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  • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
    It doesn't have to be bone marrow. I was just using my overstock up. Any rendered fat would work.
    Ahhh, this is great news, thanks!

    And I'm so, so, so, soooo sorry to hear about the latest development with your dad! I'm hoping that your dad quickly heals and recovers! Hugs from Austria!


    • hopefully, he'll be feeling better soon and -- as the others have said -- his mental health will improve when the infection improves.

      no matter what happens after, just know that you can handle whatever comes, no matter what it is. It's scary, it's upsetting, and it's totally freaky, but it's do-able. You will find the best possible path, because you are thoughtful and conscientious.


      • sorry about your dad, hope things brighten up for you
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        • I have nothing more to add PB just know that I am thinking of you and your dad with kind thoughts.
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          • Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
            It has got to be terrifying from his shoes to be in this in between twilight zone where nothing makes sense. It's terrifying enough to be on the outside watching the process. There is nothing I can do to help except be there.
            You both are in my thoughts and prayers
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            • Oh, Paleobird! Praying for y'all: health, strength, and comfort.


              • Your dear Dad may be a bit confused now, but I'm sure he still understands and appreciates his loving daughter and the good care you take of him. That constancy will be of comfort and reassurance to him. You're doing a great and important job, Robin. Wishing you both all the best.
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                • My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
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                  • Thinking of you and your dad (and everyone who loves and cares for him).
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                    • Thanks to everyone for the kind words and well wishes.

                      And to Em and Jac, thank you soooo much for the hopefulness that it is the infection causing the mental changes therefor not necessarily permanent. Nobody explains these things to the family. Two nurses from down under have the time to explain this to me but nobody here? How much sense does that make?

                      Today is my Dad's 87th birthday. Hell of a way to spend it. My sister and I did bring him cards in the hospital today and we are going back this evening.

                      I like to be there to control at least two of his three meals. The first morning in the room they gave him cereal and toast with non fat milk and orange juice. Have a little carbohydrates with your carbohydrates. Urrrggh. But it was the "cardiac" menu officially because it had SmartBalance spread instead of butter. Gahhhhhh! This was AFTER I had told them that he was diabetic but with it under control on a low carb diet. So then I was there a little while after that breakfast and they tested his blood glucose and , surprise, surprise, it was high so they were preparing to give him an insulin shot. I stopped them. He is not going down the road of insulin dependence just because some idiot fed him a sugary breakfast.

                      I had a talk with the doctor and got the dietary specs changed. They still put a dinner roll out with every meal and some horrible fake sweetened pudding both of which get chucked but they have been giving him some good chicken and veggies with rice since I made that fuss.

                      My sister and I are using this time to help get the house prepared for taking care of Dad at home. Little things that Dad has been putting off like fixing a shower hose. Plus we are putting or throwing away a lot of clutter that has accumulated around Dad's house. This is not just neat freaking, it is about safety. With Dad unsteady on his feet and leaning on a rolling walker, the pathways around the house need to be clear and open. And a bit of my sister's neat freakishness is actually a god thing right now because there needs to be a higher standard of cleanliness going on in terms of Dad's bathroom, clean clothes, sheets, etc. He doesn't need more infections or to transfer and spread his infection back to himself.

                      I gotta go. Thanks for listening to my venting and again for all the sympathies and prayers. It means a lot to me.


                      • Sounds like you are getting a lot of work done, and good job on getting him the right meals at the hospital. That's no small feat!

                        Also, happy birthday to your dad. It's not the most fun way to spend it, but he's still here, and I think that once he gets well from this infection and everything is stable, he'll enjoy many more.

                        Much love to you all!


                        • Robin, when I was in the hospital for months in Atlanta, getting one surgery after another to rebuild my leg in 2000-2001(9 total operations), I hired a young chef from Whole Foods. He would bring me a couple days worth of meals 2-3x a week, mostly salmon & greens & root veggies (it was fall/winter). I had coolers in my room, jugs of spring water, supplements for bone growth & immunity, almonds soaking/sprouting in the window sill. Doctors, nurses and interns would come in, & some would wig out. Others thought it was great. I recovered in record time & my primary surgeon made a special late night trip after his Thanksgiving dinner with his family to bring me organic turkey (he's from Cali, San Diego, in fact he lives there now).

                          That shitty hospital food will kill ya if the free floating germs & viruses in the hospital air doesn't do ya in first... Your dad has you when he's at home, ie you're his personal chef & #1 advocate.

                          My parents were pretty useless, as they couldn't grok what I did and didn't want in a typical meal delivery, much less a week's worth of full on menus, lol. So I had to improvise for myself from my hospital bed, armed with an Atlanta phone book & a lot of time on my hands.

                          Might healthy, organic food delivery be apropo for him too?
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                          • Betorq, you are awesome!

                            Robin, you are awesome too! Way to go with advocating for your father! And good luck getting everything ship shape with your dad's house! I can just see you with your sister, whirling around the house, tidying and cleaning as you go. I'm glad you have someone to do it with, if you were on your own, it might be too overwhelming. Keep strong!


                            • Wow that hospital food sounds dreadful. Hospitals are getting to be a joke. There's one in Fresno where you pretty much have to bring your own bedding in addition to food.
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                              • Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                                Wow that hospital food sounds dreadful. Hospitals are getting to be a joke. There's one in Fresno where you pretty much have to bring your own bedding in addition to food.
                                My brother in law recently got out of the hospital following a liver transplant. The day before he got out he brought in dinner from a local restaurant for himself and the nurses on duty.
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