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  • Here I go......

    Hi All,

    I started eating primally on Monday 4/30/12. This was 2 days after my 42nd b-day and I felt FAT and PUFFY and super unhappy. I've been looking at this lifestyle for over a year now and always thought "that's CRAZY!, who does that, only those health nuts!!" OK now my DH is saying that about me hahahaha.

    The first week went really well, I started cold turkey the week before my TOM (maybe I didn't think that out well). My food is a little boring while I learn new recipes and ways of serving it. Cauliflower mashed potatoes went over like a fart in church with the boys in the house. I liked it though.

    As far as I know I'm pretty healthy, no diseases have reared their ugly head so for now this is mostly about weight control as I enter the dreaded "pre-menopause" years.

    My prior diet was that typical of a SAD, lots of fast food and bread, I do love my sourdough bread with spaghetti. I had already cut most dairy from my diet, eating only cheese and the very, very rare serving of ice cream. I still plan on eating cheese. I did love my Pepsi although I had switched to the Mexican kind and chocolate, I would eat bags of dark chocolate chips, at least 3 a week. DH and DS won't follow the plan but the will eat healthier by osmosis and I am the main cook.

    Starting weight for me was 168 (I'm 5'9"). I don't have a weight goal but I would like to fit back into my closet (size 8). That's typically means I weigh between 145 and 152 depending on muscle tone.

    I had planned a little cheat snack of popcorn and a pepsi but I chickened out and had watermelon instead. Today is day 8 and I stopped at Taco Bell (yes I know how GROSS that is). I'm feeling it too! Funny how quick the body will adjust to a healthier style of eating.

    So anyway - a little about me. I'm a 42, female, live in the Pacific Northwest on a little 5 acre (soon to be) farm. I work for a winery and have 3 kids, 2 full grown and on their own and 1 at home. I grew up in Oxnard, CA where Primal Con was and slapped myself that I didn't choose this lifestyle 2 months earlier so I could have went home to visit (previously mentioned older kids live there) and meet people who've done this before.

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    I can't wait until I stop thinking about food ALL the time. IF'ing today, I usually do a full 24 hour fast, consuming nothing but water and tea. Counting down the minutes until dinner though hehehehe.

    Made a Cuban Picadillo for dinner last night. The menfolk had theirs with rice while I had mine over a bed of lettuce. Not very creative but it worked.

    Bodyweight circuits for my workout with a 7 minute sprint on my spin bike. All in all a successful morning. Now if I could just get that magic Primal sleep that is often talked about...sigh...