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    ok so more tests have been done to determine if I am in the stages of pre-diabetes, this time it was a glucose intolerance test. Blood taken then a sweet drink, wait 2 hours then more blood taken. Since this all began from attending the Dr's for an MOT, not any other reason it has made me review my diet and take note of everything I eat or drink. I am back on the fit-day website recording each day and I have picked up on the ultimate paleo guide from searching through some posts here. Some good ideas for lunches which I will incorporate into the meal plan and from my analysis of my intake so far I need to review this idea of letting things slide a bit at weekends. I don't think I'm at the daily blood checks yet, however I have another session with the practice nurse to talk about the results of the glucose intolerance test.

    The 5x5 strong-lifts has run its course I feel as I am struggling to get any further with squats and the overhead press. Looking at the Paleo website for exercises ,I will look to mix things up a bit more and incorporate them into a daily routine. With spring here now and the weather getting better I need to get out more, plus the daily work place is a drag as it has frosted windows which diffuses sunlight so badly the blinds are always down as the glare makes it difficult to see the screens. Some walks around the car park are in order and a mate has started his fitness regime so maybe he'll join me for a walk.


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      So the results came today and I was sat with the Dr discussing them. It would appear that I have impaired fasting glycemia which means the glucose level is higher when in a fasted state, I need to eat regularly.

      From the site "IFG doesn’t require medical treatment, but lowering blood glucose levels can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes development. You can reach and maintain healthy blood sugar levels by eating a balanced diet, losing any excess weight, improving your fitness level, giving up smoking" Ok, so I don't smoke, only drink 4 cans of ale on a saturday or 2 glasses of red wine. Diet seems ok, but I'll drop the fruit down due to the fructose content. Exercise will continue as it is. Interestingly the Dr has this idea some studies have flagged up concerns with doing HIIT as cardio, i'm not aware of this study. We did have an interesting chat around PB and what it could bring to the health service and he did seem to be at least aware. It would seem he is happy to test me once a year and I just need to keep doing what I am doing. We did touch on viseral fat which I'm aware I may have, difficult to prove without a full body scan. I feel if I can stick to the diet with <100g Carbs I should reduce the belly fat significantly.


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        The food today will be spread out over 6 small meals in light of the glucose results, I have a higher level when fasting so I'm going to try the 6 meal plan to see if it makes a difference over time. Blood glucose tests will be taken and recorded over a period of months.

        Today's routine was:

        4 x 12
        walking lunges
        inverted row

        Sprints on treadmill


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          Things have been a bit busy for the past few months and I can't believe the last update was in |March. The doctors visit was a bit unnerving when Diabetes was talked about. It is well into the growing season so I have been spending a lot of time outdoors digging, tilling and generally being grokish by growing fresh fruit and veg. The quality is excellent if i do say so myself and plentiful. It is wonderful to have a bolt hole from the daily grind of technology

          I'm still plugging away trying to eat as healthy as possible, managing to do about 70% primal. Eating a good variety of meats and fish now, but and there is always a but, no fasting for me...ya boo sucks. meals are usually 3 or 4 per day. Breakfast after exercising will always be the case due to the work requirements, up at 05:00, 60 minute car ride and then gym by 06:00, at desk by 07:15. I'll not bore you with the details, a mox from blueprint and other primal sites.


          I'm doing some variety here mixing up the reps with BW and Dumbbells - Mon will be 4 x 8, Wed is 5 x 5 and Fri is 3 x 12-15. The new gym manager has set up a tour de France challenge to get more people exercising. Seeing as I do sprints on the bike or treadmill each day...i'm racking up the points.....I so can't wait to win a goody bag.


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            It has been an interesting week here in the UK, a bit of a heatwave kicked in and knocked people a bit. As heat is a relatively unknown phenomenon here, it took us all a bit by surprise. My sleeping patterns are all over the place with the average uninterrupted sleep being 4 hours before either a car driving past or birds tweeting wakes me up. I have tried having a fan in the room and even contemplated air-con, one is too noisy and the other is too expensive for the use I would get from it.

            On the positive side the weather has been great for the allotment as all the fruit and veggies are shooting up, weeds tried to join in but a good hoe soon sorted them out. Early morning trips were in order and carrying 2 x 10 litre cans several times up a 100 foot path is a good workout, think it's called farmer walk exercise...oooharrrgh. The harvest included a good amount of strawberries, gooseberries and cabbage. My OH insisted we grew potatoes, so she was happy with the yield. I will be trying sweet potatoes next year once the 16' x 8' greenhouse is up. The pumpkins are doing well and it should be a bumper harvest this year from all 22 plants.

            Foodage continues to be OK as I'm avoiding the take-away, bread and processed items 90% of the time. Things are that hot here now the coconut oil is very soft which is fun eating a couple of spoonfuls before training. I have ordered some more coconut flour and would like to make more use of it in recipes other than Pumpkin muffins.

            Looking to try a 4 day split routine. The Full body exercises are being replaced for a wee while as I get bored and do not do them for the best results, one of the down sides on training on my own.


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              today has been a long time hospital to investigate an ongoing problem with a molar. Over the years my gums have receded a bit exposing the tooth which in turn allows it to become infected quickly. Now this is despite cleaning twice a day with a power toothbrush, flossing with mini brushes and using mouthwashes of various types. The mouthwash recommended by the dentist will stain the teeth is used for over 10 days. I would say things have improved as I no longer get a tartar build up on the lower front teeth. The dentist is hoping the molar needs to come out as he cannot clean it, why does he not just do it, I have agreed. So a day off work with a trip into the big city on the commuter crowded train for someone to look. clean or extract....not really sure what is going to happen.

              After this latest dental session I'll do a bit more searching on dental matters of a primal way to see what I can do differently. The latest technique I've found is brushing with small jerky movements


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                This week is not going to follow the planned routine. Tuesday is the first of 4 dental appointments to get the teeth back to scratch, Wednesday on a business trip, so a couple of days will be BW training and a fast day on Wednesday. Business trips always leave me bloated as the food supplied is basic Sandwiches served with pastries etc.... and there is no option to take my own. Thursday will be home working so good food at least and Friday is back to normal.

                I've noticed that I am incredibly calm these days, with little getting under my skin. Sleep pattern is the same, food intake is much the same. Exercise is the only slight change were for three weeks I did HIIT, 4 days a week on the bike as part of a tour de France challenge.....hmm might be something to re-introduce.

                I have been trying out some one legged squats and failed miserably, looking at the youtube videos I can't get my leg to go straight as I squat down.....guess the tendons are tight. Might give this garagewarrior a try


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                  It was a very long day yesterday with a 3 hour drive either side of a very long meeting. the obligatory cakes were laid on to keep the ideas flowing and the team awake. Luckily with preparation on my part I avoided the cakes. By making a smoothie from freshly picked raspberries (allotment) and milk I had a good breakfast. I used the plug in cool-box in the car boot to keep the boiled eggs and salad to be consumed for lunch and tea cool and plenty of water was available.

                  The down side with these trips is tiredness the following day, so the gym was not on the cards. I'll take a stroll to the allotment later in the day to get some digging in, that'll do for the exercise.


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                    One thing I have noticed is how more mellow I have become, were things would drive me a "flaming " session either by email of rants around the office, I've noticed I'm allowing things to wash over me. The exercise and food changes have helped, plus the allotments have been a great help this year. Not so much in the amount of produce, but the escapism it allows. My OH and me go there and leave our phones off so the kids cannot pester, well we love the grand-kids to bits, it's just the kids...... we all need a break at times:-)

                    Then there is my photography, I have noticed I'm seeing things differently. By differently I mean I look around and don't just see a bench, I'll see the textures on the bench or the expressions on faces...... no drugs in use, all clean living....perhaps that is it....the years of drudge have finally cleared body and mind :-)

                    Tomorrow is a day off all exercise as I'm currently doing a 4 day routine and it is a work from home day which is a bonus, no travelling. I will be able to get some recipes sorted and food planned for the rest of the week including the weekend as we had a pizza over load. A friend gave me this suggestions for "pizza" which I will try.

                    Bread free pizza
                    Flatten a chicken breast, spread tomato purée, add bacon, onion, mushroom. Oven 25 mins about 180.


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                      Not the best end to the week I must say. I seem to have given myself a dodgy stomach through either eating shop bought Sushi or not cooking the salmon fully for tea last night. The to cap it all, i managed to strain something in my lower back while exercising this morning which shortened the routine...sigh

                      Sleep has been interrupted most nights with the police helicopter flying about at 04:30 looking for villains, guess they cannot catch them, hmmmm

                      The allotments have been producing a good yield, plenty of fresh salad items and Kohlrabi, which is new for this year. Very versatile veg for salads and adding to mashed veggies. The mega meat order arrived this week which filled the freezers up nicely which will give plenty of choice for dinners as I was getting a bit bored with chicken.

                      Time for some painkillers and a stroll to get this backache sorted.


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                        Last week was a very slow paced exercise regime as the back has not fully healed as I get the odd twinge while bending. Careful was the watchword of the week with nothing heavier than a bag of sugar lifted. One thing this mishap re-enforced was the need to lift correctly, last week each exercise was done in front of the mirror to strict form and I really felt the weight more even though it was lighter. I guess I'm guilty of rushing the routine which I need to monitor.

                        The gym is having a new challenge to get more people on-board, it will be called Route 66. basically for each 30 minutes of training a step can be marked off the board. I estimate it to be about 20 steps in total which is pretty much every workday for me unless I get an hour session in. I plan to use the treadmill to walk for 20 minutes and 10 of sprints.

                        Food is working out OK since moving more to higher fat ratio to carbs\protein. As with most things if I do not get enough variation then I get bored and fall into non healthy options.


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                          It was a good workout today as my back is almost sorted...again. Performed some back squats with a lighter weight, but avoided the SLD from the routine as this was exercise which caused the injury, well the incorrect form used. Still trying to master the single leg squats which is fun for others to watch no doubt and the calf raises and leg curls went with incident.

                          Food has again been good this week, however I did wake up with the sniffles, carb flu or real flu.....hmmmmm.
                          Scrambled egg
                          Olives\Feta cheese\peppers\olive oil\tomatoes
                          Meat\Fish with sweet potaotes and home grown veg.

                          I caught this episode on BBC2 about the men who made us thin It was interesting to hear how the whole gym culture was born and how rapidly it expanded, all that lycra must have made someone very rich . Why are the major food suppliers sponsoring fitness events, the olympics had the largest mcdonalds ever and the irony was people sitting watching the fittest athletes while eating fast food, slurping fizzy drinks


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                            The weekend was a combination of digging and playing. Saturday was spent at the allotment as it is getting near the time to prepare the ground for lovely home grown veggies, plenty of digging, muck spreading and fresh air will do wonders for me. Plenty of fresh tomaotoes straight of the vines, cucumbers, peppers, beetroot were all used in the picnic :-)

                            Sunday was a family picnic and familiy from all over came, clumber-park is set in over 3000 acres, just in case all the kids need plenty of space for running. Weather was excellent for running around in or just lazing, just how things should be. I think my OH has finally come around to the whole primal thing, she understands now it is not just about "me" being faddy about food, but the whole life thing. It was funny watching a boy on the rope walk whining with his dad saying " stop being such a girl" when my daughter pointed out the fact that 3 girls were actually being held up by his son. So the sexist putdown was turned against him :-)


                            As this is a short week for me at work I was contemplating a change to the routine as it must be around 5 weeks now that I have been doing this 4 day one. The goal is to get the fat down some more as there is still too much around the middle which is never a good sign, I'm not fussed about look. With the route 66 challenge in the gym in Septemeber I'll be doing a damn sight more low level cardio which will help, combined with a good weight routine. As ever the main focus will be what is going in daily to fuel the body.


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                              Woke this morning feeling very tired and as if I had smoked 60 cigarettes in the night, boy was my throat sore. Bugs doing the rounds and I seem to have picked it up which is most unlike me.

                              Exercise Routine was
                              4 x 8 front squats and DL

                              3 x 10 Walking lunges\Hamstring curls\weighted calf raises

                              15 minute walk and finished with some stretching for the back just to make sure all is well again.


                              Banana + apple+ black coffee. I've taken to grinding my own when needed, I must say I always though it was a bit snobby to do, but I have been converted, the aroma each day is excellent.

                              Chicken legs\olives\feta cheese\tomatoes

                              Lamb steaks\ sweet potatoes\ selection of veg from allotment.

                              After dinner it will be a trip to the plot to get the digging finished, which means I can sit back and plan next years crops


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                                Another month already!, this year is going fast. I guess it feels that way as things have been very busy at home and work with the work\life balance only going slightly off. I stepped on the scales in the gym, first time in, well I can't remember,current weight is 83kg, think I was around 86 last time.


                                Still hitting around 80% primal with the 20% occurring at weekends or when working from home. Breakfast is scrambled eggs. Lunch is feta cheese\olives\tomatoes. Dinner is usually Meat\Fish with roasted veggies and cajun sweet potatoes. sweets are blueberries\raspberries and cream. The odd piece of fruit apple\banana. Treats are 20gm 100% chocolate\ Macadamea nuts\

                                I have recently monved onto the 5/3/1 routine and was sceptical about the claims, after the first week of doing this with the assistance work I have a differnt view. I could feel in each area when I had completed a cycle, which I have not had for a while, so this could be good after all. The challenge was not just the extra weight, but the shredded hands after shifiting around 50 concrete slabs. The route 66 challenge started today in teh gym which was fun, 30 mins on the treadmill with sprints for the last 10 mins.


                                Things are great with the arrival of grandchild number 6, very busy at weekends when they all want to come visit. The good thing is that they all like playing outside so I will be encouraging this even more. The eldest has a challange to complete, 50 things to do before age 11 3/4 one of which is to get muddy and the other is to play in the rain, easily sorted with 2 allotments This will be a busy month as 3 birthdays to cater for, no doubt at our house for a BBQ, primal of course.