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Life after Chronic Illness

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  • Life after Chronic Illness

    Howdy, my name is Erin, please add me to the list of primal success stories

    I have been video blogging my journey for awhile now and lately had to shift my focus. I realized my biggest struggle was not staying primal or figuring out what to eat anymore, but figuring out how to live life now that I have it back.

    Now that the sky is the limit, what should I do?

    Its odd when you have limited yourself for so long due to pain or the repercussion of pain to shift to a new mindset. Fibro, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, interstitial cystitis, food intolerances, blah :P

    Even when I started feeling better my next obsession was about fine tuning every aspect of my new lifestyle, not necessarily enjoying it.

    So I am spending less time tweaking and experimenting my diet and more time figuring out what I can do with my second chance.

    If you like videos (I am an active vlogger, rarely do I sit and just chat at the camera), please join me. I would love feedback and suggestions as I re-train my brain to move forward! If you vlog, drop a link I would love to subscribe.

    A few recent posts:
    A Hiking We Will Go (Castlewood Canyon State Park) - Vlog 5.6.12
    Crockpots Rock - Vlog 5.4.12
    Sunset Super Powers - Vlog 5.1.12

    (Manitou Incline a few weeks ago, I felt much more positive when we reached the top, LOL)
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