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    I'm still at 139lb. The scale only pops out whole numbers. But when I switch to metric readings, I'm actually down 0.1kg, i.e., I went from 63.4 kg to 63.3. Tuesday I was at 63.5. Obviously, these are itty bitty changes, well within the normal fluctuations. But they are going in the right direction, so there!

    Actually, I don't care all that much. I've been trying to lose weight for seven years. I lost 30lb, but never seemed able to get below 145-150. Now that I'm below 140, I feel completely relaxed about the whole thing.

    I do want to continue focusing on health though. I've been having digestive issues for a few weeks, and I want to rein that in. I want to continue losing weight. Although I'm losing weight slowly, I'm no longer losing inches. As soon as I've used up the current batch of perishables, I'm going to jump into a more controlled program for a month, whether strict primal or even stricter auto immune protocol with a focus on adding back foods in a sequence that makes sense and with enough spacing between them that I don't muddle the effects of different foods.

    OK. To wrap up yesterday's menu. I ended up having a not-so hungry day. I had the broccoli slaw for lunch instead of the meatballs. I got home late, and didn't want any of the heavy stews I had made. So I had the Spanish cheese assortment from Trader Joe's and some rice crackers (ingredients-rice flour, sesame seeds, salt and safflower oil).

    Great. I just googled safflower + primal. I'm going to die....Actually, I'm just won't buy that stuff anymore. My plantain crackers are far superior.

    OK, on to today's menu:

    Happy 3.14159 day y'all.
    I tried to make a primal pie to take to work. Reasons: I have a lot of "primal treat" raw materials at home that I'd like to get rid of so that I can move on to the next phase of my primal journey. Hence all the leftovers I've been eating. My coworkers aren't primal, and love all the sweet treats I bring in. Not this time. I made a primal-ish version of the kitchn's coconut jam and banana bars. I acquired the jam when I was on an eat MOAR COCONUTS phase. Then i didn't eat it because jam is just sugar + coconut. Anyway, I made a shortbread base and topped it with bananas, coconut jam and walnuts. It tastes good, but the base is a little...powdery. I'm not sure why I'm on this anti-almond flour kick lately. Sure, I'm a little afraid of the whole oxidized omega-6 fatty acids deal. But it's not like I'm not baking nuts - hello walnuts. So no-go on the pie. But if I don't serve it to my coworkers, I'm going to have to find the strength to throw it away. Crumbly or no, I don't have the willpower to not eat it.

    Where was I?
    Breakfast was the blood orange and fennel salad. I forgot to bring the lemon juice to squeeze on top, so I just ate it like finger food. I'm really enjoying the salad for breakfast kick I've been on.

    Lunch is the meatballs I didn't eat yesterday. If I don't eat them today, then 1) I'm SOL because I have nothing else to eat except some dried kimchi and 2) I'm throwing it out due to extreme old age.

    Dinner will be some form of leftovers. I'm going to the gym again tonight which means coming home late. I've been trying to eat light on those nights so as not to trigger my gastroparesis before bed. So dinner might be the last of the porridge because everything else is pretty heavy.


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      Yesterday went...not bad. My coworkers enjoyed the treat. I vowed to stop being that person, you know the one who is always bringing in treats and leaving it lying about to tempt other people. Besides, I saw a number of posts by people paleo and no-paleo, who had made quiches and such for pi day rather than sweets.

      I skipped dinner because I didn't feel like it. I did unfortunately take a Dr Ron's thyroid-liver pill after working out. That is one of two possible culprits as to why I was unable to sleep. I finally nodded off around midnight, and woke up at two, tired and bleary eyed but just incapable of going back to sleep. Did the crossword puzzle until I felt sleepy again, but I kept waking back up. The comforter was all tangled around my legs. It's been a while, but this was one of the symptoms of Grave's way back when. I will have to start taking it in the morning when I take my vitamin D. The problem is I take my Armour in the morning, and I was really trying to have a few hours separation between the two. Obviously, I know that the real issue is to find a new endo who is willing to work with my symptoms and not some arbitrary number on a test result. Well you are in the normal range, so you only think you feel like crap or that your hair is falling out.

      What else? My American Gut swabs just came in yesterday. Never has someone been so eager to poop!

      Today's menu
      B: more of the fennel/blood orange salad.
      S: But I got hungry by 11am, probably because I had skipped dinner and had a clementine that my coworker brought.
      L: Last of the meatballs and spaghetti squash. I am still full and may have to skip dinner again tonight.


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        On Saturday night, I had a dream where I was begging my mom to follow paleo. I've written about her before - overweight, inactive, and diabetic. If she was happy with the status quo, I wouldn't worry, even if it was killing her. I feel everybody has a right to find happiness the way they want. If you find happiness in a waffle, who am I to stand in your way. But she is not happy. So yesterday, I went over to her place to "yell" at her for real. Ya know, stop invading my dreams. Sheesh. My dad was home so I got him on board to have her eat paleo for one week. He does all the grocery shopping, and I suspect most of the cooking now that she is less functional, so having him not sabotage her is key. This will be higher carb than I like, but we agreed that she could restrict her starches to non grain for a week.

        No exercise. That's a point of contention between her and my dad. He nags and she withdraws. But in the end we all agreed to change just one thing at a time.

        She did this (+dairy) last year for a month, lost 10 lbs, reduced aches and pains, and got put on a sliding scale for some of her insulin meds. Then she slacked off - smoothies with honey and fruit; just a spoon of rice here and there; oh, I don't eat a lot of bread - that loaf of bread lasts the whole week; I just had a slice of pizza when your dad bought some for the grandkids. She started resenting my questions, although she never told me. Instead, she complained to my sister who got in my face about the correct mien I was supposed to have. Then when I got angry, had the nerve to say that if I used the same tone with my mom that I was using with her, then she wouldn't want my help either. I'm pretty sure I didn't offer my sister any help where she would have to worry about my attitude. I'm also pretty sure I didn't tell her where to stick it, either.

        I'm no saint, but I educated myself about diabetes, and long acting vs short acting insulin, and the dawn phenomenon, and why she get blobs of fat at the sites where she injects herself, and all the side effects of taking a cocktail of statins, high blood pressure meds, GERD meds, etc. When she asks what am I supposed to eat, I propose menus and buy food to support that menu. The only thing I'm impatient about is when she starts to ramble on about her doctor's visits. I'm a good daughter, not a saint, and there is no off button once she gets started about how her doctor(s) have wronged her. So if anyone wants to help my mom lose weight and reduce her pain, they should go ahead and do so with whatever attitude is approved by my sister. They just don't get to sit on the sidelines and criticize the one person willing to do something.

        So, let's criticize me. I got home a little after seven, and started looking around for dinner. I didn't want anymore leftovers. Didn't want my salad. The banana chips sounded good. Ooh, look I had plantain chips too. Did I have any more of the spanish cheese in the back of the fridge? Then it struck me: I was acting like a freaking junkie. For months, I've been good. No, I don't like the word "good". It presumes that this is about morality.

        For months, I've made decisions that support my health and my priorities. I felt like I had things under control. I did that by going 100% autoimmune protocol, then regular primal, then tried the potato diet. I trashed all my gluten containing products. But in my mind, beans and rice and oatmeal are still food, just things that I shouldn't eat regularly and would deal with later. Well, a few weeks ago, I decided that later had come. I needed to either eat those things or throw them out to make room for primal approved foods that I would actually eat. Ideally, I would use up a can of beans here and there, a little rice flour in the cake for my niece, etc.
        But now 2-3 weeks later the cravings are starting again.

        I decided that I could either have my planned dinner or if I really wasn't hungry, I wouldn't have anything at all. I was sort of peckish, so had my salad topped with two beautifully boiled eggs. True, the gastroparesis came back as it has for the past couple of weeks, but that probably has nothing to do with fennel bulb. It just tells me that it's definitely time to do an elimination diet, giving individual food groups a longer time upon reintroduction to act. If they wreak havoc on my digestive system, then like wheat, they are no longer food.

        Today's menu:
        Skipped breakfast
        Lunch last of the short ribs with a bammy (cassava patty) fried in coconut oil
        Dinner : I'll see what I can do with the two green plantains.

        Tentative menu for the rest of the week.
        I'm going to be busy at work, so haven't done the shopping and menu planning that I normally do. This might be a good week to try the PPD. I've got fish, sausages, shrimp, cooked beef and sweet potato leaves in the freezer. Ive got cabbage and sauerkraut in the refrig, and swiss chard that survived the winter in pots on the balcony.

        Breakfast will be greens and onions in coconut oil + one of the meats named above,
        Lunch will be boiled red potatoes, bone broth, sauerkraut
        Dinner will be hash browns in the george foreman


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          I started the potato thing as planned yesterday. I prepared ahead of time (Monday night):
          • 3lbs of red potatoes, boiled in bone broth and added a little more bone broth to mash
          • 1 cup rice boiled, 1/2 tsp coconut oil I had leftover
          • 2 green plantains, sliced, rubbed with coconut oil and baked. I ate the whole thing on Monday night for dinner
          • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled, sliced, rubbed with 1 tsp coconut oil total and baked
          • 6 oz baby white potatoes, parboiled, smashed, and rubbed with 1 tsp coconut and baked until crispy

          Yesterday, I ate about a lb of sweet potatoes at breakfast, and a pound of russet potatoes that I shredded and cooked in the George Foreman for dinner. I also had some sugar free gum.

          This morning, I had 2.75 oz of poached tilapia with 1/4 cup of sauerkraut. Lunch will be a third of the mashed potatoes and dinner will be more russet potato hash.
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            If I'm trying the potato diet again, I should probably note my weights. I've been hovering around 138-140 for about a month, so anything below that should be a real weight loss.

            2/19/2013 63.7kg (140lb)
            2/20 63.6 (140)
            2/21 63.5 (140)
            2/22 62.9 (138)

            2/26 63.6 (140)
            2/27 64 (141)
            2/28 62.8 (138)
            3/1 63.5 (140 - first day of cycle)

            3/5 64 (141)
            3/8 65.5 (144)

            3/12 63.5 (140)
            3/13 63.4 (139.5)
            3/14 63.3 (139)
            3/15 63.3 (139)

            3/19 62.9 (138) first full day of potato diet
            3/20 62.6 (138)

            Lest anyone think this is all about weight, I should add that I've been having gastroparesis issues for about a month. I'm not really good about keeping a record, so my notes are pretty spotty. The past two days of potato only, not a single problem! So if nothing else, I gave my poor stomach a rest!


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              I ended up having the rice for dinner - 8oz. I was still hungry so added in 6 oz of the smushed baby potatoes. Then I had some tea - the Yogi brand fasting tea. Shortly thereafter, I started to feel not quite bloated, but really full. Then I got heartburn. I swallowed some l-gln before bed, and again this morning, both of which seemed to help. When I weighed myself this morning at work, I was back up to 62.9kg.

              This is not really enough of an increase to get too exercised over, it just seems notable, since this is the first time since March 5 (how convenient that I rounded up those numbers yesterday) where weight is going up instead of down. So what are the likely culprits? The rice obviously, because I've heard a lot of people get bloated when the eat grains. The baby potatoes, possibly. They were skin-on, which sometimes gives me trouble. And the tea. Oh, brother. It turns out that this particular tea has barley malt and is not gluten free. I've been drinking it starting when I was doing some intermittent fasting, and continuing with a cup here and there both because I like the taste and to use up the box. Yes, I have a thing for not storing up food. What, I have a small kitchen!

              With all my talk of gastroparesis, I have no experience with heartburn. With gastroparesis, I feel uncomfortable, I throw up and keep throwing up over and over until whatever is lingering in my stomach is gone. No nausea, no heartburn, just a need to put the seat up on the toilet and take care of business. Good times. Yesterday, I had no urge whatsoever to do that. I guess by only eating one or two things, I can unmask nuances that I don't normally see when I'm eating a combination of foods.

              So today's menu will be fish and salsa and sauerkraut. Not all together. This is my first time eating this batch of sauerkraut. Yesterday's sauerkraut was the last of the recipe from Practical Paleo with carrots and jalapeno. This batch is red cabbage with a little caraway seed. I wasn't sure how that would go with the fish. so I brought the salsa so I wouldn't have to eat the bland fish by itself. Not bad, although I was totally busted for nuking fish at work. Oops.

              Lunch - I brought the last of the rice (7oz). I will watch for heartburn symptoms which will help me pinpoint whether rice is the problem. I also have a cup of bone broth and a little 0.15 oz package of laver (roasted seaweed) from the Korean market.

              Dinner - will be either the mashed potatoes (in bone broth) or russets hashed in the george foreman grill. Tea, if any, will be either peppermint or licorice root herbals that support digestive health.


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                Ugh. I can't believe I lost that long ass post. Not going to try to rewrite it. quick summary - something i ate yesterday is causing problems - weight gain and heartburn. Potential culprits are rice, potato skins or tea (contains barley malt?!).
                Wt. 62.9kg.
                Menu similar to yesterday, but sub rice for mashed potatoes to see if I can recreate the problem


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                  Yay! Last week's post is back.

                  I didn't get a chance to post this weekend and a lot has my stomach. Double ugh.

                  I did well on the potato diet and decided to finish up on Friday. I didn't lose any weight but my cycle will begin some time this week, and it's pretty normal to gain weight. In fact, I gained volume in my ankles. The fact that I stayed the same weight is actually a pretty good sign to me.

                  So Saturday, I started the day off with Practical Paleo's acorn squash breakfast: bake an acorn squash and throw in a few (and when I say a few, it means I counted them - under 10 per squash half) raw almonds and raisins, a tbsp of coconut butter, and a tsp of maple syrup. And that's when the trouble started. The usual gastroparesis issues where I was bringing up strings from the pumpkin or little chunks of almond. Every few minutes. Yeah, it's my journal, and I can be gross if I want to.

                  I munched on some banana chips for lunch, trying not to challenge my stomach to much. By dinner, I felt better, and got a rotisserie chicken. I ate the legs and left the rest for future meals. Nothing else. No veggies, no potatoes. Just chicken legs. This precipitated an "everybody out of the pool" vomiting spree the likes of which I have not seen since I have been primal. I am 100% certain that some law of physics was broken, because the amount of material that was brought up was many,many fold what was taken in.

                  Sunday - I woke up hungry. Seriously, stomach? Now you are just messing with me. I decided to have a green smoothie in the hopes that a liquid meal would be tolerated. And it was: 1 cup of plain kefir with an apple, a kiwi, 2 cups frozen spinach, and guacamole aka the abomination. The guacamole made it a bit spicy, but as long as I overlooked the jalapeno, it tasted pretty good.

                  Sunday lunch - skipped this. Again, I figured I'd give my stomach a break.

                  Sunday dinner - 2 oxtails over at my parents, and a taste of a chickpea pancake, sort of like a socca. Came home and made a frittata for this week's breakfasts, meatballs (again, a PP recipe), and some sweet potato muffins (sweet potato, dried figs rehydrated in hot water, 2 egg yolks + 1 egg and spices all pureed together in the food processor). I started fermenting the rest of the yams (pureed yams + kefir + salt) and left that covered on the counter. I tasted the frittata (about 1 in x 1 in x 3in piece) and two of the muffins, and a glass of kombucha. No digestive problems at all. None.

                  I'm now wondering if there is flour or something else in the store bought rotisserie chicken to have caused such a violent reaction. I know my stomach was a little upset with the squash. But that was nothing compared to the chicken.


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                    Today's weight 63.3 kg. As I said before, not a bad increase for pTOTM. If it's still this high next week, then we'll have problems.

                    Menu for today:
                    B: Frittata (made with eggs, sausage, cheese, swiss chard and onions)
                    L: Cottage muffins (grass-fed ground beef and liver, topped with mashed sweet potatoes)
                    D: Smoked salmon with cucumbers, guacamole and toasted seaweed


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                      I'm still around. I've been sick - nothing to be concerned about: same old same old. I'm not sure how much of it I want to get into. Part of me says go into all the gory details, and that way I have a record. A month, a year from now, I won't remember all the metaphors, with my stomach playing the part of Kim Jong Un playing quien es mas macho with my spinal column. Good times. Woke up at 2am to intense stomach burn and middle back pain, made peppermint tea, threw up the days input and felt better enough that I was able to fall back asleep. Gained 4lbs. The next few days were spent IF'ing, not to lose the weight, but because I still felt full, and figured I'd give my stomach a break. This whole time I stopped going to the gym because of muscle soreness, and pain in every joint except my hip and my elbows. I'm talking pain in the balls of my feet; my shoulder; my wrists; my entire back.

                      I got my american gut kit and so have been posting meals to Calorie Count as they recommended instead of just noting it here. I'll continue to do that for seven days, then send the sample back to be analyzed. Now I'd better start thinking about going to bed...


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                        Oh, sorry you sick. Best wishes.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          Thank you, Annie. My stomach is better now, by going back to a strict primal diet, but my psoriasis flared back up and never got any better. I'm back at my journal to start logging my eating and my progress towards psoriasis-free and gastroparesis-free. The awesome thing is that I did it once, so I know I can do it again.


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                            OK. Let's go. I've been using several ways to track my progress in diet and exercise - this site, of course, Fitday, CalorieCount plus a spiral bound notebook from Barnes and Noble. I've been using Fitday for about four years, so it's got a good historical record. However, some of the foods I eat aren't on their lists, and I'm not sure you can add recipes, so I end up having to add each individual ingredient every day. I used CalorieCount for one week this month while I was collecting data for the American Gut project. I hated that it gave everything you ate a grade, and of course, things like a whole egg had a lower grade than egg whites.

                            So for record keeping, I will use fitday for weight because I have a nice graph going back to 2009, my notebook for everything, as I can't always record things right away, and then this journal for meals and workouts.

                            This week's menu:

                            Porridge - a couple pounds of cauliflower, riced; a can of pumpkin puree, a can of coconut milk, a handful of raisins, three eggs (all I had at the time), spices and stevia.

                            Coconut curried fish with string beans

                            Meatballs: used the recipe from Roost, with a pound each of ground beef and pork, plus 4oz liver. Served with spaghetti squash

                            deli meat and cheese: Thought I'd try liverwurst as an alternative source of liver. That's for lunch today so we'll see if I ever repeat that experiment.

                            Salad: mixture of shredded fennel bulb, swiss chard (from my balcony!), asparagus, mango, papaya and lemon juice

                            MOAR vegetables - leftover asparagus, broccoli: I may chop and roast these in some delicious fat.

                            papaya lassi: I have extra papaya, so I bought some yogurt and milk and will blend this up with a little cardamom and stevia on my workout day.

                            Chicken soup: Used up some bone broth and chicken breasts that I had in the freezer.

                            Stir fry: I've got some cabbage, and also some beef in the freezer. If I run out of food, I can cobble something together.

                            Mark's Philly Cheeseburger: I've got all the ingredients for this including the ingredients for the cheese sauce. I do want to give up dairy to see if that helps my skin, but I will have to finish this stuff off first.

                            Someone had mentioned in the comments for that recipe, that shredded cheese now contains starches. I noticed this too. The shredded cheddar had cellulose to prevent caking, and the parmesan (for the meatballs) had either potato and corn starch, or cellulose. Sure, I could buy a block of cheese, but you know what, this was my one little luxury! This weekend I have zested lemons and oranges, grated ginger and nutmeg; shredded zucchini; chopped tons of onions, garlic, parsley, cilantro, fennel, chard, chicken etc. Surely, I could take one little shortcut safely. Sigh.

                            Supplements: Mg2+, VitD and fish oil
                            Rx: This is the first day of splitting Armour in two and taking with meals. This is a new 90 day supply
                            Workout: walk to the library, about 20 mins one way.


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                              Forgot to add - I have zucchini for the soup as well as some of the broccoli and asparagus.

                              I also have some smoked salmon, cucumbers, nori and guacamole (the kind that comes in a little single serving packet). Everything will keep until next week except for the cucumbers, so I may crunch on those as a snack.

                              I'm very happy that my stomach has calmed down so that I can get back to eating tons of vegetables.


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                                Tuesday April 30
                                Actual menu:

                                B: Cauliflower-pumpkin-coconut porridge
                                coke zero (fail!)

                                L: ~3oz lunch meat (liverwurst, corned beef and beef pastrami - just enough to try them out)
                                ~2 oz havarti
                                fennel-asparagus salad
                                coconut water

                                D: 3 meatballs and spaghetti squash
                                3 sugar free gum (I was full but still wanted to have dessert; it's not ideal, but it kept me distracted enough that I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the night)

                                Exercise: 50 min walk in the rain

                                Mg2+, fish oil, Vit D
                                Armour tab in 2 - 1/2 with breakfast, 1/2 with dinner

                                Was very sleepy by 10 but didn't go to bed until midnight
                                Woke up this morning with pins and needles in my hand. I normally get this at the end of a 3 month batch of Armour. I assume the Armour is losing its potency. In this case, I wonder if it's the change in how I take the Armour, i.e., twice a day with meals vs. 1x per day without. So this morning (Wednesday), I caved and took half on an empty stomach.

                                Plan for today:
                                B: mango lassi, 2HB eggs (done)
                                L: meatballs and spaghetti squash; fennel slaw
                                ?: rest of papaya lassi after workout
                                D: curried fish with string beans
                                Exercise: NROLFW stage 2A3
                                Supplements/meds: as described.
                                I will update this tomorrow if anything changes from the plan