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  • im really excited about this, thank you so much!
    It just is amazing that after 13 years I might actually be able to be fit and healthy!


    • Sorry PB but what do you mean about shooting for awesome and not just OK?
      What else could I do? I really have to do this, for me, and for my family too.


      • I just meant in terms of being 5'2" and 140something being pretty good but 120something would be downright hot. There is no reason to not aim for hot.

        You are a gorgeous ballerina who is just carrying some extra baggage right now. Now you have found the way to put that baggage down.

        I look forward to reading about your progress.


        • thanks PB that makes sense, and you are right, there is no reason I can't aim for 56 kg. None at all
          I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you, you are another who has inspired me a lot over this last year, but for whatever reason I could not stick to it, although did not try this high fat back then, and I think that is the answer for me


          • Ayla, don't beat yourself up if you don't hit perfection *this very instant*. OTOH, if you never aim for perfection, how are you EVER supposed to hit it?

            I'm making a big pot of cream of random frozen veggies soup. That uses up the last of my veggies except for a few jars of things like sauerkraut. Nah, I really don't like sauerkraut so I just chucked those in the compost heap.

            I'm clearing out the freezer for all the grass fed meat I am going to be picking up on Thursday. Another poster here and I are going in splits doing some cow/goat/lamb pooling.

            Getting all set to take the plunge into a mostly carnivorous woe and see how that suits me.


            • thats very true.
              How cool about the meat pooling.
              Will you eat veg sometimes, or a small amount each day?
              I really only eat it when I feel like it. Even though I have been aiming for 10% carbs, I rarely get any where near it, but I feel good not eating veg.


              • I think I will still eat some plant matter but I will make sure that it is something that "pulls its weight" like high fat plant options such as coconuts and avocados. Otherwise veggies will be for flavoring purposes like mexican salsa or a mushroom sauce on my steak. A diet of nothing but meat and water would get a little dull.

                The Cream of Random Frozen Veg Soup turned out really nicely. I had three bags of what used to be my Dad's favorite mix, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. Put those with the leftover broth from cooking a pot roast in (the last of my) red wine, cook the living daylights out of them, then stick blend with a tub of labne kefir cheese and some secret spices. My latest spice love affair is with turmeric.

                This seems to be another possibility for enjoying occasional veggies. Thoroughly cooking them (mitigates the anti-nutrient effects) and mixing them with a high fat source (cream cheese or sour cream would work too). But I think this is only something I would do if out or at a friend's house, not something I would seek out for myself.


                • ooh that soup sounds good


                  • Glad you are dealing with the seizure signals immediately. Over the holidays, I ate very badly. All my inflammation indicators went crazy. Its as if my body falls apart faster now. Scary.
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                    • Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
                      Glad you are dealing with the seizure signals immediately. Over the holidays, I ate very badly. All my inflammation indicators went crazy. Its as if my body falls apart faster now. Scary.
                      Well, I wouldn't say falling apart faster. I just think the "more mature" body just doesn't forgive you your trespasses as easily as it once did.

                      And, yep, there is nothing like a seizure to give you a wake up call that you have wandered too far and need to get back on the rails.


                      • I spent the day yesterday at the zoo with my faithful Primal Wolf Cub. The gorillas and other great apes didn't seem to mind him being there at all but it seriously pissed off the bonobos for some reason. A couple of the adult makes flung themselves at the glass at a full run scaring my dog out of his mind. He was cowering behind my knees.

                        The huge jaguar (a gorgeous beast) was also pacing back and forth in front of the glass staring directly into the dog's eyes like, "Just let me out of here. That looks like tasty snack".

                        Today the Wolf Cub and I drove about an hour north of here to Temecula where there is an all grass fed meat seller. It's a place who's primary business is growing and selling fruit so they started keeping a few animals around to eat up the tree trimmings and spoiled fruit and keep the ground cover plant down for fire prevention purposes (plus providing free organic fertilizer.) Then they found there was actually a market for the meat too so that has become a sideline for them.

                        It's not quite as nicely packaged as I'm used to but the price is much better. They are really not looking to turn a profit on the meat, just cover their costs.


                        • Sounds like a nice day at the zoo

                          That meat sounds pretty good too. I love my butcher


                          • "Don't bother me now. I'm dismembering a cow." That's what I felt like griping at a friend who called this morning while I was elbow deep in gore, bones, ligaments etc. But then people would start to think I had really flipped my lid.

                            The place we bought the cow share yesterday just sort of put all the "odd bits" into one bag which then was one big frozen lump. I left it out overnight to thaw and started pulling it apart today.

                            I now have the crockpot plus my two biggest cauldrons simmering with trimming and bone broth which is making the whole house smell awesome. Plus there are a bunch of marrow bones that got put back in the freezer for another day.

                            Lots of the bones, however were still attached to one another and so, there I was, trying to get in touch with my inner Grokelle as I hacked through ligaments and cartilage to separate them. It gave me an appreciation of how much effort went into not just chasing down and killing a beast, but also processing the darn thing. And Grokelle was doing it with a sharp rock instead of kitchen shears.


                            • That would have been so interesting, I would def give it a go


                              • I shot a deer with a crossbow over Christmas and my buddy and I processed the whole thing in around 2 hours. It's a lot of work, but rewarding to go from field to table so quickly. And you get to be really selective about parts, and how you eat it, etc. Also, 10 pounds of deer jerky is awesome.