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    Yeah, we are working out the logistics but I think this can be beneficial for both of us. I know, left to my own devices, I often end up eating in front of the computer and not even noticing what I ate. My Mom was always very insistent that dinnertime was a sacred space. You turn off all the distracting electronics and really sit down together and talk over some good food. I think it is important to get back to that.

    I know that I am probably looking at several years of taking care of my Dad at various levels but I wouldn't trade places with my sister (who only visits once in a blue moon) for anything. I get to share this time with the person who I firmly believe is the greatest Dad ever. I will have this to treasure forever.

    A lot got accomplished today. Dad and I boxed up all the non Primal stuff from his pantry, fridge and freezer and took the whole lot to the food bank. When we went shopping the other day I made sure to get him some snacks like nuts and Larabars so that now, if he has an urge to munch at least it is good stuff.

    With only two days of fully Primal eating under his belt, my Dad is already seeing the inflammation in his feet going away and the shooting peripheral neuropathy pains subsiding almost to gone. This is so cool. A Primal convert at the age of 86.


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      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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        Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
        Cheese is one of those things like nuts for me. There is only one serving size : all that is left in the house. I'm better off just not having either of them around.
        Ah ha ha. This is me and chocolate. Even 86% dark chocolate.
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          Originally posted by kalli889 View Post
          Ah ha ha. This is me and chocolate. Even 86% dark chocolate.
          That is strange how we are all so chemically different. I can walk away from chocolate and not look back but something with a high oil content like cheese or nuts and I crumble.


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            that is cool! i'm glad that he's already seeing benefit!


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              Oh, and my friend said that most places in SD have good teachers. She likes The Little Yoga Studio. I don't know if it's close to you, but it has a lot of diversity.


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                I just looked up The Little Yoga Studio, Zoe. They are about a ten minute walk from my house.

                How weird/cool is that? Getting a recommendation for a place that close from someone on the other side of the world.


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                  Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                  Yes it is. And it's working for both of us.

                  I have recruited him as my timer when I do my planks. He gets to feel useful and I don't have to keep looking at a clock or put my reading glasses on to see my watch on the floor. Also having him timing it makes me push for those extra seconds that I didn't think I could do. Daddy's little girl will always try to impress her hero.

                  I'm on level 4 planks now getting 60 seconds on the front ones and 30 seconds on the side ones.

                  The other day my cleaning lady was here so I used that as an excuse to do my LHT at his house. I figured actually seeing it was better than just trying to describe it. Dad's getting into doing a few resistance band exercises to get his upper body tone back. He's been really fit all of his life. I blame a lot of the loss of muscle mass he has experienced on those stupid statins he was taking for several years. His new doctor got him off of those, thankfully.

                  I also think the eating arrangement is symbiotic in that it makes me think about preparing a MEAL (with a balance of protein and veggies) as opposed to grabbing random stuff from the fridge.

                  Alos, left to my own devices, I tend to eat in front of the computer and eat too fast. Since Dad has a heart condition, I am scaling back the salt in my cooking and I think this is good for both of us.

                  Also, when ground beef comes in a 1 lb package from my meat CSA I might have a tendency to eat the whole pound but splitting it with Dad is fine. A half pound is really enough.


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                    That is so cool that the studio is a 10 minute walk from your house.

                    Also cool that your dad is timing your planks and stuff. When's he going to join the chin-up challenge.

                    Since I don't keep up with my journal anymore, and you know, I'm too excited not to share. . . talked to our immigration specialist today, and he says that it looks really good for us getting our residence visa, which is two years to permanent residence! He looked through our financials, our business plan, and our current situation, and now all we have to do is put forth evidence for all of the boxes. YAY.

                    Ok, I know technically it means we don't have the visa yet, but he says it's looking very good for us.


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                      I love hearing about you and your Dad on this journey together...Just beautiful.
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                        Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
                        I love hearing about you and your Dad on this journey together...Just beautiful.
                        I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

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                          Dad doesn't need a pull up challenge. He can still do them. In fact, he has been giving me some pointers to help me with my pull up practice. I am still practicing but I have backslid a bit.

                          At day 4 of fully Primal, his neuropathy pains are completely gone and the puffiness around the feet and ankles is almost gone. He hasn't seen his own ankle bones in a while. Needless to say, this is making an impression on him.

                          It was so cool the other night when I was invited to my BFF's house for dinner and I brought Dad along. (My BFF is 81 and has always had a crush on my Dad so she didn't mind a bit.) The other guest was a longtime friend and chiropractor who has done work on all of us over the years. She is mostly Primal by default since discovering the source of her digestive issues was a severe gluten intolerance. So we had four Primal peeps around the table sharing salad followed by a grass fed pot roast with parsnips and carrots on the side. (The chiropractor/friend is the one who has her own goats and makes her own yogurt and chevre. Yumm.)

                          It feels like we are developing a tribe.


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                            So maybe Paleobird's Next Big Adventure is not about climbing a mountain or diving a reef. Maybe it's eldercare. I figure maybe if I get Dad set on the right course, with good food in his fridge and good habits in his head, then I could still do something like go to Peru and hike the Inca Trail for a week. I could set him up with pre-cooked stuff before leaving and he would probably be just fine. But I don't think I want to take off for any month-long journeys like I have been anytime soon.

                            And I'm fine with that.


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                              You are a wonderful daughter.

                              And your Dad sounds pretty awesome. I wish mine were still able to do pull-ups! Just walking confidently without assistance is a challenge for him thesedays. We are learning to spend our time together in much quieter pursuits that the sporting glories of our past.
                              I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

                              Oscar Wilde


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                                Hi Robin,

                                I'm not really around much anymore, but I noticed you post somewhere else and had to drop by to say hello. I was thinking about you just the other week actually. I was going to write you a proper letter since I have your address and it seemed a shame to lose touch just because the forum has become such a collection of weirdos lately.
                                Anyway, you've turned up here again so I guess it's not necessary.

                                I'm glad to hear that things are well with you and your Pop is doing so well on his new regime. The fact that he can still do pull ups is pretty damn amazing!

                                I'm not really following Primal anymore as written. I still eat real food but I'm much higher carb now and it's working brilliantly for me. My hypothyroid symptoms and skin problems really are a thing of the past now, but I feel a bit weird hanging out here in carb-phobia land now that I'm eating much more 50C/30P/20F than 50F/30P/20C these days.

                                I don't know if you kept abreast (ha-ha, pun definitely intended) of my journal, but I had cosmetic surgery in January to get rid of the excess skin from my 100lb weight loss (abdominoplasty) and to fix my boobs too (lift and augment). Things are going really well with my healing and I feel like a new woman too. Clothes sit much better and I feel way more confidant out of my clothes too which is having a wonderful effect on my love life....

                                Mmmm I'm starting to think I should have written that letter after all. Long story short, I'm happy you're back and I may come around a little more often to say 'Hi' now too. <3
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