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    Another week completed with 5 days of exercising. 3 days of Free weights and 2 of rowing. I've switched to a fat burning type routine for a 6 week period now which involves free weights and BW mixed in. No outdoor work again due to the rain, so I manage to do some sprints up the stairs, run up and walk down.

    Foodage was a bit off thanks to attending a 2 day training course. Lots of biscuits on offer and having to forage out for food in a 30 minute window was a challenge :-) It will soon be time to restock the freezer with plenty of meat goodies, I'm like a kid in the sweet shop, cannot decide yet cannot have all of it.


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      Blimey October already, how time flies. Well the new gym equipment has not been installed yet which is disappointing. Using failing kit make the workouts a challenge to say the least. The routine being followed at present is a bodyweight and DB routine. Mon\Wed\Fri

      Lunges with hammercurls 2 x20 sec (10 sec rest)
      DB deadlift with OHP 2 x20 sec (10 sec rest)
      Walking pressups 2 x20 sec (10 sec rest)
      Renegade plank
      Some form of HIIT to finish.

      Weekends are filled with digging garden or playing with GKids.

      Still loving my mediterrainian style veggies, roasted in the oven. Cajun style sweet pototoes are mmmmmmh. IF has been a bit of a non starter this month as when I try, I fail...feel too hungry.


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        Leg curls

        Some stretching of hamstrings and hip flexor stretches


        Bacon & eggs

        Tuna salad

        Ribeye steak & sweet potatoe chips


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          Time for holiday at last, this seemed to take an age to get around to. A week tramping through some wide open countryside and beach walks. I love this time of year as most places outside of towns are empty. Having the space to breathe and enjoy is immensely pleasurable. No gym sessions, but some fun sprints on the sand can be slotted in I'm sure.

          Food will be whatever is available, no junk, but plenty of seasonal fish or meat. This time of year brings the casseroles and stews to the table, along with home-made soups mmmmmh.

          Still no new gym equipment as it is reliant on some rewiring of the gym to accommodate the machines which can work iPod'! I don't use so will not see any benefit as I rely on my mind to focus the body on the exercise routine :-) Perhaps the gym will be ready next week (sigh)


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            Well I'm pleased I set my expectations low.....the gym has not been sorted yet, sigh. On a more postive note the holiday was great with plenty of outdoor walking on sandy beaches and muddy fields, all good legwork exercises. As an added bonus we had altercation with a herd of cows as the farmer decided to move them along the path we were on......I've never seen my OH move so fast :-). As seasoned walkers we are well aware of the dangers when approaching cows, so we diverted into another field.

            The exercise routine has changed due to the ongoing gym saga, the latest delay is it needs to be rewired to allow the treadmills etc... to function, something to do with Ipod docking. Pffff I don't think a lot of people in the gym actually use Ipods, mainly generic MP3 players...anyway, it will be done when the site sorts the electrician.

            The following was found here twcweek4/

            20 seconds of effort with 10 seconds rest then repeat. Complete 3-5 circuits

            One armed DB snatch

            Sprinting on spot

            DB squat jump

            Mountain climbers

            One arm DB swings


            Weighted crunches x15
            Swissball rollout x15

            DB side bends x15
            Lying pendulums x15
            Side jack knifes x15

            Hanging leg raises x15
            Swissball jacknife x15
            Double leg cycle -Max


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              Clocks changed over the weeeknd which always takes a while to get used to, waking up at "body clock normal time" 05:20, but alarm clock says 04:20..sigh

              Anyway, enough whinging. Cracked on with the routine this week which has incorporated some cardio on Tues\Thurs. It was not a surprise to dicover how quickly I was out of breath, not having incorporated any cardio for a while.

              I had been thinking of why the old belly was not decreasing and lo and behold, this appears on the site...... 9-ways-sabotaging-weight-loss

              A read of the 9 ways... mentioned above and I must confess to being guilty of point 4, so I have revisited Fitday to just see if my suspicions are true....I've fallen into the trap of cutting down too much, but have increased the exercise. I will monitor this for 4 weeks.


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                Plenty of slow moving done this week with work on the allotment. Lifting, carrying and throwing was as good as a gym session, but the best part was the bonfire, all that was missing was a couple of mammoth steaks.

                Gym session

                Outdoor sprints

                Gym session


                Allotment digging and clearing.

                Foodage will be better than this week which was awful last week due to the weekend bonfire party. Too much junk and cakes..and my Nemesis... Pringle's!!!!! The large freezer is empty and begging to be filled with meat and fish, so on-line orders are in progress. It is the time of year to move from steak to stews and braised beef. I do like this time of year for the range of food to be cooked as I'm not a great salad fan. No matter how much I try dressing it up...I ain't a rabbit


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                  I can manage about 3 pull ups then complete the remaing as reverse pull ups. Since starting this I have noted my forearm muscles are "talking" a lot...twitching and such like, hopefully getting stronger.

                  25 pull ups (reverse)
                  50 deadlifts
                  50 pushups
                  50 box jumps
                  50 floor wipers
                  50 Clean & press (DB)
                  25 pull ups (reverse)


                  Large meat order arrives tomorrow which will be most welcome. Looking forward to plenty of curries and stews for lunches. Harvested some pumpkins over the weekend so will have plenty of ingredients for Pumpkin muffins...mmmmmh


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                    Forearms a wee bit aching from Monday which seems to be from the reverse pull ups, might have to reduce the amount for a week as it was becoming difficult to grip bar, but is ok when gripping BB for deadlifts or doing pushups.


                    Boiled eggs

                    Venison stew

                    Rib eye steak with sweet potatoe + veg

                    20g Dark choc as snack

                    According to Fitday my daily calories are 1800-2000 which is up from the usual 1500-1600 before recording was in place.


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                      Good for you Madog. It looks like you are working hard and I hope you are reaping the rewards.

                      Have you thought of checking out simplefit for your workouts. Worth a look.

                      It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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                        update on the gym upgrade is..>" it will go ahead in the next two weeks" So what was the delay? Some rip off firm wanted 7k to install cabling so the treadmills, stepper machine etc... could have TV viewing. Good grief.......who the hell wants to watch TV while working out is beyond me! Anyway if this finally does come off I will be able to recommence my 5x5 strong-lift routine.....I left it when I got to 60 kg squats, health and safety issue... The upgrade is supposed to include a squat rack or power rack plus some extra weights.

                        Fridays session was a bit half hearted, did not have the buzz to get going, not sure why as nothing has changed lifestyle or with work. Completed the session in a longer time than normal.


                        Knocked up some pakora (baked version) bites using sweet potato, brings a change to the lunchtime.

                        Salmon is back on the menu, mmmmh my fav fish. I buy a whole fish from fishmonger and vacupack into portions, 2 Min in Micro and tis done.

                        Roast chicken + Roasted Mediterranean style Veggies

                        Richardmac - Cheers for the pointer to Simplefit, this is the sort of thing I can do at home, nice:-)


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                          Ah the joys of work, forced to work a night shift so no training on monday, a bit of an enforced fast which was no biggie, but the hardest thing was the lack of sleep. Needless to say the urge to train today was lacking so a quick session of Cosgrove Evil 8's was completed.


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                            Not been on here for a wee while, but that's not to say I have been slacking off. After sitting down and taking a long hard look at the routines and foodage, things had gone a bit awry. I was following routine which was not pushing me enough, but was causing me pains in the forearms to the extent I could not lift above a 10kg DB.

                            For the past month I have been on the lean gains routine

                            3x12 BP
                            3x12 DB Flyes
                            3x12 Shoulder press
                            3x12 Lateral raise
                            3x12 Tricep pushdown

                            3x12 Squats
                            3x12 DL's
                            3x12 Leg curls
                            3x12 Calf raises
                            3x12 Ab Crucnhes

                            3x12 Lat pulldown
                            3x12 upright row
                            3x12 seated row
                            3x12 hyper exts
                            3x12 Bicep curls

                            After each weight session I have a 15 minute HIIT session which just about finishes me off nicely.

                            This has been ok over the festive period surprisingly, no sweets or milk chocs or excessive alcohol. As I still have a bit of the belly fat and some on the back, the plan is to ensure the foodage is low carb and around 1500-1700 per day average.


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                              Blimey, the last update was in Sept last year...ah the joys of being busy I guess. This is not to say I fell off the Primal wagon. I have been busy with an increased workload, preparing 2 new allotment plots for the next season and hitting the gym 3 times a week which does not leave much time for blog updates or much else.

                              I am currently following the 5x5 strong-lifts while weaning myself off protein shakes, the drive this year is all real food, no excuses because there are none if planning is done. Happy to report I am now at 86.7 Kg from 88.8 kg at the start of Jan 2013.

                              A change of Doctors occurred as my old one retired so the new one works at a practice with all fancy gizmo's and gadgets. Appointments are made on line, text messages sent to confirm etc... wow, my old doc struggled with a pen. At the registration I mentioned the blackend big toe nail plus I also had an abscess appear overnight, "are you diabetic?" don;t think so....anyway I have been dragged in for the obligatory MOT for 40+, only just made it, 50 this year. Bloods and all that are being done so it will be interesting to see what condition I am in, Diabetic? Cholesterol too high? BP wrong?


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                                I had the results back from the blood tests , all ok apart from the sugar levels. Practice nurse asks "Did you fast before the test?" Well yes, i'm used to fasting, nothing passed my lips apart from some tap water...honest. " We need you back in for another test". It appears the count was 6.5 which they are not happy with, it needs to be under 5.9. So what is the cause I've asked myself. It may be the belly fat I have as I seem to have lost fat from everywhere else. The weekend before the test was bad, lots of pizza and beer for a family party, wonder if that had an effect. ON a plus though it was good to know the BP and Cholesterol are sound, especially with the amount of eggs I eat, that's one in the eye for a so called expert who quizzed my egg consumption :-)

                                The 5x5 training is going well, stalled at the squats on 80kg for a week, now got through to 90kg today so happy. The OHP is not getting further than 50kg, when I was getting beyond this before, I was actually doing a push press :-( not using the legs makes a heck of a difference. I will get through this plateau also :-)