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    Today's a good day to start this off!

    Am not 100% primal yet, will begin full force in a few days. I've been close to primal and completely gluten free for about 11 months, so this won't be a huge leap for me. I already eat what most typical Americans would consider a very healthy diet - good grains, lean meats, use of maple syrup/honey/agave, fresh fruits and veggies, cook with Ghee, olive oil, etc (except for all the gluten-free baked goods I've been checking out in last few months!).

    Came to all this from a medical standpoint. Unchecked Celiac probably my whole life, which led to candida issues off and on. I am one lucky human to have not been in and out of hospitals...good genes and a strong 7 year run of intense Qi-gong have kept it all relatively manageable until having a baby (kicks Celiac into high gear). Still took another 6 yrs to find a decent Dr. in NYC who could connect the now obvious dots and give a diagnosis (allergy to dairy, allergy to gluten, vitamin D levels super low, thyroid off, very low immunity, chronic hives, chronic GERD). Sadly, through all of this I was very addicted to carbs and sugar. I could get away with it being 5'7 and 118 most of my life. Unfortunately, that all went haywire after a baby. So here I am!

    I am confident that this is the road for me, as gluten free wasn't tackling all the issues. What will be hardest to overcome is my lifelong love affair with anything baked and awesome...there are so many amazing bakers in my neighborhood. Being skinny without a huge appetite my whole life allowed this to go on far too long, and now the habits are going to be as hard to kick as any. I am going to need a lot of support and will power, especially when hormones are raging. Also, having a picky 6 year old eater isn't going to help...

    Goals: More normal Thyroid activity, lose the multiple food allergies that have cropped up, hoping for much more energy (& more excercise!), better overall health and immunity, no more unexplained dips into a depressed zone, drop the extra weight that has come from all issues combined, more creativity and spark to make art and design (what I do best).

    For last few weeks, I've been gearing up by dropping the obvious grain sides from meals....have been avoiding all the healthy "gluten free" snacks I had been testing out for the last 9 months. No alcohol whatsoever to try and stop the reflux and cravings for sugar that result with a vengeance.

    I have not yet stopped drinking soy and rice milk (that will be huge), have been using minimal amounts of soy and rice protein powders for meal replacement. I will switch to %100 coconut milk and only egg and beef protein when I begin. I am a little freaked out by the amount of coconut in the primal diet since I've been interested in the whole "eating for your bloodtype" info (since I'm a type O, and have celiac, it fit like a glove)...coconut is a huge No No for type O's. But I'm going to go for it and see how it goes. I've also been having a little au revoir party with some of the last gluten free goods in the house (I just feel bad tossing all this expensive food I stocked up on).

    So in a few days, the only grains in the house will be for my picky 6 year old, who I will slowly ease into this too. My husband is only too happy to do this with me, as he's a huge fan of all things meat.

    Right now, a typical day is:

    1. Egg/rice protein shake mixed in soymilk with supplements.

    2. Scrambled eggs with veggies for lunch.

    3. Meat with veg side or homemade chicken soup for dinner

    4. Snacks of bananas, mangos, berries, jerky, coconut macaroons (Emmy's organics, they're amazing), dark chocolate.

    I'm almost there, so not a ton will change in next few days.
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    So it's now May 24th....and after a few weeks of being almost completely primal (only holdout is soymilk here and there, and some sweetness in the coconut creamer I've been using and some paleo macaroons that are loaded with agave).

    I went from 150lbs down to 142!!! Since my Celiac began raging after I had my baby at 39, my weight has only gone up (I was thin my entire life, so this was a totally bizarre development, knew something had gone horribly wrong and it wasn't just "getting older"...I don't buy that). This is first time I've seen the number drop substantially like that.

    AND I was eating a good amount of steak (not even super lean, I'm a sucker for a dry aged rib eye!), lots of coconut milk, lots of butter in cooking, lots of olive oil. Even allowing the paleo coconut macaroons. So to be eating really well and have this happen is pretty much proving what I already knew. My body was simply not just "Celiac" had put the brakes on ALL GRAINS for me. An acupuncturist had recently confirmed this, they work exclusively with food allergies. She checked me for all grains and found a severe sensitivity to all of them. It took a few months to process that information, but in the end, I see what it means.

    Soooooo glad to be on this path! I haven't even kicked the excercise into high gear yet (I have a lot of healing to do....need to boost some energy, build some chi).

    One thing I've noticed is that juicing greens is adding to my energy 1000 fold. I know juicing is not paleo or primal, but I have some serious gut damage to deal with, and I wanted to nutrient bomb myself from the get go. I've got a 6yr old boy to chase around after, so cooking 3 meals a day pure paleo was going to be a tough. I'm still usually having protein drinks in am, plus a big juice of one apple, 1 carrot, bunch of kale, bunch of collard, some cabbage, some asparagus, some cucumber, etc. The energy boost from that has almost completely dissipated my desire or need for an am coffee.

    I'll probably check in every couple of weeks....


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      So it's been awhile - it's now end of summer....weight down again to 139. Crept back up slightly when vacation rolled around. Had a few "gluten free" grain snacks here and there, and had some wine and drinks mixed in over the 2 months of summer. That brought me right back up to 143 pretty quickly. But more importantly, it kicked of some really hazy days for me: not feeling good and actually CRAVING carbs. I am learning that without that in my life, to have it present makes me really frustrated. HATE feeling like that. So it's been a great energizer to keep it up and go even stronger on cutting out as many "bad choices" as possible. My son goes back to school, and I'll have some routine to my days back, that will help.

      Another thing I'm noticing is that I'm getting really tired of my consistent foods....turkey, eggs, bacon, chicken, etc....I think I need to really keep myself tuned into this and other paleo sites to keep trying new foods. Found a paleo ribs recipe on Paleospirit that almost did me in...made them a ton and they were SO GOOD!! Very inspiring...even my picky "foodie" neighbor was dying for them (combined with the purple potato salad off this site). I just need to remember to keep breaking the mold and trying new.


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        A little frustrated in mid-September. Need to be kind to myself here....I get a little testy sometimes that this can't just be a straight out Paleo journey for me, that it has to be riddled with the whole Celiac and food allergy issue as well. Because I have to prioritize (gluten and allergies first), I feel a bit like I'm half-assing it. In other words, I'm probably just cranky that I'm eating too much dark chocolate and coconut (not gaining! but not losing fast), as I feel like I need to indulge here and there. I was doing much much better on the "no sugars" issue before vacation in early August. Since then, I've not been as good about it, and have allowed cravings to really creep in there. Not to mention that I'm most likely experiencing peri-meno symptoms and that's wreaking a little havoc on top of everything else.

        Stupid little things are getting fact that I can't have nuts. That's a huge part of the healthy fats and ability to quickly snack on something that will fill you up. What a stupid thing to get hung up on, right? But the amount of limitations sometimes seems like a very very bad joke on ME, and I get a bad attitude.

        Another day, and I'll be up again. But not today.

        Plan on purchasing two cookbooks to get me really motivated (when the cravings are in full swing, I have a hard time wrapping my head around good cooking). Which two would you start out with?


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          I know we're on Mark's site, and this will sound like a shameless plug, but I really like his "Quick and Easy Meals" book. The funny thing is I don't often actually make the recipes in the book. However it's a beautiful cookbook and just flipping through it usually bumps me out of the "can't wrap my head around good cooking" fog.


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            Ha! Funny thing is...that was my first choice. It does look really useful. And you're right, sometimes, it's just being in the space (right now, it's looking through a paleo site or gluten free site to see all the great cooking going on). So no, doesn't sound like a shameless plug at all! Thx.


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     we are in November....kid is back in school, summer tan is fading...walks are beautiful in the crisp fall sun. Had a low point in there at end of summer (prob due to travel, I always get glutened when we do! ) Doing really really good right now. I am beyond thrilled at the quality of recipes I'm finding on this site, nom nom and others...I am making food that is better than anything I've ever made before, and it's leaving me and everyone else feeling amazing. My son and husband started martial arts training over the summer, so the appetites are really up and this kind of food is hitting the spot. Not so much yet with the 7yo picky eater, but he'll get there. I am feeling stronger and stronger and reveling in the change to my body. So many issues are dropping away, and I feel that old "reverse aging" thing kick in again (had it happen once before when I would dance myself into a completely blissed out state about 3x's a week for 10 hrs at a time! ha) feels goooood. My waist is pretty much back to what it was prior to having a child 7 yrs ago. To have worked at that for 6 + years to no avail, and have it happen in the last 7 months without any calorie counting or much exercise is pretty strange. A good strange for sure. Now, to add in some more exercise and get ready for the coming holidays with a plan (lots of travel - lots of time away from home with people who will be intensely against my ideas of's going to take some serious tough skin to make it through).