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  • Overcoming sugar addiction - MarissaLinnea's Primal Journal

    So I'm keeping this journal in the hopes that I can finally rid myself of my addiction to sugar, and my binging behaviors. I started Primal because I was tired of sugar running my life. I was a total carbaholic, and would have night time binges on sugary items several times a week, many times in excess of a thousand calories.

    My Primal journey officially began on April 1st, 2012. The carb flu was hell, something I never want to go through again. I got three weeks without refined carbs/sugar and then I had my twin girls' first birthday, tasted cake frosting and that set me off on a total sugar binge, then non primal dinner and cake and a week later my bachelorette party, which derailed me for a couple days, but I got back on the horse and kept going. I've had a couple slip ups since the party, one was a full on binge, and I slipped and had ice cream a couple days ago.

    In an effort to get my binges under control, I have started eating a huge protein and fat filled breakfast. The last three days have been good food wise, no cheats or binges, but I have had some snacks after dinner, and then today in the afternoon. But it was all Primal foods, so I'm good with it.

    Basically my goal is to gain control of my cravings for sugar and carbs. My cravings are SO MUCH BETTER since going Primal, but I want to improve even more. I want to live my life without having the urge to binge on sweets or any other foods. I found I have to be careful about my carb intake: too much high sugar fruits and sweet potatoes, and that triggers me to binge. Having dark chocolate on Mother's Day also triggered a binge, so I will be staying away from that for now.

    I'm just trying to take it day by day and keep focused on my successes instead of my failures.
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      Originally posted by Metric View Post


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        Breakfast: Four eggs scrambled with summer squash, 3-4oz of stew meat

        Workout: Fire 45 EZ and Bum Bum

        Lunch: Salad with carrots, orange bell pepper, tomato, 1 1/2 avocado, balsamic and EVOO. Hamburger patty and half a sweet potato with lots of butter.

        Snack: raw almonds with diced pink lady apple and coconut milk

        Dinner: Chicken fajitas with guac and sour cream, wrapped in cabbage leaves

        Then comes to the hard part of the evening. After dinner, the kids have gone to sleep, and this is when my mind starts churning about having's really annoying. Usually I will have some berries and coconut milk or something like that. We have no ice cream or candy in the house right now, thank God! So if I do snack, it will only be Primal.

        My energy has been fairly good today, but I have a bit of a short fuse which I account to stress from the upcoming wedding (one week away, yay!!) and also the kids.....but they make me crazy every day.

        So this is day 3 since I've had a cheat or binge. My short term goal is to make it to the wedding day without a sugar cheat or binge. I know I can make it, I got this!!! I just need to keep myself busy until bed time. I will have a sugar cheat on the wedding day of course, my yummy cake! Can't wait!
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          Breakfast: Four eggs scrambled with mushrooms and 6oz ground beef.

          Lunch: Made a chuck steak, but could only eat half. Didn't like it. BAS. Greek plain yogurt with blackberries, raspberries and almonds

          Snack: Pink lady apple, almond butter

          Dinner: chicken fajitas wrapped in cabbage leaves

          After dinner snack: berries with coconut milk, raw coconut flesh and handful of almonds

          Feeling pretty good today. This is day 5 since having a cheat or binge. I was really craving a sweet last night, but I stayed strong and had some coconut flesh and grapes instead.

          Energy seems to be picking up a bit, got a lot of house cleaning done today which is awesome. No workout, might go for a walk tonight as I should take the day off today from doing a strenuous work out.

          Well, didn't get a walk in but it's ok. I have also added a bit of dairy back in my diet and it seems to be helping a little. Hopefully this is a good move, not a bad one.
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            Breakfast: Made four eggs and four sausages, was only able to get about half of it down. My stomach was quite upset this morning for some reason. After visiting the bathroom, I felt a little better. Then had some Greek yogurt with strawberries and that made my tummy feel good.

            Workout: Fire 45 EZ, didn't have energy for anything else

            Lunch: Grassfed burger, BAS and 1/4 acorn squash with lots of salt free butter, felt even better after this meal.

            Snack: apple with almond butter, raw coconut flesh

            Dinner: roast beef with bell pepper and onion, served over swiss cheese and sauteed kale

            Snack: berries with coconut milk and yogurt, almonds

            Have been testing, still in a light ketosis which is good I guess. Trying to keep things light and stress free as the wedding approaches.

            I'm experimenting with eating a bit less veggies, and more meat and fat. So far I don't seem as hungry, my dinner was much smaller today, but that could be due to the fact that I had a pretty awesome snack this afternoon.
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              Breakfast: four eggs scrambled, 5 oz greek yogurt with raspberries

              Workout: Fire 45 and HIIT 20, workout today was AWESOME! Great energy, felt really good!

              Lunch: grassfed burger patty, BAS, 1/4 acorn squash with butter

              Snack: almonds, almond butter with apple, beef jerkey

              Dinner: chicken stir fry

              Today marks a week since I have binged and/or had sugar. I feel really great, energy is picking up, bloating is going way down. I need to remember this feeling next time I'm tempted to eat something I shouldn't. I'm also noticing my mood is better, feeling much more positive and happy. My stomach bloat is so much better, I can hardly believe it.

              I'm quite torn about what to do on my wedding day. Part of me wants to have a few drinks, indulge in a couple pieces of wedding cake and party. But another part of me doesn't want to drink any alcohol, and have maybe one piece of wedding cake. Mostly because I know if I drink, I'm going to pay dearly for it. My hangover will last more than a day or two and my body will bloat up like a puffer fish, and it takes FOREVER to get that bloat to go away. And the cake. Yes, I will have a piece of cake, it's my wedding after all. But what if I want more than one piece? I know that will bloat me up as well. *sigh* It's just such a sacrifice to eat refined carbs and/or sugar when I know what it's going to do to me.

              Decisions, decisions......
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                Meh, today kinda blows. I have a full blown cold. I hope it's better by Saturday.

                Eating has been really good, all Primal foods and no binges/sugars for nine days, that makes me quite happy. Was able to finish my large protein breakfast this morning as well. I'm still very driven to snack at night. I don't know what it is, maybe this is just what's normal for me. But my body always wants fruit and fat at night before I go to bed. I'm not sure if I should just go with it, or if I should try to change it......


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                  Well, the wedding was a success, it was so beautiful and magical and I love my new husband Mike so much!!! So glad that we went all out with the big wedding! I'm still nursing my cold, not feeling well but I'm trying. Also, today is the first day I worked out since Thursday of last week. It wasn't too bad, I was expecting worse.

                  As I suspected, my sugar cravings are pretty bad again. I had three pieces of wedding cake, and then some unclean eating and lots of sugar two days following that. So today is day two back to full Primal. Sugar cravings suck, but I've gotten past this before. I can do it again.


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                    June 1st was day one for me. I'm going to do a modified Whole 30, rather a "Primal 30" if you will. Today is day three, feeling much better than I was on day one. I had a whole day of non-Primal eating on the 31st of May, and it made me feel so icky! My skin hurt everywhere, my chest was very heavy and conjested as well as my sinuses.

                    So, I have yet to make it a whole 30 days of eating Primally with no "cheats" so that is my goal for this month. I made it three weeks before, so I know I can do it. I'm excited to complete the goal!


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                      Alrighty, so I've come to the conclusion that I am going to ditch fruit, limit veggies and focus on fats and meats for awhile and see if that doesn't get me where I want to be as far as needing to snack and such. I was proud of myself, I went to the store tonight and I was going to get a dark chocolate bar. Instead I bought a salami to snack on and some bacon. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow, lol!!!


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                        When you say you will limit veggies, are you meaning all of them or just the starchy ones? Because I love stir fried veggies cooked in lard.
                        Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

                        Griff's cholesterol primer
                        5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
                        Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
                        TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
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                          Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                          When you say you will limit veggies, are you meaning all of them or just the starchy ones? Because I love stir fried veggies cooked in lard.
                          Mostly what I mean is, instead of having a BAS with lunch, I will instead have more meat and fat and no salad. For dinner, I will have a portion of veggies usually sauteed in olive oil and butter, and I will continue to have those veggies with my meat for dinner. Yes, I'm going to limit starchy veggies for now, as well as fruits.


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                            Alrighty, so today's little experiment was good! I had a good protein breakfast around 7.30 and then I worked out, I did Fire 45 EZ because I wanted to see how it would make me feel hunger wise compared to yesterday. I had a very large grassfed burger fried in bacon grease, half an artichoke with pasture butter and three large pieces of hard salami. That was probably around 1.30 or so. About half an hour ago 3.45, my tummy was hungry, real hunger. So I had two hard boiled eggs and a hand full of almonds and I now feel full.

                            What I learned compared to yesterday: my cardio is what is probably making me hungry and need snacks. Another thing I learned: I feel A LOT BETTER and have much more energy when I really focus on eating more animal fats and protein and leave out the veggies and fruits during the day. I feel very awake and have had a lot of energy to get my housework done on top of doing my cardio workout. Usually I don't.

                            I still have to keep my evening veggies. I have always been a firm believer in the power and health benefits of vegetables, so I can't ban them completely. But I will be eating them with a fat.

                            So tomorrow, I will not be doing any cardio and just strength training and I will see how that affects my appetite for the rest of the day.


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                              So far, my higher fat/protein and lower veggie/no fruit plan is working very well! I have way more energy these last few days. I worked out today, did some strength training and that went really well. I was shaking by the time I was done, lol!! I'm so excited with my results as far as energy is concerned. It's pretty amazing, I pray it's not a fluke.