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    I'm back, it was a busy few weeks with traveling and such, so I didn't have much time to pop on the forums or update my journal. I did finally get my EGD biopsy results--still have Barrett's, but it's not changed, so that's good. The gut issues are mostly gone, though I relied on storebought fermented goods to fix it. I did finally get a hold of a scoby to start my own kombucha though, plan to get that brewing tomorrow.

    One major development is that our daughter is showing symptoms of gluten intolerance. We started a gluten-free challenge a week ago and the rash on her elbows (which looks like dermatitis herpetiformis) is improving, but not completely gone, likely due to grandparent slip-ups (barley in the vegetable soup) and crackers at a friend's house. I was accidentally glutened on our anniversary trip--we were beat from driving all day so we ordered room service from the hotel restaurant for dinner, the seafood and veggies were great but the portions paltry so I ate some of what the menu said was white rice...nope, it was rice-a-roni. Our room was dimly lit, so I didn't notice until it was too late. So instead of hang-gliding, I instead had to make sure we didn't venture too far from restrooms the next day. ::sigh:: It was still a good trip though, and I had an amazing duck breast and confit at a nice restaurant the following night that made up for the rice-a-roni. My husband's lamb shank was delectable as well...that was probably the best meal we've had in years.


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      I'm going to get back to journaling next week, it's been a transition week for us--getting back into our routine, keeping the little one strictly GF without starving her, etc. Conventional meat (lean), rice, and potatoes have been on the menu more than I'd usually allow, but we're in a budget crunch and having to make do with what we can get. Haven't gained weight, but haven't lost any either. ::sigh:: I plan on logging my calories and keeping the carbs down starting Monday though. Got the kombucha started, really hope the SCOBY is healthy. It came from a refrigerated kit at the health food store, which was a little past it's sell-by date so it was 75% off. Once payday is here, I plan on ordering an airlock for mason jars and starting some sauerkraut too.

      The little one's rash is finally clearing up, though the scarring is pretty bad. She looks like she has vitiligo on her elbows, the color difference is so stark. Still, I'll take that over her not being able to sleep because her elbows itch so horribly. Her digestion is much better, I didn't realize how much it affects her--I haven't had to help her in the bathroom (loose stools) or wash skidmark undies in weeks. She lost weight during the month we were giving her gluten too (even though she was eating more food), hoping to see that come back soon.