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    Ok, so I'm going to start journaling my eating and activities. Mainly to help keep me on track food-wise (feel free to heckle remorselessly if I stray without good reason!), but also to maybe help others out just by being able to see one person's approach.

    So, for today (Sat, June 27):

    B - 4 eggs, scrambled, 1-1.5 cups strawberries and blueberries, yerba mate (a kind of tea from South America).

    L - Large salad (lots of lettuce, cucumber, a carrot, half an avocado, few cherry tomatoes, a few dried currents), topped with a can of tuna, and as a dressing, olive oil and oregano.

    S -Handful of almonds, cup of coffee with a tiny splash of milk and a wee bit of sugar, and a small piece of dark chocolate (I'm currently trying to eliminate coffee altogether - I'm down to once a day now - once I eliminate it, I won't have any more use for dairy or sugar).

    D - Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, brussels sprouts (about 14 I think), small salad with olive oil and balsamic.

    S - 1-1.5 cups strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. About 10 almonds.

    Between breakfast and lunch I went to a local park and did some bare-foot trail running. About 3 miles worth of sprinting, jogging and walking. I've just started doing a lot more bare-foot and I'm loving it. This was the first time doing the whole 3 mile loop bare-foot. Previously I'd start out w/ shoes, then take them off about half-way through. My feet are certainly getting stronger and tougher. Then, to wash all the mud off I waded along the creek there at the park. Lots of small and medium stones gave my foot muscles a workout - they're still sore.

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    Looks like a solid day. What are your goals?


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      Goals?? Um... er... good question. I guess just to be as fit and healthy as I can. I've been eating pretty healthy (well, by CW standards) and I've been pretty active for years now (gym, trail running, a little bit of capoeira, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, trying to learn to surf, playing games on the beach, that kind of stuff) - so I'm in decent shape already, but I'd love to loose the last bit of fat (5-10 lbs?) around my mid section and get a bit stronger in general. I don't play any organized sports or practice any martial art or anything, I'm just really attracted to the whole primal lifestyle from a philosophical viewpoint.

      I've been a web-programmer (freelance) for years, but am currently studying for a personal training certification. I can't stand sitting around all day - I need to move! Just a couple weeks ago I found out about Erwan Le Corre and and I'd love to be able to get involved with that somehow.


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        Do you lift heavy weights infrequently? That might really help you drop the last few pounds.


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          I lift 2 or 3 times a week. Usually 3. Mostly big compounds - squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, pull-ups, etc.

          Although I've been eating "mostly" primal for the last month or so, I think I've been cheating too much. That's one reason I want to keep a journal here - a bit of peer pressure.


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            Well you are doing everything right with diet and excercise. I know that my cheat days really derailed my weight loss efforts until I started spreading them out. Instead of once/week I tried to only cheat once every couple of weeks. It also helps to modify your cheat days from a massive beer/pizza binge to maybe a moderately sized meal at your favorite ethnic restaurant or a giant sandwich from Quizno's. Something that still has some nutritional value and a few less carbs/calories.


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              For today (Sunday, June 28):

              B - 4 scrambled eggs, a small bowl of berries

              L - A can of anchovies in olive oil and a big salad

              S - Coffee with a splash of milk and pinch of sugar (damn sugar!!), and a small piece of dark chocolate.

              D - Organic spare ribs BBQ (at my parents house - the sauce had some sugar in it, but at least no HFCS), green beens, small salad with olive oil & balsamic.

              S - A small bowl of berries.

              No exercise today as I got a decent amount the last 3 days. My foot and calf muscles were sore from yesterday's barefoot run and creek walking. But good-sore!!

              I ate so many ribs. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll probably not want breakfast.


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                Sounds like a good day. Have you ever tried stevia? I use it in place of sugar and it works nicely in coffee. Some people say there's an aftertaste but I don't taste it. There's nothing like a good cup of coffee.

                The ribs sound delicious. I don't think eating any other meat feels more Primal than gnawing on a rib- lol.


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                  Time for the next entry - for Monday, June 29

                  B - nothing (those ribs yesterday were filling!)

                  L - 4 scrambled eggs with some swiss chard cooked in, leftover Moroccan spiced lamb sausage (organic, from the farmer's market), a salad w/ olive oil & balsamic

                  S - Coffee with a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar - less sugar than yesterday (can I get down to zero sugar???)

                  D - Half pound salmon fillet, zucchini (Green AND yellow! Ooooo... Fancy!). Two hard-boiled eggs afterwards.

                  S - Small piece of dark chocolate - now I'm all out.

                  S - Scoop of almond butter and a few dried currents

                  Workout - 45 minutes of kettlebells at the gym at 10:30am - on an empty stomach. I actually like workout out on an empty stomach now. Back in the carb-days, I couldn't do it. I'd get all light headed and have no energy.

                  @Diana: I haven't tried stevia. Does it taste like sugar or does it have a "different" taste to it? I should just buy some and see. And yes, ribs and drum sticks are my favorite things to eat right now. I LOVE gnawing on the bones! (And to think, I was a vegan for a year and a half!!! But then I got better...)


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                    ooh the salmon sounds so good.

                    I find that the stevia tastes different... I don't like it in coffee (but I don't mind coffee black as I grew up with it that way). My husband hasn't noticed a difference (in coffee). I thought it was fine in the whipped cream I made last night, too and would probably work fine in any recipes.

                    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                      I am in envy over the lamb sausage. You must have an amazing farmers market up there.

                      Some people say stevia has an aftertaste, but I don't really notice anything, especially in coffee and tea. I've tried it straight out of the bottle (just one drop.) If at all I would compare it to maple sap (if you've ever had it right from the tree.) It's sorta "planty" but not really noticable. Kinda like sucking sugar out of a piece of cane. I use the liquid rather than the powder. I don't know if it makes a difference.

                      I have a stevia plant and I would NOT recommend eating the leaves. Now that's a funky taste. Sweet and very planty!


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                        Mine is the powder, so that might make a difference.

                        Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                          Tuesday, June 30

                          Doh!! Not a good day for Primal for me...

                          B - a small bowl of berries (so pretty much a skip)

                          L - (Uh-oh! Indian food!) Chicken Masala (with extra chicken), peas, chickpeas, paneer, (okay so far...) and rice. Oh well... can't be perfect every day. I need to be strict the rest of the week now!

                          D - Chicken sausage and bacon and a large veggie salad. Small bowl of berries for dessert.

                          S - Scoop of almond butter and some dried currents.

                          Exercise - I just got too slammed with work to do any. I hate it when that happens. I'm really hoping I can get some in tomorrow - I may have to go to the gym earlier than usual to make sure I get some in.


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                            Much better day today - Wed. July 1 (WOW! July already?!!?!?)

                            B - 4 scrambled eggs with chopped swiss chard

                            S - after workout whey protein shake

                            L - Bison Balls!!! Well... meatballs made from ground bison. Served with broccoli in a little bit of tomato sauce.

                            S - Coffee with splash of milk and that damn sugar again - haven't gotten a chance to get any stevia yet.

                            D - 3 chicken drumsticks and 2 thighs with zucchini and carrots. Small bowl of berries for dessert. (I'm still wondering why that chicken had 3 legs!)

                            Exercise - Weight lifting at the gym at around 9:30am.


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                              Bison balls... hehehe... I know where you can buy some of those. What did ya use in the meatballs?

                              Them damned 3-legged chickens. It's a wonder they caught it!

                              Keep up the great work!