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The Impossible: Muk goes healthy!

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  • The Impossible: Muk goes healthy!

    Quick intro, Im Mike, 26 years of age and am weighing in at 194. My average meals went something like this:


    2 deep fried frozen "beef" burritos

    pizza pocket

    24oz Rockstar


    Big Mac meal from McDonalds

    Extra Big Mac

    Large Fries

    Large Coke


    Random leftovers, snacks, sweets, whatever I could grab.

    On top of all that, thru the day, I'd probably have 3 cans of soda, candy bar, some potato chips.

    After a diet like that I know I make myself sound like a hippo but Im actually in a fairly decent shape minus the baby beer gut. I skate a lot, love long weekend hiking, fishing, camping, etc. Id wake up tired, go to work tired, be drained by a third of the way thru the day. I also had bad acid reflux issues.

    Thats the past! As of today I've been soda free for a week today. Coming from an addict, thats tough. I started going Primal March 02. Here's my journal:



    4 Pieces TriTip spiced w/ red pepper flakes and garlic

    romain salad w/ carrots/raisins, raspberry vinaigrette



    3 eggs

    green apple


    Half handful almonds


    4 pieces Tri Tip

    Romain salad w/ carrots/raisins, Raspberry Vinaigrette

    Green apple

    Half lemon


    Shredded chicken in primal enchilada sauce

    Few baby carrots


    Breakfast (really bad low-carb flu)

    2 deep fried frozen "chicken" burritos

    small orange juice

    Lunch (I know i know...)

    Barbacoa burrito from Chipotle


    AMAZING Grok meatloaf w/ bacon

    Few cherry tomatoes

    handful of blue berries/raspberries

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    Hi Mike - At the grand old age of 47, I can recall eating junk like that when I was in my 20's and I didn't put on much weight either. But after a while the body gives up under the strain and sure enough the pounds start piling on. You are doing a great job getting on to this before your eating patterns give you a bigger (literally) problem.

    Don't expect changes overnight. Chances are you will feel worse before you feel better, but take it a day at a time and soon you will be feeling fab. I find planning ahead really important to ensure I don't find myself walking into McDonalds or the local pie shop when I'm hungry.

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      Ah yes...I remember my pizza for breakfast days in my 20's. Not sure how I ate so much crap and stayed thin (considering I was relatively inactive).

      Welcome and good luck going Primal! I'm more of a "slow changes over time" person, but my sister has switched to primal, basically, different approaches work for different folks!

      Heather and the hounds - Make a Fast Friend, Adopt a Greyhound!


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        Even, if you did nothing else, just getting rid of all that damned soda pop is a huge achievement on its own. Atta boy!


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          Just some advice, eat waaaaaaaaay more than you think you need to for the first week or so. It makes the carb flu more tolerable.

          It looks to me like you went from around 5k calories a day to 2k maybe you may have been even less, I dont know how much oil was in that salad dressing. Thats a major change on top of the carb drop. Eat tons, and get ideas of the food you like in the first week or two, and then start to cut calories after that.

          It will make it easier to stick with it, if you already have new foods that you can look forward to eating, instead of old foods you look back at eating.