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    Sugar depresses me too... well, not having it depresses me. I'm glad to be off that rollercoaster. I hope you're feeling better!

    I have plenty of scobys on hand at the moment. With my 30-Day Challenge coming up the brewing is going on hold. I think I'm getting a little kombucha-ed out too. Any time you want one just let me know. I have lots of lovely girls waiting for homes. (LOL OMG, they sound like pets!)


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      they do sound like pets....i promise to give them a good home.

      this is starting to be a conversation between just us isn't it? LOL


      today: bbq pork and ice coffee around 1ish and yogurt with chia seeds and raw honey about an hour ago (it's 10:23 now).

      worked in the yard. drove by the exes house twice (not in a weird stalk-y way but we live on the same street, 11 blocks apart so i HAVE to drive past his house. augh.

      wore the vibrams all day. now that i've accepted that i love them, i will probably wear them everyday. it'll be time to get some prettier ones soon. the black ones are great for winter but will look ever stranger when i stop wearing jeans and start wearing my summer skirts.

      i sowed 4 pounds of rye grass this afternoon and i really hope that the birds don't eat the seeds. if they do, i guess i'll be eating a lot of bird.

      the sleep portion of PB is evading me lately. tired.


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        Hey, I'll join in the conversation...

        Cavewitch, I have the same problem. When the stress increases, and I feelt lonely, tired, angry, or sad, I get this "I feel so bad I just don't care" 'tude.

        Then the party starts, and of course, I feel worse. Besides, the ice cream, pb&j sandwiches, etc. don't really help.

        So just know there is someone who understands and is cheering you on for GREAT self-care!



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          Hey CW! Mind if I join you?


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            Well I finished my first Primal day.. and I must say I am feeling great.. Although I did have some weird dreams last night.. is that normal?

            On to day two!!!

            Hope everyone is doing well!


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              LOL Cavewitch... is it weird that I've named them? Well, I named the first one. Hilda. Now I have Hilda 2, 3, 4, 5... so they're all just Hilda. :P

              I'm exactly with ya on the Vibrams. I've been wearing my black KSOs every day since I got them. I go barefoot most of the year anyways so it wasn't a huge adjustment. Black is great with jeans, but you're right. Shorts and summer dresses will demand less obvious (aka cuter) styles. I'm thinking putty-colored Sprints, and maybe another color. Will need black Flows & more socks come winter!


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                coach, the more the merrier! nice to see you.

                diana, i bought and drank two kombuchas today. i will need to buy a hilda to support my habit.

                it has been so hard to get on this forum the past few days!

                i've been eating mostly primal and for some reason, i haven't dived in like i wanted to.

                today, i had strawberries, cashews and almonds with kombucha for breakfast.

                then, later i had some shrimp and waldorf chicken salad.

                i may have some more. i'm hungry.

                i snacked on a couple pork rinds.

                saturday was great. the kid and i went and played in the woods. it was much needed.


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                    LOL- that's why I started brewing. Buying got way too expensive!

                    Yay for playing in the woods. It's always a good way to pass the time. Find anything neat and interesting?


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                      planted trees! woohoo!

                      rasberry/coconut milk/whey/flax smoothie for breakfast

                      kombucha (of course), tomato soup and cashews and almonds for lunch

                      a plate of chicken salad for snack

                      i am TIRED.

                      i think i will be joining you, diana, in april for my own challenge. i am working out the details, too. but it is time!


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                        Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                        Will need black Flows & more socks come winter!
                        During winter if it's cold enough - around minus 10 C / 14 F or colder - I use a double layer of heavy wool socks, and only that. Works excellent in clean snow.
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