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    My restless legs were being crazy again last night and I had real trouble sleeping, waking every hour.

    I was a bit stuck for what to have for breakfast, as I hear bacon shouldn't be overdone. So I went against CW and had a pork loin chop with mushrooms and scrambled egg. It was actually far nicer than bacon so I think i've found my breakfast of choice!

    I've found out we're going for dinner next Friday so this will be a big test. I just hope there will be something on the menu I can eat. I'm thinking a big steak and veg. I would have previously had a lemonade to drink but I think I will have a glass of water with lemon in it. Not that i'm planning far too far ahead

    I just know that i'm an 'all or nothing' kind of person and I don't want to keep jumping on and off the wagon. I've got to keep 100% for as long as is possible. My friend decided she was going to follow PB/Paleo with me and whilst I was busy planning before I started she jumped straight in. She has already had lasagne, chips, chocolate and toast! I don't see the point in doing that...i've lent her my book to see if it makes more sense to her, but I think she's bored already!
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      Day 3 almost down and it hasn't been as hard as i thought it would be.

      My OH works nights and came to bed about 5am. I sat up in bed (3/4 still asleep) and asked him if he had managed to source any good sausage meat!!! I couldn't understand why he was laughing and i started trying to tell him how most sausages are full of nasties and i was looking for some decent meat! It took us a while to stop laughing and actually get back to sleep

      Today i've had:
      B- pork loin chop, scrambled egg and mushroom
      L - roasted chicken, courgette, mushroom, asparagus, garlic and broccoli with a tbsp olive oil and plenty of cajun spices
      T- roast chicken, red cabbage and broccoli
      snack - blackberries and a handful of macadamia nuts

      My head has been fine for most of the day but it's getting sore now so i'll be heading to bed soon.

      I've been using to weigh and record my food, just to make sure i'm getting the balance right. I went over my omega 6 today, will have to investigate how to bring up omega 3 without losing much meat as it seems to be the meat that keeps the hunger pangs away.


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        Day 4:

        I slept dreadfully last night at 6am i was convinced i wouldn't be well enough to go to work but after a little bit more sleep and some breakfast i went. I'm glad i did too, it was distracting. Since i've been home i've had a nice lie down. Can't wait for the sleep disturbance to END!!

        B- pork loin chop, mushrooms, scrambled egg
        snack - banana, strawberries,
        L- i had a late one, chicken, avocado (mmm lovely) and another pork loin chop
        T - will be a nice piece of roast lamb with some sort of veg

        I did notice a sugar spike after strawberries, and then a crash! My blood sugars have overall been a lot better since eating this way and the strawberries are the first time this has happened. I couldn't wait to get some chicken and pork down me after that!!

        All in all, i'm very happy with the way things are going...just need to get the first 2 weeks down so then i'll hopefully feel a bit better! I WILL persevere though. I'm actually appreciating food a lot more and not just eating quickly to get a 'fix'.


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          Sleep issues are common when you start primal, so try to hang in there. If you get desperate some people find a tsp of honey an hour or so before bed can help.

          Regarding magnesium - you could try a topical magnesium brine. You can rub it on your legs - again, usually an hour or so before bed to help calm the muscles and sleep better. It bypassed the GI tract so no issues with dose.

          I had the occasional migraine before going primal (nothing like what you have though). I have not had any since going primal, adding magnesium, and giving up all caffeine.

          Good luck
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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            Thanks for your reassurance long as i know sleep disturbance is common and will pass then i can put up with it for now...thanks for the honey tip, i'll try that if i get desperate.

            Pleased to hear your migraines have disappeared since going's so encouraging to hear!


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              oops...ive just realised i should have named my journal in a conventional there any way i can edit the thread title?


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                Day 5:

                My head hasn't been too bad today but i have felt generally just rubbish! Just a general undercurrent, nothing major.

                Food today:
                B- pork loin chop, scrambled egg, mushrooms and onion
                L- chicken breast, avocado, radish, spring onion, tomato, lettuce
                S- banana
                T- roast lamb with carrot, swede and broccoli
                S- 3 rashers of bacon

                I've got to be up early tomorrow so i hope the restless legs calm down a bit tonight

                My OH brought chips (fries?) home earlier and i was sooo tempted chips were my biggest downfall....but i toughed it out and had some extra bacon instead which seemed to sort me out. I guess i'll eventually get used to seeing people eat what i once thought were tasty treats.

                My stomach seems to have shrunk quite a bit over the last few days and i don't feel bloated all the time.

                Night all, have a good day tomorrow x


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                  evening all....i hope everyone is having a good day!!

                  Again i didn't sleep so well, i hope this wears off soon! I was up early for work this morning and then i had a lovely afternoon with my 2 brothers and one of their girlfriends. The traffic this afternoon was horrendous! There is a particular stretch of road that is pretty unavoidable getting from A to B and i was stuck there for nearly an hour. I was pleased i had packed a piece of chicken and a drink just in case! ha ha

                  Food today:

                  B- bacon, pork chop, mushrooms and onion
                  L - chicken and apple
                  T- chicken oven baked with cajun spices, olive oil, courgette, onion, mushroom, garlic, red pepper, asparagus, tomato, leek and broccoli

                  My head has been a bit sore on and off but not too bad, i've still managed a full day.

                  I've got a bit of a confession...i help out at a weightwatchers class!!!! I've been a member there for on and off 2 years and i'm a volunteer helper. I haven't been well for the last 18 months and don't work full time, so helping out at this class has been a bit of social life for me over this time.

                  WW'ers hasn't worked for me to be honest. At first i lost a bit of weight (less than a stone, i could do with losing another 2.5-3) but for the last year i have been up and down like a yo-yo. I'm on medication that i've always thought makes me hungry and i couldn't go more than 4 hours without food or i'd get the shakes. I would eat without even tasting the food sometimes.

                  This last week or so reading this forum and doing my research has been a real eye opener for me. I decided to start Primal last Thursday which coincided with the WW class. All through class i was thinking 'but that sounds wrong' 'why are they giving out this information' 'it would be so much easier if...' etc etc and i really saw through it for what it was. There are some people in the class who have been going for years, for some it is a social thing, for most food is a real struggle, or cravings/binges are. There is a WW shop there which sells snack bars, crisps etc. When i first joined i would buy some of these things but i became more aware of what additives are in them and stopped. I feel like they're being sold poison that will keep them overweight on purpose. There was one lady who was worried she wasn't getting much food for her points so i suggested she cook up some extra veg and she just looked at me like i was from the moon...veg?? I felt sad at that point.

                  There are a few ears i will be whispering in about primal when i get the please forgive my WW post, i don't get out much

                  The good news is that i don't get the shakes after 4 hours if i don't eat and i don't get crippling hunger pains like i used to. Isn't it strange how you tinker with your food choices and those real physical symptoms disappear?

                  Night all, sleep well xx


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                    Evening!! I hope today has been a good day for you all...

                    Day 7: (whoohooo i've managed a week!)

                    I slept a bit better last night, i hope it's a good sign! However, i woke with a banging sore head. Took some painkillers and had some breakfast and i was right as rain. My nose was stuffy though, i wonder if the pollen is bad this week?

                    Went to the cinema with my OH today, saw Amerian Pie:Reunion. Enjoyed the film and was a good girl, no popcorn and no pepsi!!! This is a big success for me, i don't think i have ever been to the cinema and not had popcorn! I took a mini packet of cashew nuts and bought a bottle of water (expensive stuff in a cinema...faint!) I was so pleased with myself for resisting the popcorn (my OH had some) and actually i was quite happy with my cashew nuts. The tide is turning!!

                    Food today:

                    B- pork loin chop, fried egg, mushrooms and onion
                    S- cashew nuts
                    L- spicy beef, onion, pepper, mushrooms and a small banana
                    T- turkey mince burger (homemade, turkey mince, cumin, cajun spices and onion) with stir fry veg - broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, courgette, garlic, red pepper, leek
                    S- chicken and strawberries

                    I've had a couple of comments about my choice of breakfast from my friend (the one who isn't sticking to it). It works for me at the moment because i find the chop filling and keeps me going for a good few hours. It's no different to having bacon is it? Plus surely it's better than bacon as it's unprocessed? I guess i should get used to people commenting on my choices...

                    I feel like i should be eating some fish. My problem is that i think the preservatives sprayed on fish give me migraines but i'm not 100% sure. I don't want to waste money on fish at the moment if i can't eat it. Perhaps in a few weeks when i'm feeling brave i'll give it a's so hard to find fish that isn't covered in preservatives. We're not by a fishing port. There is somewhere online that delivers but i'd have to investigate fully what they use before spending money.

                    I hope i can save a bit of cash this month and buy some decent online meat!! I was worrying a bit about how much money i've been spending on meat this week but actually when i worked it out, i was spending just the same on snacks and other food stuff beforehand, it's just all now concentrated on meat and veg!

                    I have a nasty feeling i'm boring people with my mundane posts (sorryyyyy!!!!) It just helps me to recap at the end of the day, plus it helps me build up a picture over time whether the migraines have improved etc.

                    Night all, sleep well xx


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                      Originally posted by hulahoop View Post
                      The good news is that i don't get the shakes after 4 hours if i don't eat and i don't get crippling hunger pains like i used to.
                      That was one of my favorite "surprises" too. My boyfriend is one of those people that can eat once a day and he's fine. I was never like that, and when we'd get caught up in weekend activities, I'd have to explain that we would need to find food in the next 20 minutes or he'd have to get his head sewn back on. I'd be REALLY cranky, and probably end up with a headache too. Now that I eat Primal, I can go most of the day if I have a good-sized breakfast.


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                        It's brilliant isn't it Ritarose!!! I was exactly the partner knew when my blood sugars had crashed as i'd lose the ability to talk properly and go a bit spaced out. He never gets like that so it's so refreshing to know what it's like to last from one meal to the next. We used to joke about my lack of self control around sweet foods but now i know what it feels like to be like him and not have my head turned by sweet stuff. What a difference a week makes hey?

                        I weighed myself today after my first week primal and i've lost 3.5lb!! I've also gone down a notch on my jeans as my stomach seems to have shrunk significantly. My stomach seems to have settled as well and really prefers this way of eating.


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                          Day 8:

                          Very pleased at losing 3.5lb, i've been smiling all day!

                          Food today:

                          s- bacon
                          b- pork loin chop, fried egg, mushrooms and onions
                          s- banana
                          l- steak with onion, mushrooms, kale and broccoli
                          t- turkey mince burgers with stir fried veg - courgette, red pepper, leek, asparagus, onion, broccoli, garlic and cajun spices
                          s- cashew nuts

                          I was asked earlier if i thought i'd be able to keep primal up and i could tell by their tone that they thought it would another phase. It's not all about losing weight though, it's about putting better food into my body and less chemicals. It's about trying to get my health back on track so i'll just keep quietly moving in the right direction.

                          night all xxx


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                            Day 9:

                            I managed to navigate a meal out tonight Food wise i was successful and even avoided a dessert, but drinks wise i went for still water and i happened to read the bottle and it said contained sulphate and nitrate! Big oops...i was trying to avoid fizzy drinks because of the sugar... not sure what to have in future!

                            Food today:

                            B- pork loin chop, mushrooms, fried egg
                            L- chicken with lettuce, tomato, radish, cucumber and spring onion
                            S- chicken
                            T - melon, steak, mixed veg

                            My sleep was a bit better last night so i think the carb flu symptoms are fading...thankfully! I have yet to notice a difference in the migraines but i guess that might come in a few weeks

                            Night all x


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                              Glad to hear you are getting a little bit more sleep Did you have any luck getting some magnesium yet? If so, is it helping at all?
                              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                                Originally posted by jammies View Post
                                Glad to hear you are getting a little bit more sleep Did you have any luck getting some magnesium yet? If so, is it helping at all?
                                Thanks Jammies It is a relief to be sleeping a bit better. Yes, i started magnesium supplements last week, although i'm not sure of the dose, it was a 'one a day' tablet. My head isn't any better yet but i'm hoping that will come in time...really really hoping!!!

                                How are you getting on Jammies? x