about and our work is wanting staff to sign up to the cycletowork scheme. All that is required now is for the govt to take the plunge and slap on the fat tax to junk food ( I live in hope)