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    So Meals for the day so far:

    Breakfast: scrambled eggs with onion and bell pepper, 2 slices of bacon.

    Calories: 361

    Carbs: 5g

    Fat: 33g

    Protein 27g

    Lunch: Big Ass Salad and a chicken drumstick

    Calories: 500

    Carbs: 23

    Fat: 41

    Protein: 13

    So I'm thinking my breakfast needs a little avocado or something to up the calories/fat a bit and make sure I last 5-6 hours or so. But I'm happy with it otherwise.

    When adding up lunch I realized that the dried cranberries I use (just a few tossed in) have way too many carbs. so I'll be saying goodbye to them. Without the cranberries the carbs drop to 11. I also need to add some more protein (I had run out of chicken earlier in the week, so only one drumstick on this salad instead of two or a breast or something.)

    I'm happy with the calories, just want to trade some carbs for protein.

    Dinner is planning to be more of my rotisserie chicken when I get home from dance class. If I eat my salad at around 2 or 2:30, then I won't be hungry until after I get home from class anyway. Plus then I don't have food in my belly while I'm trying to work out (doesn't work too well.)

    First day out w/o soda. Drank two cups of green tea and sipping my water. Honestly, I know it's best, but I hate it, it sucks. So there. My tummy (and brain cells) will thank me though.

    I have to go to bed early tonight, though, so I can get to work early (6:30 a.m yuck!!). I have my interview for my master's program at noon, so will be taking an extra long lunch.)

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      Good luck tomorrow on your interview! And keep avoiding that diet soda, it really is THAT bad for you. Just keep reminding yourself of what a good thing you're doing for your body by quitting! Do you like other herbal teas? Sometimes that at least makes your drinks more interesting if you want something besides water, and if you want to avoid caffeine later in the day.

      You are what you eat,
      and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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        Thanks Hannah! I'm sure the interview will be fine, I'm trying to prepare, but not panic!

        I do have tons of teas. At home I have a cool cup with a strainer that fits into it for loose teas and I have some really nice jasmine pearls for that, and some roobios. It's just really doesn't hit the spot at all, but I'm drinking them anyway!

        I think I'm just truly addicted. Just sucks, but I'll get over it. And it's wierd to be that way when i KNOW exactly how evil it is for your system.

        Part of my issue, too, is psychological. It was tied to so much of what I do... going to run errands always began with a soda on the way out. So I have this psychological missing feeling when I don't do it. I know it'll get better with time, I'm just whiny about it now. :-)

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          With time you won't miss the soda. It takes a couple solid weeks to break a habit or establish a new one. Hang in there.

          Your meals look satisfying enough to me. I tend to eat light for breakfast and lunch though.


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            Fight the good fight, Minxxa!

            Thanks for the link to the video about aspartame. What I gathered from it is that the methanol breakdown product from the aspartame turns into formaldehyde in your body, which then can't get rid of it, ever. It just has to store it, formaldehyde, like they embalm bodies in.

            True, just a tiny little bit -- but every diet soda gives you a tiny bit more -- FOREVER??

            How about a nice thermos of ginger tea with lemon? It's a lot more delicious than most of those herbal teas. Fresh ginger root, fresh lemon. Slice the ginger thin, dump in a pan, scrub off the lemon, slice it across the equator, squeeze it into the pan, then chop it in hunks, peel and all. No need to peel the ginger, either. Use a piece about as big as your thumb. Simmer on low heat for a few minutes, then strain off.

            Good for aborting colds, as well, and for general malaise.


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              Thanks for the support! I actually gave up soda three different times last year... for 2-4 months each time. All it takes is one soda and I'm back in it again completely. And i never got to the point where I didn't miss it... even after 4 months! Maybe after a year or so... hoping anyway!

              So I had a slice of salami as a snack after work, and some more of the rotisserie chicken for dinner after dance class.

              Totals for today:

              Calories: 1200

              Fat: 94g

              Protein: 76g

              Carbs: 29g

              So I'm happy with the protein and fat levels, not so much with the calories, it's a little low. Had a high day yesterday, though so I'm going with it today. If I add some avocado in tomorrow I should be able to bring it up. I also think that there may have been more calories than is coming up due to cooking eggs in bacon fat. Ah well, I can adjust the next couple of days for sure.

              I'm having some tea right now, and going to chill for a bit. I might try the ginger tea this weekend. I have recipe somewhere for making ginger ale from scratch, too.. can't remember what's in it, but it isn't sugary I know that... hmmmmmm

              Anyway, gotta go to bed soon I have to be to work by 6:30 so I can take a long lunch for my interview. And I need to actually do hair and makeup (which I don't usually do, LOL!!)

              Tomorrow's my wedding anniversary too :-( Yet another holiday that's going to go by uncelebrated this year...

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                How did you interview go?!?!!?

                Also, doesnt getting up early suck?! I got up at 5:20am today. I am ded.

                Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                  So the interview went fine. It was a group of eight of us and the professor asked 3 questions and we took turns answering. Personal stuff... it was to make sure we were ready with the psychological insight into ourselves that's necessary if you're going to be a good therapist. I think I did well... the prof didn't have to ask any clarifying questions of my answers, so figuring I covered all the bases!! I should hear at the beginning of next week... so that would be cool. Then I have an orientation a week from Tuesday (if they let me in!). I won't probably start until June or July. I also have to work my way through a book (prerequisite) on my own. I could take the class, but it's pricey and I know that I can do it on my own. But I have to buy the book and work through it (it's a psychology personality traits course). It should be fun, though... geeky as I am I'm looking forward to it! :-)

                  Getting up early SUCKS! LOL... me up at 5:30 is no bueno!!! I gotta do it again tomorrow... Fridays I ahve a standing appointment with my counselor so I have to get to work early so I can leave by 3. i wish I was a morning person, but not so much. I can do it... but it's really not my thing.

                  So didn't do great on food today. I ate good stuff... just not nearly enough. Had two hardboiled eggs and a slice of cheeze (3/4 ounce) for breakfast, and a lunchable for lunch. This is what happens when I don't cook when I need to. Had some more rotisserie chicken for dinner and a couple of squares of chocolate after that.

                  I'm sitting now drinking Whiskey and water... I know it's not the best, but it's been an up and down day. the interview part was cool, but it's also my wedding anniversary. And those aren't much fun to celebrate alone :-( I'm definitely at the end of my coping with this deployment. There comes a time right about 5-1/2 months in where you're just DONE with coping and being strong and taking care of business! LOL...

                  We're probably going to do something once he gets back for our anniversary... not sure what, but just dinner and dancing or something out would be nice!

                  So totals for the day:

                  Calories: 1215

                  Fat: 44


                  Protein: 56

                  Again, not so much with the food, although carbs are low, which is good. too low on calories though.. I prefer to stick to around 1500/1600.

                  tomorrow should be better, I've got eggs and bacon ready made for breakfast, and two hardboiled eggs and some tuna for lunch. I'm cooking spaghetti squash, meatballs and sauce for dinner.

                  I'm looking forward to this weekend. I don't have much scheduled-- a get together Sat evening with some friends to an art show where a friend of ours is doing a showing, and Sunday afternoon I have to take the pupper to her trainer. Other than that I'm on my own, so lots of cleaning ( my car, hopefully it's GROSS!!), cooking, reading, and hopefully a long long walk with the pupper through the park on Saturday. I need a long walk... so does the pupper, she gets wired if she doesn't get enough exercise.

                  Thank (insert deity or higher power of choice here) it's Friday.

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                    So decent day today. Had some frustration since verizon is insisting on overcharging me after I left them, but that's just how it goes with that stuff!


                    Calories: 1600

                    Carbs: 30

                    Fat: 91

                    Protein: 77

                    So I did okay. Up with the calories, so that's good. Protein is about where i want it. Fat is good. Carbs are not bad. had spaghetti squash with ground beef and spaghetti sauce for dinner. That spaghetti squash has some carbs! LOL.. But it's okay... I don't eat it all the time...

                    I am going out to dinner tomorrow with some friends, going to an art exhibit a friend of ours is showing in. I'm looking forward to it. I think I've got enough knowledge to be able to really make good choices.

                    Oh, and I'm still Diet-Coke free. It hasn't been the easiest, but I feel tons better and I know it's the best. I want this time to really ... stick. I gave it up 3 times last year..... I don't want to do that again.

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                      I never liked Coke, so it's weird to me that people can't give it up.

                      But my downfall is Nesteas's Iced Tea... Oh man, I used to drink it by the gallon, but it has no resemblance whatsoever to actual tea...! I guess that's kinda the same!

                      I find that the thing that help most to evade such cravings is not to have these things around. Like don't stock up on chocolate, go out and buy it if you really want it (that way you get a little bit of walking done!).

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                        Spaghetti squash with meat & sauce is so good. If you like that, try cutting cabbage into "linguini" and boil it. Also incredibly yummy.

                        Congrats on still being soda free! You won't miss it eventually. I went a year and a half without soda before trying it again, and I felt so sick. Soda's some bad stuff.

                        The art exhibit sounds fun. I'm sure you'll do well.


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                          D, I'm definitely going to try the cabbage thing... I also want to try brussel sprouts and bacon. I've never liked the brussel sprouts but am thinking that bacon might be the big difference!!

                          Yeah...I think I'll be okay on the soda. Just frustrating because I went almost 3 months last year with none and then had one and right back in it!! I'm a little disappointed in myself for that.. but I'll get over it. Problem is that at work they have soda machines everywhere and it's 25 cents. Argh. But I've been doing good so far... I think I'll be fine if I just dont have any. I think I deluded myself that i could have "just one". Yeah, not so much. I do think maybe if I can make it a year or more then I might get to that point!!

                          So the art exhibit was cool. My friend Stephanie had moved to Chicago, so I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, and my other two friends have been super duper busy so we haven't gotten together in a couple of months. It's been lonely! We had so much fun. She does some amazing art. At some point when I have some money i'm going to comission something.

                          Went to dinner at a place right by the art galleries which was fun. I had the most amazing lamb/bacon meatloaf, with asparagus and carrots and mashed potatoes. YUMMMMMY! Oh my I was so happy! Potatoes not so primal, but I haven't had any in months so didn't feel so bad. I was very happy with the decision. I don't go out to eat very often at all... this was really a once in a few months type of thing and it was lovely!!

                          Wierd thing though... we got the bill and they'd already added in the gratuity (18% for a large party--- of 6!). Which is fine, I'm good with that. But we put in our money and expected change (my part was 31 and I put in two twenties), and the guy didnt' bring us any cash change?! What's with that? usually a server will ask or something... but he'd already gotten 18% and took another $21!! We had to ask for the change (we had another older lady and she cracked me up. She said after 50 you just say what you want and screw 'em if they don't like it!!! I got about 8 years to get to that point, but I see it coming!)

                          Anyway he did bring it back but he brought a 20 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill. Huh?! I had intended on only taking a $5 back and leaving a few extra bucks, but we couldn't split the money so we ended up taking it all back. So wierd.

                          Southern California is sooooooooo ... hustle-y? Like everybody's trying to pull the big bucks.

                          Sigh... we had a good time anyway, but it was very wierd...

                          I had a couple of glasses of wine as well.

                          I didn't do it intentionally but I sort of stored up for the dinner... Had 3 eggs in coconut oil with some shredded chicken for breakfast and a small piece of salami and cheese for lunch. I don't think there's any way to estimate my calories, so i'm not going to try, but I do think it was fine.

                          didn't exercise today but spent about 2-1/2 hours deep cleaning my house. Vacuumed the couch thoroughly which took about 45 minutes and raised a sweat!! Dog Hair... just sayin!! (I put the blanket I usually have on the couch back on so it should be better now...

                          Got a lot of stuff done today that I'd been procrastinating on... paperwork and filing and such.. and laundry!! It was a super productive day... Still trying to get everything in order before the hubby comes home in a few weeks!

                          So not so bad for a weekend. Some work, some good eating, and some fun!

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                            I never liked brussels sprouts either, but that's because my mom always bought the frozen ones and boiled them. Once I discovered fresh brussels sprouts, roasted, I fell in love. They're by far one of my favorite veggies now.

                            25-cent sodas? Ours are a buck and a quarter. That in itself is enough to discourage me from being tempted. Kombucha is a nice alternative addiction, so I stick to that mostly. Water took some getting used to (imagine that, getting used to the most natural substance on the planet) but now it's just plain refreshing.

                            I'm glad you had fun at the exhibit, and dinner sounds amazing! Lamb meat loaf. Yummm! That's so messed up about the bill though. Total "WTF!?" I love that older people don't give a crap about saying anything to anyone. Sometimes I wish I were that ballsy.

                            Sounds like a good weekend. I think I'm gonna have on of those productive Spring Cleaning days... after I finish goofing off on the computer and watching Practical Magic. :P


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                              LOL, I just watched Practical Magic last night after I got home! Love that movie...

                              I don't have much choice about the spring cleaning... hubby's coming home in a few weeks and the house has to at least be presentable!

                              yeah, the 25 cent sodas don't help at all. But so far so good. I'm past the total jonesy-I want a soda NOW-- stage, so now it's just a matter of not drinking any ever. LOL.. no problem!

                              The older I get the more I don't care either. I mean, I'm polite, but I'm not going to let something go by just because I'm worried about what they'll think of me. i wish I'd always been that type of person, but not so much... age has to bring some good things though, besides experience. Perspective maybe. Hopefully patience!

                              Oh, and I got my letter today that I'm officially in the counseling program! YAY!!!! So I go to the orientation in a week and a half, then just need to figure out the financial aid stuffs. so I'll start this summer (not sure definitely which month, but I'm not too worried about it, it'll work out the way it needs to!) It's nice to have something to look forward to-- someday i'll have a job I look forward to going to... and not at 7 freaking a.m.!! :-)

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                                Minxxa, congratulations! You aced the interview!

                                As for your experience where one diet soda after three months without them tossed you right back into full addiction, I have a different view of it. Though you had to go through withdrawal all over again later, I think that it was a good thing this happened to you. It was a perfect demonstration of how addictive aspartame is for you (it varies among different people) and NOW YOU KNOW!

                                I had an experience a little like this when I went on Elaine Gottschall's diet, which involves no grains, no starches, no sucrose, and no lactose. I did pretty well, maybe 90% compliance, for about six weeks, but then I had a long hard day. You cannot find any restaurant which can or will cook with no dairy, grains, starches, or table sugar! And I'd had a small breakfast, missed lunch, and my job just went on and on and on until 7 p.m. I was ravenous and exhausted and my will power had just completely disappeared. I stopped at a grocery store on the way home, and bought a Sara Lee Cheesecake just like the bad old days. Then I compounded the felony by picking up a little tiny bag of Doritos at the cash register. On the way home, I reasoned with myself -- do you really want to blow this diet when you've been good for six weeks? Suppose I just take a sliver of the cheesecake, and freeze it, and have a sliver each week? (This idea had no appeal ...) I got home, and ate the whole thing, and then ate the Doritos. This was March, a year ago. Within 40 minutes I had a full blown hay fever attack, exactly like the worst day in June, even though it was months before pollen season! I had challenged each and every food sensitivity issue I possessed (from the leaky gut) -- the wheat in the crust, the sugar in the crust and filling, the cheese in the filling, the corn in the Doritos and maybe something from whatever oil they fried them in.

                                And the rest of the year till hay fever season was over in July, any time I thought about straying from 100% compliance (!) I remembered that hay fever attack, and I was "good." And no hay fever, for the first time in 50 years.

                                So, I think a challenge after a time without a troublesome substance, to actively demonstrate how big a problem it really is, is a good thing and not a bad thing. So -- no regrets!

                                As for brussels sprouts, I agree with Diana. They are much better fresh, and not boiled, but sauteed or roasted. Plus they deserve and demand nice fresh butter melted over them. IMO. I can&#39;t digest them, usually, they gas me up like all cooked members of the cabbage family (so much for cabbage "linguini" <sigh>) but last night I cooked some and had them with butter, and I got on pretty well with them after all. Maybe I&#39;m making progress, though the scales and clothes say I&#39;m not. <sigh>

                                You do have two lovely things to look forward to -- the end of the deployment (!) and the course coming up. It&#39;s nice to think of you and your husband reuniting. I never married, but I can imagine how it would be.

                                P.S. You inspire me to get caught up with housecleaning and paperwork, always sore spots with me.