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  • Primal Journal-Mirday

    So, a little about me:
    I'm 38, 5'7" and last time I weighed I was 256 pounds. (My scale is broken but I assume I'm still about the same as my clothing fits the same. I'll weigh next time I go to my mom's house.)

    I was a skinny little kid and in 4th grade started puffing out with a huge explosion in 5th. Really, my school pictures are shocking. I struggled throughout school and young adult-hood with all of the crazy diets out there. Weight would come off and come back sometimes bringing along friends.

    In my mid-30's I found a doctor who said that Atkins was on the right track but went a little too far and if I wanted to have carbs I should have a small amount in the morning or early afternoon and I needed to focus more on strength training than cardio. At the time I was 224 and I went to 189 in 4 months. Then I got pregnant. With triplets.

    I had a hard time eating enough during my pregnancy. I felt like I was packing it away but by the time my girls came home from the NICU (15 days after birth) I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothing. Then ppd came along and kicked my butt. I binged on all sorts of junk during the 9 months I was heavily depressed. I tried to lose but I kept bouncing back and gaining more.

    Then I found out about Traditional Food and Weston A. Price and started eating that way. I feel a lot better, have pretty great energy, clear skin, mild or no pms and I've only had one migraine in the two years I've been eating this way. But the weight, flab and asthma are still there.

    So I started thinking about what I can change and I realize I pretty much make SAD foods with healthy foods. Like I use rapadura, maple syrup, coconut or palm oil, coconut flour and soaked wheat flour to make cupcakes. So I was working toward altering this when a friend (also a TFer) went sugar-free and was going on and on about how great she was feeling. Then another friend shared a link a friend of hers shared to MDA and I fell down the rabbit hole.

    I've been sort-of primal for a couple of weeks and yesterday I went full-on. My main area of difficulty with be Friday night/Saturday because I'm an Orthodox Jew and we are required to eat a "festive meal" on the sabbath. Traditionally that is meat and bread though I can get by with two glasses of wine and meat but the yummy homemade challah is so tempting. I'm working at just having a small amount and then taking a walk but I don't always feel like it Friday night. Normally I wouldn't worry about it, but I'm still trying to break out of the carb addiction and find myself reaching for the bread even when I'm not hungry.
    Miriam in Sunny SoCal

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    Sunday May 13
    First Day fully Primal.

    3 eggs cooked in a little butter
    1/2 cup of carrots with butter
    1 tomato
    Coffee with milk

    2 hamburger patties (I'm going to guess 1/4 pound each)
    1 onion that I cooked up in coconut oil
    1/2 tomato
    1 cup carrots
    1 tablespoon hummus
    1 glass red wine

    Handful of crispy almonds (need to make more!)
    handful of cherries
    1 banana topped with 1 tablespoon coconut butter mixed with a small spoon of cocoa powder

    walking around garden center with family and a couple of stretches. I sprained my ankle last week and its about 80%

    Notes to self:
    The sugar craving hit after the girls went to bed but the banana with chocolate coconut butter was great.
    Almost out of coconut oil and out of raw milk and raw butter will be gone this week.
    Time to get almonds from father-in-law.
    Miriam in Sunny SoCal


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      Monday May 14

      3 eggs cooked with raw cultured butter
      1 cup cooked carrots with melted butter
      Sliced apple
      tea with raw cream

      handful of strawberries

      2 chicken breasts marinated in EVOO, lemon juice, salt and basil then grilled
      asparagus cooked with garlic in coconut oil
      1 cup mango
      Salad with homemade Asian dressing

      Still nursing my ankle. Parked at the far end of the market lot and walked the entire market.
      Vented about the raw milk recall to hubby. Does that count?

      Notes to self:
      Realized I was just noshing on the mango after dinner so I put it away.
      Cooked a lot of extra chicken and the chunked the meat for easy salads and got some bone broth cooking.
      Realized that eating two meals is what we were doing in Israel two years ago. Blogged about it here.
      Miriam in Sunny SoCal


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        Tuesday May 15

        Chocolate sunflower butter smoothie

        Salad with chunked chicken and left-over Asian dressing
        Handful of mango
        Handful of blackberries

        Leftover night!
        Bits of roasted chicken, meatloaf, hamin (beef and egg), chunked chicken
        Salad with the last of the Asian dressing

        I had a couple chips my girls were eating, but blech.
        Coffee with coconut milk

        Walking around park

        Notes to self:
        I cannot do a smoothie for breakfast. It doesn't feel like a meal and I'm noshy even though my stomach is full. Back to my yummy eggs tomorrow morning!
        Miriam in Sunny SoCal


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          Wednesday May 16

          3 eggs cooked in raw cultured butter
          1 avocado
          Coffee with a splash of my dwindling raw cream supply (Can you hear me crying here?)

          Shaved steak, red bell pepper, mushrooms and green beans sauteed in rendered chicken fat.
          Salad with Asian dressing
          banana with coconut butter mixed with cocoa powder

          The last of the leftover chicken.


          Notes to self:
          The breakfast did it! I feel full and no desire to nosh. I am terribly thirsty, though, so a glass of water with a twist of lemon has been my friend today.
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          Miriam in Sunny SoCal